Industrial robot training personnel who led our country

Industry talent gap dragging hind legs, according to 2017 government released “Manufacturing Talent Development Planning Guide” shows that in 2020 China’s industrial robot talent gap is expected to reach 3 million in 2025 will be expanded to 4.5 million. At the same time, according to “People’s Daily” reported in January 2018, our artificial intelligence robot-related talent gap has more than 5 million, supply and demand ratio of only 1:10. However, to produce the talent gap, not because our country does not robots professionals in sufficient number, but people are concentrated to the theoretical research and development , Chinese enterprises need to reverse the robot is applied talents and service personnel. Therefore, China’s current personnel problems mainly related to two aspects, one is the talent pool is not sufficient in the field of training and demand; the other is the brain drain phenomenon too serious.
Who can sum up the leading personnel training, are facing a serious problem of talent, China’s robotics industry in order to promote the development of mature, it is necessary to establish a sound system of personnel training, and to encourage political cooperation robot research disciplines, perfect layout subject areas, strengthen the building industry personnel. So , in the process, businesses, schools and government departments, who can become a leader in personnel training it? From a practical point of view, the government should be the one to guide, businesses and schools are actively implement the party. Under the guidance of government planning policy, China’s colleges and universities through the establishment of robot-related college, professional, educational model to explore the talent build, and between schools and enterprises through extensive exchanges and cooperation, needs to break the barriers between the campus and the market Copyright Control Engineering , personnel training related to ecological education. Currently, with Intel, Tencent, IFLYTEK and other domestic-oriented enterprises, colleges and universities have been combined with the construction of a lot of artificial intelligence and robotics training college CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , trained tens of thousands professionals. With significant advantages in capital, technology and market demand, companies are often able to become more proactive side, which is undoubtedly the leader in the training of qualified personnel. Personnel training is a long and protracted process CONTROL ENGINEERING China RightsAll , and as a leader of business development and personnel training but also a complementary relationship, so the future, companies only strengthen cooperation in research, production and education to achieve integration of theory with practice, can gradually huge talent gap to fill on, in order to effectively push forward the development of their own and the industry.

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