How about the flush toilet? The toilet white must be seen.

The flushing method of the flush toilet is to use strong water flow (common For the straight inlet pipe, the shovel is flushed out of the toilet, and the direct rushing force uses the momentum of the water to discharge the dirt.

Toilet is our indispensable household product, and the styles on the market are very diverse. A lot of friends who need to buy will come to ask me, how about the straight flush toilet? In order to solve the confusion in everyone’s mind, let’s introduce the direct flush toilet brand

How about a flush toilet

The flushing method of the flush toilet is to use the strong water flow (generally straight into the water pipe) to punch out the stolen goods Toilets, direct-flushing uses the momentum of the water flow to discharge the dirt. In order to increase the hydraulic power falling from the water-dividing hole around the toilet ring, the general wall of the pool is designed to be steep; The pool area is small. The disadvantage of the flush type flushing method is that the flushing noise is large and The sealing area is small, and it is easy to produce scale.

The toilet pool wall is steep, and the water seal area of ​​the pool is small, and the water storage is relatively low. Relatively speaking, “Slim and high” is the preferred size of the small apartment with a relatively large bathroom area. The straight flush toilet has a simple flushing line, a short path, and a large diameter (generally 9 to 10 cm in diameter), which can be dirty with the gravitational acceleration of water. The object is flushed, and the flushing process is short. Compared with the siphon type, the flushing toilet has no straight back flushing, and it is easy to flush down large dirt, which is not easy in the flushing process. Causing jams, no paper baskets are needed in the bathroom. It is also better than siphonic toilets in terms of water saving.

Introduction to the toilet brand

1.TOTO ( Dongtao’s subsidiary, in 1917 Japan, the top ten toilet brands, kitchen and bathroom top 100 enterprises, Dongtao (China) Co., Ltd.)

2. Wrigley- Faenza (a subsidiary of Lehua Ceramics, a well-known Chinese brand, a first-line brand, the top ten brands of toilets, Eastern Province Faenza Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

3. Huida Huida (China famous brand, famous brand in China, first-line brand, top ten brands of toilets, Tangshan Huida Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.)

4. Kohler Kohler (top ten brands of toilets, in 1873, the world famous sanitary ware brand, American Kohler (China) ) Investment Co., Ltd.)

5. Dongpeng (China famous brand, China famous brand, first-line brand, top ten brands of toilets, Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. Company)

6. American Standard (United States, China’s well-known trademarks in 1872, first-line brands, top ten brands of toilets, American Standard (China) Co., Ltd.) /p>

How to introduce the direct flush toilet and the direct flush toilet brand, I hope everyone can better people such as direct flush toilets, buy The most important thing is to satisfy the product.


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