How AI and automation to improve sector productivity? Forbes support 13 recruit Council

Typically, agents need to work thinking and creative ways. At first glance, because the artificial intelligence (AI) will eliminate the human factor in some processes, the so agents do not seem to fit this industry. But artificial intelligence and automation combined with human creativity, you can make agents more productive team – provided that the method used is correct. How to help in all areas of AI Agents in? Forbes Agents Committee provides an answer The method of control engineering Copyright , artificial intelligence sharing and automation to improve productivity of the organization.
members of the Council Forbes (Forbes Agency Council)
1, the era of artificial intelligence to generate better leadership has arrived, has brought great changes to our dealers and customers. For example, companies can use AI-driven automated attendant increase efficiency and improve the quality of leadership of digitization. Moreover, AI and high-quality business address data can be used together to accelerate those with complex business-to-business sales cycle and marketing processes related workflows. –Paula Chiocchi, Outward Media, Inc. 2, can extract and analyze data based on client data artificial intelligence than our team artificially faster, but also be able to use the data in learning, you can make future searches more intuitive and It has a stronger correlation. Our use of artificial intelligence agencies view the comparison market for our customers, and our own artificial research may sometimes miss some opportunities, with artificial intelligence can be sure we do not miss these exposure. –Meredith Xavier, LignéGroup 3, excellent market segments artificial intelligence and marketing automation to help businesses has made remarkable achievements. I think, in the near future, artificial intelligence and marketing automation will make a public company to create a lower-level segmentation and develop ideal strategies customized to create wealth, but also to minimize human input, which can be significantly save a lot of resources. –Solomon Thimothy, OneIMS 4, better resource management more logical, the more we can more easily these AI work to do. One good example is resource management. This task is AI ideal, team members can focus on the creation of a nonlinear algorithm can not complete those tasks. I think we will find more and more repetitive tasks completed by AI, the more accurate the information we give, the better the results. –Benjamin Collins, Laughing Samurai 5, the macro trend everyone wants to be able to carry out the re-marketing to consumers at the most basic level, but they do some strange way – basically a kind of “we see you looking for what is “category. The use of artificial intelligence you can see the broader picture, in turn, can determine how and when to show creative trends to consumers. For example, why not visit the site before they offer discounts and to offer it at a discount after the visit? AI can help you understand trends and deliver the message to the audience to match. –Michael Hubbard, Media Two Interactive 6, sentiment analysis artificial intelligence report has become an important tool when senior public relations, but I am also very pleased to see some progress can help new mood analysis. This is a key factor in CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright In assessing the engagement and client or media perception, but the current algorithm is not well controlled context clues. –Kathleen Lucente, Red Fan Communications 7, quick answers to frequently asked questions on the recent Elle magazine’s new editor for an article I have touched. Their Slack channel with the AI ​​to answer questions. After doing so employees make decisions even in terms of content can create a more data-driven. I think this is a good model, unlimited creativity can benefit from on-site and answer questions in fear. –Dan Cohen, Full Court Press Communications 8, reduce manual labor in the continuous development of automation technology, mankind was forced to focus on the more important and innovative work. This means that the “knowledge work” to get more freedom as ours marketers and agencies must take advantage of the boss, no longer buried in a “manual labor” to the innovation. Humans in solving complex problems can do a better job, while the machineIt is then done well in some simple tasks. –Adam Guild Control Engineering Copyright , reliable evidence Placepull 9, the creative decision to design a creative work involved in key decisions, including the words we use or we put our pursuit of the image or layout Wait. AI can effectively strengthen the efforts of various decisions. Imagine that each campaign generated amount of data CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , including the amount of data views, participation, transformation and so on. Now imagine using these data to create predictive power of creativity to guide decision-making. It can be said, AI for our science into the field of art. –Andrew Au, Intercept Group 10, automated marketing campaigns the allocation of funds we analyzed using machine learning platform in our internal goal is to determine which activities can be converted funds to other activities, so as to reach a specific target acquisition cost. AI can automatically reallocate funds can be reallocated funds from a failed campaign to get the most return on campaigns go, while real-time audience informed of the latest developments, so our customers will not be wasted in ad spending show on poor advertising. –Josh Sample, Drive Social Media Saint Louis 11, in close cooperation to eliminate silos agents sales and marketing departments in marketing and sales to attract new customers, but the two departments to achieve the goal of views on how successful are often different. AI nowadays market solutions with automated data capture and pattern recognition, fill attract potential customers and is present in the gap between potential customers into actual customers. What happens in the end? The result is high quality can be easier to identify potential customers and to establish the appropriate cultivation process. –David Kilimnik, Hero Digital 12, live chat customer service bot is a good way to attract visitors to a site, but many companies (especially small businesses) are afraid to deploy real-time chat, because these companies think they can not live chat with the right staff. The method of the bot is a fancy Copyright Control Engineering , the use of AI chat robot can provide quick answers to an e-mail reply to those who do not want to wait all day or longer potential customers. –Scott Baradell, Idea Grove 13, to search for content creation as the center of what is now really are relying on search. AI can help people more effectively and more conversational search, so you can get better search results. This will make the content (buyer personas to practice and answer their questions) become particularly important. AI will force us to launch is much more customer-centric. –Sarah Mannone, Trekk

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