How do today’s industrial enterprises to benefit from the Internet of Things

According to the latest report from Strategy Analytics show that reduce energy costs and improve security are two major causes of industrial enterprises are turning to the Internet of Things. Monitor the machine and extend its life and optimize processes and supply chain, and the use of big data, machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) to develop new business models CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , networking for business It offers many opportunities. In industry, industrial things (IIoT) Application , such as asset tracking, and predictive maintenance digital twins, it has become a priority. What are the challenges found in business and the benefits that they have implemented what applications? Things latest Strategy Analytics report shows that industrial things (IIOT) has a place in industrial enterprises Control Engineering Copyright , but it has not yet become mainstream.
look for opportunities in the industrial things (IIOT) in this report, Strategy Analytics survey of the UK, the US, Germany and France 1200 companies. According to market researchers say, provides a wealth of things industry opportunities and benefits: Industrial things can replace manual processes with automated, digital processes; management software if the content is always up to date, which makes warehouse inventory becomes redundant; networking timely reporting of device or machine for maintenance, reduce the frequency of failure, error correction speed is increased, thereby increasing production efficiency and production quality; with digital twins, IT managers can be the first to use a virtual machine to test the innovation, so as not to interfere with real-time operations. Finally, the new technology also helps optimize material flow: through asset tracking, users can know in advance whether urgent need of materials or raw materials will arrive on time, and can selectively adjust the production process. Six reasons for enterprises hesitant So why hesitate when it was in the implementation of enterprise networking solutions? Market researchers summed up the six reasons. 1. The companies like to retain and use their old machines. Even if the machine is outdated Control Engineering Copyright , but as long as normal operation, there will not be any replacement business will, because the replacement cost is enormous. 2. Cable Network SolutionProgram must be more popular because they are considered safer, it resists failure and external attacks, and you can easily connect to the company’s other IT systems. 3. The need to provide financial support for industrial projects of things. Supporters suggest trying proof of concept and test run, because they can show the benefits, and specific cost-effective computing possible. 4. Lack of things needed to implement industrial projects IT skills. This includes information about the system architecture and production environments, hardware and implementation, as well as knowledge of server and analysis tools. 5. Things supplier market has not yet integrated by the fact that the enterprise is difficult to find the right solution. Enterprises are facing a variety of techniques and choice. 6. safety of Things solution will affect all components, from devices to entire workflow, to data storage, processing and analysis. Protecting the production line is the most important, in the worst case, the attacker can intervene and stop the production process. ? The first step towards the Internet of Things industry, however, how the Internet of Things industry to prove its worth yet market researchers identified three specific applications: · The technology can be used to turn on and off lights, heating or air conditioning. • You can track and monitor machines, materials and raw materials, in order to protect them from wear and tear, damage or theft. · Networked machine helps to control and optimize the production process. So far, two-thirds of surveyed companies are using the Internet of Things industry to reduce costs. In order to solve the problems of safety and cost, providers need to provide comprehensive support solutions range from the operation of selecting and implementing the right solution, according to individual needs. At the same time, these solutions should be simple and fast , and is safe and reliable.

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