IDC: 2023 block chain of China’s spending is expected to reach 20 billion US dollars

IDC’s “Global block chain semi-annual spending guidelines,” the latest report shows that in 2023 China block chain market spending will reach $ 2 billion. In the forecast period CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the block chain spending will grow at a rate of strong, 2018–2023 year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 65.7%.
on the market size, the forecast period the United States is still the world’s largest regional block chain investment , total global spending accounted for 39%. Two to five points out of Western Europe, China, Asia-Pacific (excluding China and Japan) and Central and Eastern Europe. From the size of the market point of view, the banking industry is still the largest Chinese block chain spending, followed by discrete manufacturing, retail, professional services and process manufacturing industries, the top five sectors block chain spending accounts for all expenditure reached 73.0% , industry distribution is more concentrated.
on the application scenario Control Engineering Copyright , trade and financial transactions (after) management, cross-border payment and settlement, product traceability, asset and cargo management, compliance and other ranking more forward, 2019 China market its expenditures were more than $ 300 million. From a technical point of view , IT services and software platform block chain is the largest expenditure category of the forecast period, accounting for more than 74%. Xue Yu block chain IDC China market analyst said: “The biggest change in China 2019 block chain is the market leader set the tone for the block chain technology, which clarify market awareness, promote technology has a huge role by floor. this influence, China is expected to spend the block chain market scale will maintain rapid growth in the next four years , to 2023 exceeded $ 2 billion. ”

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