How many hot pots do you have in Chongqing?

Chongqing, as a tourism city in recent years, has attracted more and more tourists. Eating hot pot has become one of the indispensable activities for tourists. It has not been seen that the pandas have not been counted in Chengdu, and they have not been to Chongqing since they have not eaten hot pot. The hot and hot characteristics of the hot pot represent the texture of the city of Chongqing. A piece of hairy belly and a piece of beef are in the bottom of the spicy and full-bodied butter pot. The hotness of Chongqing can be fully experienced.

But as the Chongqing hot pot industry develops faster and faster, it will go to the streets of Chongqing and look forward to it. The emerging hot pots with the old hot pot signs in Chongqing have sprung up. These hot pots have no dock culture, customers. It is also difficult to taste the essence of Chongqing hot pot.

As a Chongqing native, today I use the famous old hot pot of Chongqing, Xiaowei, as an example to teach you how to choose authentic Chongqing old hot pot.

One: Primer

For Chongqing old hot pot, the bottom material is The soul is there. “China 2 on the tip of the tongue” truly restores the scene of Zhang Ping’s sweating and sizzling. The color of the hand-stirred base is bright red and shiny, and the fragrance is scattered to the hearts of most viewers. The raw materials of Shizhuhong No.1 pepper, Hanyuan pepper, Hebei Dachang butter, Pixian bean watercress and Guizhou Huangkou ginger as raw materials have condensed Zhang Ping’s research and development of the bottom material, and also let 渝Wei Xiaoyu has truly become a recognized “one of the authentic Chongqing hot pot representatives!”

Two: Ingredients

To say that the bottom material is the soul of Chongqing old hot pot, then the choice of ingredients is its physical body. Only the old Chongqing hot pot with both of these points can be said to be “integral”. The ingredients of Xiaowei Xiaoyu’s old hot pot are all selected by Zhang Jingxin. The series of simple ingredients such as Maodu, duck intestine, yellow throat and tribute are after a thousand selections, and then meet with the bottom of the butter, in Chongqing. Wei Xiaoyu hot pot collided with a strange spark. Although they are simple but represent the culture of Chongqing’s gowns, only these ingredients are the essence of Chongqing’s old hot pot.


In 1995, there were only four tables in Xiaowei Xiaoyu. The boss Zhang Ping took the name of the wife with his wife’s name and merged his wife’s love into the Xiaoyuyu hot pot. Whether it is the hard times of the past, or the glorious period of the present, Zhang Ping did not forget his initial heart. His rigorous attitude towards the hot pot also represented the fortitude and persistence of Chongqing people. This is also the cultural core of Xiaowei Xiaoyu’s old hot pot. It is this culture that makes Xiaowei Xiaoyu more and more popular and recognized by more and more diners.

because Zhang Ping’s sincerity in the production of base materials and the rigor of the selection of ingredients, the taste of Xiaoyu’s old hot pot has been loved by diners year after year, and it is the precipitation of these years that brought authenticity to Yan Weiyu. The name of the old hot pot in Chongqing.

Therefore, only Chongqing hot pot with high-quality base materials, high-quality ingredients and long-standing brand stories can be called authentic Chongqing old hot pot.

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