In action when actively mobilizing global epidemic prevention and control power supplies to Europe

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by Wuhan novel coronavirus occurred all over the country are put to the epidemic prevention and control sniping. Since the sudden outbreak and the larger sphere of influence Control Engineering Copyright , while the increase coincides with population movements during the Spring Festival, masks and other personal protective equipment and temperature testing equipment and other immunization supplies surge in demand. As a world-renowned electronic components and industrial distribution MRO leader, when the European electronic active commitment to corporate social responsibility, with its excellent supply chain and supply capacity, actively mobilizing supplies, coordinate and support the work of the local epidemic prevention and control, to control the epidemic development made an outstanding contribution. Coordination of global resources to ensure that product supply outbreak CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , masks, goggles, gloves, contact ear thermometers and other personal immunization supplies surge in demand, when the European electronic online sales of related products It had already sold out of stock before the Spring Festival. In the fight against this epidemic critical moment, when the European headquarters of the United Kingdom active electronic communication and coordination with relevant product suppliers, rapid recovery of related products supply to China region, to meet customer demand for emergency procurement. At the same time, the European electronic warehouse located in Shanghai Waigaoqiao rule, from start to respond positively to Control Engineering Copyright , non-stop to prepare the Wuhan immunization supplies. And be ready for the surge in the volume of business logistics return to work after February 10 adequate preparations and arrangements Control Engineering Copyright , to ensure that all aspects of the smooth and rapid delivery of prevention materials. When European e-sales, customer service, logistics and other sectors take action to ensure the smooth flow of business processes before and after the holiday contributed. During the epidemic prevention and control of thermal imaging systems help Chinese New Year, after much effort and coordination, while Europe, with its efficient global electronics supply chain system successfully deployed the 40 sets of thermal imaging temperature detection system, and delivered to the customer. These thermal imaging temperature monitoring system was placed in crowded areas Huizhou railway stations, airports and other relevant departments of investigation work to bring a great help.

thermal imaging temperature detection system
actively carry out staff training after the outbreak of employee health care, when Europe quickly set up electronic epidemic “prevention group” of employees related to the epidemic prevention training [123 ] control Engineering Copyright , andWarehouses and other high-traffic locations for regular cleaning and disinfection. In strict accordance with quarantine requirements of the State Council and local governments, in order to protect employees and their families safe in China, adjusted the employee’s return to work time. For employees epidemic-hit areas of Hubei, the European electronic mailing them specifically to the epidemic prevention products to help them fight against the epidemic. Epidemic no mercy. At this moment, whether it is fighting in the front line of the fight against SARS medical staff, or businesses or individuals to actively support the relevant materials to the epidemic frontline, are worthy of our respect and praise. The face of the epidemic, as the world’s leading electronic components and MRO industrial products online procurement platform, while also bear the brunt of the European electronics, spare no effort to help our customers to fight the epidemic, corporate social responsibility, global supply chain advantage to play the entire group, ensure smooth supply of prevention materials, and actively respond to our customers’ needs quickly, to provide professional, convenient and personalized service.

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