Industrial policy interpretation Shu 5G + Internet release multiplier effect

5G is an important direction for next-generation communications technology upgrade information, the Internet is the development trend of industrial transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector. When the star meets the trend of manufacturing technology will undoubtedly become an important driving force in manufacturing digital transformation.
Recently, the Ministry of Industry issued “” 5G + Industrial Internet “512 Project to promote the program” (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”), proposes to 2022 , to build five industrial public service platform, the selection of 10 key industries, the formation of at least 20 large industrial typical application scenarios, fostered 5G and industrial integration of Internet overlay, had balances, doubling development of innovative trend.

Why is dedicated to creating industry, public service platform? “5G + Industrial Internet” will focus on focus which industries? How to integrate applications in manufacturing companies? Reporters interviewed the relevant people in the industry. Service platform provides technical standard verification, testing and other core equipment to 2022 to build five industrial enterprises 5G Internet network transformation and extension services platform, the platform is designed to address the key issues 5G and Internet industry convergence? Ministry of Information and Communication Bureau official explained that the current standards are still not perfect integration of key technologies needed to break through and supporting industries are not mature enough and other issues. Industry, public service platform for the industry characteristics, to provide “5G + Industrial Internet” technology standard validation, core equipment testing, application service innovation and counseling training and other public services, to provide a test environment for the integration of applications, deploy landing and other basic support and model guidance. Such public service platform has been under construction. This year the establishment of “industrial Internet companies 5G network transformation and extension services platform” project, there are five consortium bid, each consortium will include industrial enterprises and basic telecom business. Industry, public service platform can do for businesses? For now, the network has become a major support or welfare – the successful bidder will provide enterprise 5G network base stations covering a certain size, to achieve no less than five kinds of 5G network convergence application deployment, on this basis, to build a network test environment supports not less than 10 5G network convergence hatch verify applications, which can meet the needs of industrial enterprises in research and development trials, but also no less than five small and medium enterprises to provide consulting and training services. At present, the industrial base is being continuously strengthened. President of the China Institute of Communications Liu introduce more information in the standard 5GQuasi-making, as of May this year, the number of patents corporate statement of accounts for more than 30% of the global total, ranking first in the world. In the network construction, is expected to open by the end of 5G base stations will reach 130,000. At the same time, manufacturing enterprises to actively use the new network transformation factory network, basic telecom enterprises to speed up the construction of high-quality corporate network outside the benchmark, with a certain industry, the number of regional influence of the platform over 50, focusing on the platform of the average number of connections breakthrough industrial equipment 650,000. Select the application pilot area advantage industry and characteristic industry building integration based on the “program”, will select 10 key industries, to guide the country selected industries with high gathering, good digital foundation, strong network transformation will to a large industrial traction industry gathering area, to create converged applications for different sectors of the pilot area. Which industries will be a priority landing? What is the impact on these industries? “5G and industrial Internet combine to further achieve full connectivity human, machine, material, and promote effective coordination between the various factors of production, thus providing a more solid support for the traditional industries of digital, networked, intelligent upgrade for upgrading synergistic release multiplier effect. “Ministry of information communications Authority official said. To the mining industry, for example, safety, efficiency is the top priority of mine excavation. Ordos in Inner Mongolia Baoli Coal Mine, intelligent fleet sent through 5G network operation command to the unmanned digging machines, digging machines can be through a variety of sensor feedback situational awareness information to the fleet in order to effectively improve the efficiency of mining operations and safety management. In the power industry, 5G will also help distributed intelligent distribution automation. Future “5G + Industrial Internet,” how industrial park form a unique local conditions, to avoid the “herd”? “We encourage all over the selective advantage industry and characteristic industry for construction Fusion Applications Pilot Area.” Ministry of Information Communications Authority official said the next step will be the “emerging technologies to see the application, the application effect on verification, business models and more to explore” ways , the formation of industry agglomeration and regional scale. According to surveys, the Ministry of Industry, China has formed the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area for the lead, Lu Yu area, along Sichuan and Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei, and actively promote the area, “Two Districts and Three with a multi-point” network within the Internet industry 5G modification distribution pattern. Yangtze River Delta Region CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , “5G + Industrial Internet” is mainly used in aircraft, automobiles, heavyType machinery, rail transportation and other industries. Extend the current scenario, the basic telecom companies and large industrial business combination by the manufacturer to the internal peripheral areas, the layout has accelerated in many industries. The “program”, 2022 , the tap 20 “5G + Industrial Internet” typical application scenarios. “5G low latency, high bandwidth, wide coverage characteristics of existing applications in the Internet industry within the network transformation.” Ministry of Information Communications Authority official said, now widely used in remote video factory maintenance, machine vision monitoring scenarios. Zhejiang Hangzhou Steam Turbine and develop 5G mobile detection system modeling three-dimensional scanning, accurate data quickly access product by laser light and generates a three-dimensional model, so that the core components of industrial steam turbines to improved sampling from a full amount detection CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , expected detection time reduced from 3-5 minutes to 2-3 days. Future, typical industrial application scenarios 5G, will be the production of peripheral video surveillance, patrol security, logistics and distribution, simulation to product design, production control, quality control, production safety and other aspects of deep-level extension, for the whole elements of the whole value chain Provide services. How to promote the link extending from the periphery to the inside of the production? The official suggested that the next step, the three-pronged approach to promote the depth of integration and industrial 5G Internet – strengthen key technologies Control Engineering Copyright , to solve the “use” issue. Study and formulate the “5G + Internet industry” standard system integration, integration of technology, application of standards, to speed up the integration of product development and industrialization as soon as possible. Service support platform CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to solve the “dare” problem. Refining can be copied, typical application scenarios can be extended to enhance the “5G + Industrial Internet” applications the ability to innovate. Promote cooperation between supply and demand docking, solve the “easy” problem. By cultivating solution provider, selecting service providers to build the supply pool of resources, while relying on supply and demand of industrial organization to promote bilateral cooperation, and gradually fostered “5G + Industrial Internet” special industries.

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