How to remedy the floor cracking arch?

Question 1: Swelling and arching

Surface phenomenon: The wooden floor surface is partially arched upwards, or some wooden floors are arched upwards.

Precautions: Always open the window to ventilate; and reserve structural extension joints, segmentation joints and adjust the extension joints between adjacent plates.

Solution: When the function is not affected, it can be used for a long time. After the moisture content of the wooden floor is balanced with the relative humidity in the air, the dismantling and resurfacing schemes are taken as appropriate; or all are removed. Open the resurfacing, adjust the section seam and the adjacent section to reserve the seam.

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Question 2 : Floor cracking

Surface phenomenon: small cracks appear on the painted surface of the wood floor, and the paint film peels off in severe cases.

Precautionary measures: Select the wooden floor of the manufacturer with good quality, and paint it. Adhesion, elasticity and wear resistance of the film can be guaranteed.

Solution: a small amount of paint film cracking, can be repaired by touch up. If the cracking area is large, it can be re-painted after smoothing. If the single wood floor paint film is cracked longer, the wooden floor can be replaced by a single piece.

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Question 3: Sounds on the wooden floor when walking

Characteristics: After the wooden floor is paved, there is a creaking noise when walking. Or a single squeezing popping sound, etc.

Preventive measures:

1, check the flatness of the concrete base layer before construction, and repair until the requirements are met before continuing construction;

2, before construction Check the moisture content of the concrete base or the integrity of the moisture barrier;

3, check the cross-sectional size and water content of the keel;

4, the greater the contact area of ​​the concrete base when the keel is paved The firmer the installation, the more the bolster part, the higher the bolster, and the more likely it is to loosen.

Solution: Construction conditions and concealed works should be strengthened to ensure the flatness of the concrete base layer and the moisture-proof insulation layer intact; if only excessive moisture or excessive dry weather occurs, observe when the climate is normal. If there is no obvious sound, you do not have to trim it.

Problem 4: Warping deformation

Surface phenomenon: the wooden floor is tilted upwards on both sides, like a tile.

Precautionary measures: The concrete base layer must be constructed after the moisture content is required. When the moisture content exceeds the standard, the moisture-proof insulation layer must be paved. The moisture-proof insulation layer should be sealed as a whole, and the waterproof and moisture-proof isolation and blocking measures should be taken.

Solution: Remove the wooden floor around the room to allow it to squirt, partially relieve the deformation, replace the wood floor with severe deformation; if the deformation of the wooden floor is large, the paved wooden floor can be removed Wait until the concrete base or keel is dry and re-paved. Re-paving the original usable wooden floor and replacing the wooden floor used.

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Question 5 : Dry shrinkage and separation seam

Surface phenomenon: After installation for a period of time, there is a gap between the wooden floor trenches.

Precautions: Choose a wood flooring material with good stability and The water content is controlled to suit the local equilibrium moisture content requirement; the climatic conditions during construction are calculated and grasped between the adjacent slabs of the wooden floor, and the joints should be left or not left properly; the sun exposure should not be closed, and the doors and windows should not be closed for a long time. Concentrate on blowing.

Solution: Wait for a while, after the moisture content of the wooden floor is balanced with the relative humidity in the air, replace the block, or completely remove the resurfacing, set as required Adjacent plates are stretched.

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In life The floor of the home will inevitably have some minor faults, but it should be remedied in time for failure. I hope the above can help you.

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