How will the future ceramic industry develop?

As technology evolves and consumption changes, there are several trends in ceramics as a material:

I. Functionalization In addition to the decorative function, there will be other functions;

Second, customized, truly personalized satisfaction;

Third, the price of the application specification is not different, the size of the specification It is a matter of manufacturing, what consumers need is effect and value;

Fourth, color is rich, monotonous color is not suitable for life, white and gray have psychological defects.

In the future, ceramic products must solve several problems:

First, positioning, big brands must be multi-industry chain, niche brands are multi-related categories;

Second is specialization, including manufacturing specialization, operation specialization, development of reasonable scale through professional development or cooperation;

The third is the integration of consumption and cost of size and specification, ceramic is Satisfying the market, not accommodating the cost;

Four is the mass production and complementing the niche;

Five is the richness of color;

Six is ​​the function R&D;

Seven is developed from a material brand into a product brand and service platform.

No matter how the consumer changes, as a brand manufacturer and operator, there must be deep changes at the operational level. With the advent of manufacturing 2025, the product will not become the only brand, homogenization is inevitable; the channel will not become the only brand, the development of the channel is not the brand can be left and right; marketing will not become the core competitiveness of the brand, Don’t expect to recreate the concept to get consumption.

The only thing for ceramic companies is the brand’s connotation and people. Therefore, ceramic enterprises should make a fuss about front-end structural design, supply chain management, production organization, product circulation, consumption subject research and satisfying people in the value chain. Only by establishing a new ecosystem with new consumer subjects as the core can we truly establish Core competitive advantage.
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