Industrial manufacturing companies successfully enter the three paths of the Internet: Machine Substitution

In 2020, under the impact of the epidemic, many companies are faced with a situation no one is available after the return to work, labor shortage phenomenon further stimulate and promote the production of manufacturing enterprises increased substitution of machine consciousness, the number of enterprises to enhance the intellectual level. Not only manufacturers of industrial robots in the production line acts as a priority return to work “labor” and during the epidemic, are widely used in various scenes , a “service provider” in the front line of red. Substitution machine being pursued by more and more industries, unmanned applications are also being gradually advancing the factories. China is the largest market in the world market for industrial robots, accounting for more than 30% of total global sales of industrial robots, in 2019 the market size of 400 million. But China’s industrial robot density of only 140 units / million, lagging behind other industrial countries, if Japan reached the level of 327 units / million people, is a market of billions of market size. In the future demographic dividend disappeared, under the background of rising labor costs, China will enter a stage of steady growth in the industrial robot industry, the next three years CAGR of 22%. Each manufacturing companies have said that the positive impact of the epidemic is to accelerate the development of “machine substitutions,” the CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , if the plant is highly automated CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , We can effectively deal with the labor shortage. UFIDA experience by serving 460,000 industrial enterprises, summary view, the industrial enterprises to the Internet industry, generally formed three main paths: the first is, through the machine substitutions, improve production efficiency; the other two are Network errands, improve collaboration efficiency; algorithm change brain, enhance decision-making efficiency. So manufacturing companies through the “substitution machine” to solve the labor shortage and industrial interconnected, intelligent manufacturing, but also need to consider what things do? Machine substitutions, improve production efficiency to enhance labor costs, the impact of the rapid development of artificial intelligence, market wider choice outbreak and so on, down forcing manufacturing companies to upgrade and automate in order to adapt to market competition. Combination of artificial intelligence and machine production, bringing both opportunities and challenges: industrial robots replace low-end labor, but also to create new jobs; this is a good time industrial workers own transformation, but also for the production of manufacturing companies indicates the future direction of development and formerview. This is what we have seen, “machine substitutions” for the manufacturing enterprise. “Machine substitutions,” can improve production efficiency is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: First, production and processing sectors facelift industrial robots and other automated production equipment, improve processing efficiency demographic dividend weakened, the average wage increase in manufacturing employment and the average price dropped robot cost form of “scissors” gradually expanded, Forced enterprises to speed up the transformation of automation. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 2013–2018, China’s aging population 16-69 years of age continued to decline in 2018 by 0.6 percentage points, accounting for five consecutive years and the total amount continued to decline. In contrast, manufacturing employment wages to maintain a rapid growth in 2008-2018, the average wage of China’s manufacturing employment from 24,400 yuan / year to 72,100 yuan / year, the annual growth rate to reach 11%. As the demographic dividend bring economic role in promoting gradually disappear. In addition to industrial robot technology matures, the core parts made lead to decreased costs, enterprises and cost-effective automation of the will gradually strengthen. Traditional manufacturing enterprises in the production process often takes a large number of manpower handling and working capital, in particular the use of machine tool enterprises. Conventional machine tools during machining of a workpiece, often need a machine with a worker responsible for loading and unloading, not only low processing efficiency, but also prone to improper workers to operate the machine damage or personal injury. Enterprise through the implementation of “machine substitutions”, not only can significantly improve production efficiency, save a lot of labor cost and equipment footprint, but also to reduce the secondary logistics turnover between work time and process of bumps. Time is money, the implementation of “machine substitutions,” not only enable enterprises to significantly improve production efficiency, but also to the enterprise labor costs and cycle time dropped significantly. Second, the logistics and transport sectors facelift AVG, WMS and other automated logistics equipment, improve logistics efficiency along with changes in market demand and changes in manufacturing mode, in order to better optimize the complete order delivery and customer service experience, manufacturers continue to improve and enhance the plant logistics effectiveness. From resource consumption and operating cost perspective, order picking has been a part of bottlenecks in improving logistics efficiency within the traditional order picking factory workers spend more, picking zone occupies a large area, work intensive and inefficient. Against this background, warehousing and logistics solutions more intelligent by the majority of manufacturing firms. The traditional forkliftAnd trailer work, need someone to drive. The driver of the truck or trailer during the work needs to eat or drink, rest, also possible sabotage and other events that affect the operational efficiency, in addition, the truck and trailer to work until a certain time also need to be open to the charge between the charge, leading to the actual workload of less than 70 %; while the AGV as automated material handling equipment, online charging, 24h full load operation control Engineering Copyright , with manual operation can not match advantage. Manufacturing enterprises to effectively use robots instead of people AGV logistics and distribution sectors in the manufacturing sector, combined with integrated logistics WMS warehouse management, MES aid information management platform that can efficiently and accurately, flexibly complete logistics handling tasks, improve the efficiency of production and logistics the competitiveness of enterprises. Third, quality testing and other aspects dress image automatically detects automated testing equipment, improve the detection efficiency Think globally, appearance of industrial products testing equipment is a huge market, the size of about 3,000 billion. The domestic market is almost empty, only one or two large manufacturing enterprises in the use of related products, most enterprises still rely on manual stuck in it. In the industrial manufacturing process, the production line, the final hurdle is to check eligibility. This work must be very familiar with the product, seasoned staff to complete, and therefore insufficient manpower, the efficiency is relatively low. According to several mobile phone manufacturers responsible person, “the production of mobile phones, for example, give them OEM Foxconn, workers have to check every phone looks finished, each detect a cell phone needs 7-8 seconds, and if the after detecting machines work to be done, for a second mobile phone can be detected seventy-eight. “to achieve a” substitutions machine “, not only saves manpower, detection efficiency increase exponentially, and you can manually detect more than 90% detection rate, raised to more than 99%. Fourth, field service and other aspects of the installation of a box of Things distal tube control device, improve service efficiency Currently, more and more manufacturing companies will serve as an important means to gain market competitiveness, increase its core products to customers by improving service quality value, expand economic and social benefits, service-oriented manufacturing enterprises as a new form of industry, has become an inevitable trend of development of the manufacturing sector. Equipment manufacturers in theory, equipment maintenance unit of choice, but because the information is not timely maintenance, service far higher maintenance cost problem can not be late income maintenance, and repair and maintenance sectionIncome is often around the small plant maintenance companies dominated, for equipment manufacturers, equipment repair and maintenance market after serving their deep pain; and routine maintenance is not in place resulting in high failure rate, inadequate operation and maintenance of these skills maintenance the status quo is also affecting manufacturers produce safe and economic problems lies. For example, the traditional distributed photovoltaic power plants are generally in remote areas, long distances, operation and maintenance is through customer feedback or regularly send field service engineer inspection, to ensure the normal operation of photovoltaic power plants. This will result in higher operation and maintenance costs, the problem was not timely processing of customer complaints, or even because the treatment is not timely, resulting in security risks and other issues. PV companies through the use of the UF “Made in cloud – Service”, the IOT-site installation box, with IoT IOT services, implementation of remote online monitoring, so as to realize a focusing device life cycle management and control in real time. Distributed PV power plant to achieve the unmanned, mobile, remote, intelligent, delivered by on-site installation, IoT things together services operating data monitoring, intelligent diagnostics to predict, service and a full range of data management and closed-loop precipitation, fusion AI, intelligent algorithm capabilities to help companies achieve photovoltaic manufacturing companies transition to service oriented, improve service efficiency. Substitution machinery manufacturing enterprises in the construction process, improve production efficiency and service is the primary objective, but also need to consider a unified planning and construction of intelligent plant, it is necessary to consider the MES system, intelligent storage and transport systems, traceability systems, equipment service systems and other information systems interoperability, otherwise forming apparatus silos, can not maximize the efficiency of , it will cause no increase in production efficiency problem of falling. Internet industry practice of “substitutions machine” mode to explore the machine substitutions “as manufacturing enterprises bring the greatest convenience is to make production efficiency and product quality has increased significantly. Lianzhong new friends, intelligent production-oriented medium-sized discrete manufacturing companies . by building collaborative supplier of online systems, cloud MES systems, and large-scale facelift welding robots and AGV, the full implementation of mobile applications in production increased by 22% under the premise of direct labor saving 1095 people, per capita GDP upgrade 79.8% defect rate dropped from 3 ‰ to 1 ‰; Atlantic Group, introduced in the manufacturing sector AGV, RGV, picture-shuttle, rail car parks, pneumatic transport lines, robotics, three-dimensional database and a series of intelligent equipment, the basic realization of Atlantic Group R & D period mentionedHigh 20%, inventory reduced by 20%, excellent rate of 2% -3%, production staff reduced by 50%, reduce energy consumption by about 20%. Shuangliang Group, through the establishment of Chi Hui Yunwei platform, the Internet of Things and Internet communications, cloud computing technologies to create “expert + butler + Internet” service lifecycle, through remote monitoring, data backup cloud, big data analytics, diagnostic equipment to provide predictive analysis, intelligent remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. Shuangliang achieve service profit rose from 2 million yuan to more than 30 million yuan, for different users overall efficiency of 20% -50%, extend equipment life 5 Year – 10 years, reducing management costs by 15% -30%. Since 2017, the UF started to deploy the Internet industry, through the UF Comfort has served a total of 460,000 industrial enterprises, covering 39 industry categories, 18 applications. Integrated 57 million units of industrial equipment on the platform, the 1949 models industrial APP, with 28 appliance business platform, 15 logistics platform, 120 financial institutions to establish cooperation. At the same time, as one of the top ten cross-country cross-cutting platform for the Internet industry, the UF Comfort has completed the deployment of regional industrial internet platform in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Chongqing, five provinces. After the impact of the epidemic, it is bound to accelerate the pace of substitutions machine manufacturers to improve production efficiency, while the UF will continue to force the Internet industry, to manufacturers of digital, intelligent transformation to provide comprehensive “infrastructure” building, as well as effective landing path!

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