Intel plans to release oneAPI and beta software products to provide a unified and scalable programming model for heterogeneous computing

In 2019 Supercomputing Conference, Intel released a new software industry plans oneAPI, boosting the full release of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence technology convergence potential computing era of multi-architecture, also announced a oneAPI beta product. Intel oneAPI industry plans to include across multiple CPU, GPU, FPGA and other accelerators, including heterogeneous computing, provides a unified and simplified programming model for application development. oneAPI release from Intel’s efforts millions of hours of software engineering development, and marks a change in the industry today is limited, enclosed programming evolved into an open, standards-based model www.cechina .cn , help developers to implement cross-architecture of participation and innovation.
Intel senior vice president, chief architect and architecture, graphics and software sectors Raja Koduri general manager, said: “High-performance computing and artificial intelligence workloads need to include CPU, common GPU, FPGA, even more dedicated to Intel demonstrated earlier this month the depth of the chip NNP learning including a variety of architectures. to help customers more easily release the potential of different computing environments is essential control Engineering Copyright , Intel is committed to taking a software-first strategy, multi-architecture provides a unified and scalable functionality to accelerate heterogeneous innovation. “today’s announcement oneAPI is a developer-centric platform for AI applications everywhere, the coexistence of multi-architecture to redefine the world a new way of programming. oneAPI provide a common, open programming experience, so developers are free to choose architecture, without the need to compromise on performance, but also greatly reduces the complexity of using different code libraries, programming languages, programming tools and workflow brings. oneAPI retains the existing software investments , including support for existing languages, while creating more wealth of applications provides developers with flexibility. oneAPI including a plan based on open industry specification and a beta product. The specification includes a programming language, and powerful API library interface to the underlying hardware. oneAPI beta product provides developers with a full suite of development tools, including compilers, programming libraries, analyzer, etc., and these toolsPackaging kit for the specific area. Early oneAPI beta version mainly for scalable Intel Xeon processor with integrated graphics Intel Core processors Control Engineering Copyright , and Intel FPGA, the future will support more hardware. Developers can download the Intel oneAPI DevCloud platform and try oneAPI tools, and learn more about oneAPI on website.
In the upcoming December , Intel Intel oneAPI seminars were held in Shanghai and Beijing, inviting keen to study cross-platform technology and Intel’s next-generation hardware and software platform features software developers; in C ++ HPC or AI application development software developers on the GPU hardware accelerators; using C / C ++ to develop highly parallel on the Intel CPU applications and are interested in the future of software developers using GPU or FPGA accelerators participate. Fanger Wei code can be registered under registration identification.

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