In water purification agent prospects good?

Water is the source of life, the importance of water to our self-evident, with the growing water pollution, water purification market was “out of control.” There is a demand would have a market, many investors see huge business opportunities hidden, have set foot in the water purification industry. Then the water purification agents how much the price? We’ll do the math.

In general, water purifiers to join the joining fee is 0, 0 margin, but the first delivery requirements. It should be note that some small brands still in charge joining fees or deposits, investors should take note. In general, water purification agents do not have much first mentioned restrictions, county agent about 8 to 10 million, or municipal agency in about 15 to 20 million.

water purifier market Why so popular? The main reference is that it is low investment threshold, high profits. Now on the market, just invest in a project, we need more than 200,000, did not know of these years to recover the costs. Then compare water purification agents, do municipal agency only takes about 15 to 20 million, and is the agent throughout the city, with no brand competition, price controls, and high profits.

water purification agents how much the price? For example, do a county-level water purification agents, shop rent, loan, decoration, showcase, and so want to increase spending, shop rental county area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 2,000 yuan a month , payment of the first delivery count 80,000 yuan, plus other costs, only 8 yuan to the shop operators.

In contrast purifier profits, the current water purifier is a sunrise industry, profit margins. If you are interested in doing business of water purification agents, may wish to consider the clear mountain spring water purifier oh. Water purification agents how much the price? After reading this article, I believe we have a certain understanding, hope can help to you.

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