Internet industry, in the end you dim?

Internet industry in the end what stuff, why it can be a stepping stone called “fourth industrial revolution”. What is the Internet industry in 2012, the US General Electric Company in making “Industrial Internet” concept, says so: “Industrial Internet, is the people, data and machine connected.” In other words, the three elements of the Internet industry, is the people, data, machine.
Now we look at the concept of rich , so to speak: the nature of the Internet industry, is through an open, global communications network platform CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [ 123], the equipment, production lines, employees, factories, warehouses, suppliers, customers and products closely linked , shared resources the various elements of the whole process of industrial production, digitizes , networking, automation, intelligent, in order to achieve efficiency gains and cost reduction. I have bolded the keywords, carefully read several times, I believe that we can understand. Chinese have a saying: “the water is clear, then people move to live.” Martial arts films always say: “open Renduermai, skill multiplier.” These are the importance of “flow through” of. The Internet industry is to make the data “flow” together. Let me explain: a single node, non-digital, there is no network, it is an island, is “dead”. With the upgrade data acquisition technology of sensors, nodes start generating data, with “life.” At the same time, communication technology has been constantly upgraded, like blood vessels and nerves, like, help countless node isolated, exchange data, share data. Finally, these data streams will reach the clouds, with cloud computing, big data technology upgrade product information, generate value. In this way, all the nodes to form a system, a more powerful and complete “life forms.” That is why, we usually Internet industry known as “industrial revolution” and “ICT (Information and Communication) technology revolution” product of the combination. Here, we want to explain a concept called “OT” is. We engage in communication, it must know that IT is an information technology, CT is a communications technology, then, what is the OT? OT, is Operation Technology, technique. It can be appreciated that for those industrial environments and equipment inside the factory floor, comprising a manipulator, sensors, instrumentation, control systems, control systems and the like. Internet industry is IT, CT, OT’s full integration and upgrades. It is a network, but also a platform, it is a system to achieve a pan-industrial processes all elements of the connection and integration.
Industrial Internet
and the Internet industry “Red Alert” above what is being said may be more abstract, I still loved by an example to illustrate it. Many people have played Red Alert, Starcraft, Warcraft such a computer game now? These games are known as real-time strategy game. To put it plainly, it is to keep collecting resources (iron ore, wood, oil, etc.), and then build factories, production and manufacture of weapons (soldiers, tanks, tanks, planes, etc.). Finally, the use of these weapons, to destroy the opponent. Game logic is simple, who is the most strongest weapon, who will win. So, better to decide the outcome of the player’s productivity. This is a very complex production system – there are many types of resources, weapons and arms, there are many, the tech tree is more complex. In addition, you have to carry out energy management (not power). However, a game player through the keyboard, mouse, monitor, will be able to operate this whole system. Have you ever wondered, why is this? I think you should have thought of, yes, you are using the “Industrial Internet” primary model – through the display to show the game interface (operator panel), players can clearly see how much of their current resources (iron ore, wood, oil), the number of seats Arsenal, Arsenal is currently in what is produced, how to produce speed. Players can also see their progress in the development of science and technology. Players can also see how much of their own power plants
Control Engineering Copyright , electricity is not enough, will not have the risk of blackouts. because the players have all the data (information flow), so in order to most efficiently make decisions, issued production orders. Imagine, if you do not want to play a computer game Red Alert, will face what scene? 1, all data are employing passed through the paper to read. You will be overwhelmed flood of paper. 2, these data can not be real-time statistics and computing, there is no wayThe first time to find the law and issues. For example, although a lot of your iron, then your only enough oil for a week. As another example, your tank factory at full capacity, and found inadequate tank engine supplier. 3, your order can not arrive soon factories and workshops. …… In short, this is like returning World War II era. In those days, if you want to operate the huge war machine, you can only rely on large numbers of people, as well as skilled team to assist. It seems that the information industry, digital, network-based, is not very useful? Industrial architecture of the Internet real Internet industry, of course, much more complex than Red Alert game. We first look at the industrial architecture of the Internet platform for official functions given by:
images from China Internet Industry Alliance
In fact, the figure can be seen, the main structure is the cloud computing architecture. Including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, cloud computing is exactly the same concept. More than one edge layer, as I said earlier, the edge layer is actually a production site, OT that part. I drew a simple point:
According to the above chart
Control Engineering Copyright , it can be seen: OT execution on the ground floor is responsible for data collection and action, a bit like limbs; CT Connect all node, is responsible for data transmission, a bit like blood vessels and nerves; IT at the top, in charge of operations and data analysis, a bit like the brain. Data flow is bi-directional, forming a whole. Anyway, is digitized, information flow, and then tap the value from the data. Applications of our Internet industry through several real-world cases, take a look at the Internet industry in the end can bring much value. The first case, Siemens of Germany. 4.0 As a proponent of the concept of industry, Germany is the first country intelligent factory of practice. Located in the eastern city of Bavaria, Germany’s Siemens Amberg plant is a highly intelligent digital factories. Within an area of ​​100,000 square meters of factory buildings, only 1000 employees. Nearly a manufacturing unit, by contact all of things, most devices for the selection and assembly without human operation state.
Siemens Amberg plant
In this plant, per one million product, about 15 defective, the reliability of 99%, traceabilityIt is to reach 100%! Let’s look at Swiss ABB Group. ABB is a power and automation technology in the field of world-class giants. They developed ABB Ability smart sensor technology, the production of motor and cloud service connections. The technology is like wearing a health watch to the motor, for operation of the motor for precise monitoring and data analysis algorithms in the cloud. Once problems are detected, it is early warning. After using this technology, a 70% reduction of downtime and extend lifespan by 30%, reduced by nearly 10% of the energy. Look at China. Midea Group, one of China’s largest home appliance manufacturer, but also to build their own Internet industry benchmark factory. In its magnetron (microwave oven core device) factory, built a complete information application framework, to break down major data interface system to achieve internal and external interconnection, interconnection actual situation.
self-development of the United States of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to achieve the first docking with the cloud vendor data above, opened the incoming goods storage, quality and production planning. Then, open up the logistics, quality management system, the realization of logistics, quality control control. Then, in product development and manufacturing research and development to achieve synchronization by PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). Finally, in the sales end, docking systems and customer through CRM (customer relationship management). As a result, truly open up the whole process. After the transformation, the digital factory automation rate of up to 95%, non-performing key processes to improve more than 30%; 88% to enhance staff efficiency, space efficiency improvement of output 79.2%. All in all, the Internet industry has brought efficiency gains, is obvious. Cost savings, but also real money. Internet and cloud computing industry, between big data and artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet industry, what does it matter? In fact, already we have mentioned. When only a few plants and equipment, put the plant in a few servers, build a local area network, to find a few engineers can manage and maintain the network of small-scale industries. This network is too small, it can only be called industrial local area network, not the Internet. But if dozens of factories and hundreds of workshops, tens of thousands of production equipment? Obviously, this time should adopt cloud computing technology. Only on the cloud, have powerful computing power, storage capacity and network bandwidth, capable of soLarge system management.
only through the cloud, to allow more employees and managers access to the Internet using the industry. Also it allows developers to have more space to design better applications. Cloud computing can also enterprises and between enterprises, between factory and supply chain, between factories and distributors, providing interfaces to share specified data. And even provides an interface between the factory and the final consumer users, user-friendly products for customization. Look at big data. Earlier we have been talking about data, but the data and big data are two different things. As we all know, a lot, for example, shopping data, travel data and other consumer things Big Data. But, in fact, the amount of data generated by the Internet industry, far more than the consumption of things. To give an example, data generated within 30 minutes of the Boeing aircraft engines, have 10TB, we ordinary desktop 2TB hard drive, you need to pretend to be under 5.
is a gold mine of data, big data Internet industry, is a super big gold mine. , Can be stored and analyzed data for all processes of production and logistics through big data technology, data mining value them. Artificial intelligence and industry and the Internet have to do with it? In fact, as early as ten years ago, we play Red Alert, select and play against the computer, and artificial intelligence in the battle is not it? But at that time artificial intelligence, just very very early “mentally handicapped” smart, it’s just a game program flow according to a fixed set of developers, what first made, what reengineering, and finally to attack you. Today’s artificial intelligence, learning faster, more advanced algorithms, became the alpha dog, you want to win it, it is almost impossible. We will be introducing artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing, in fact, is to let the artificial intelligence as our agent to help us manage the plant, manage the entire manufacturing process, even including procurement, logistics and sales process. With the evolution of artificial intelligence, the Internet industry that the system will achieve self-aware operating mode, self-learning technology, equipment self-executing, the system self-organization. This is the highest level of intelligent manufacturing. The relationship between the Internet and 5G 5G industry and the Internet industry, mainly in the access layer. A high speed connection, low network delay, the access terminal massive, high reliability, the advantages are provided in 5G. These advantages will be highly beneficial to replace an existing plant 5G things throughCommunication technologies, especially Wi-Fi, Bluetooth short-range communication technology. Some scenarios be limited to the conventional network access can not be achieved, in blessing 5G, it has become feasible. For example, a robot arm with high precision machining. If a remote control manipulator to 5G, the delay will be shortened to 1ms, it can satisfy the requirements of the machining accuracy.
5G robot
as well as high bandwidth. 5G, when the acquisition 4K / 8K monitoring video equipment, will also play an irreplaceable role. In addition to the access layer, slice, 5G edge computing, can find a good scenario in the field of the Internet industry. Internet industry development status of the Internet industry presents tremendous opportunities, many enterprises have to try it. If you want to become a player in the Internet industry, you want to grasp the initiative, of course, it is to start from the industrial Internet platform. Industrial Internet platform is the core of the Internet industry. To put it plainly, it is the Internet industry’s “operating system.” Like Apple iOS and Google Android system firmly in control of the consumer Internet, as the Internet industry who provided the “operating system” the best, most people use, grasps the initiative development of the Internet industry. However, despite the industrial development of the Internet has so many years, so far, still no single platform occupied the absolute leading position, there is no platform to get a real success. The reason is very interesting – can provide a powerful platform for companies, some only two, either a strong industrial manufacturing company capacity, either company a strong information technology capabilities. For example, the US General Electric and Siemens of Germany, belongs to the former. The world’s first industrial cloud platform Predix, that is, by the US General Electric Company (GE) officially released in 2015. The second platform, that is the German company Siemens open in April 2016 MindSphere. Logically speaking, these companies are cattle, do things out of course is very good. However, the Internet industry has a great feature that is personalized. Each company produces something different, not the same process, the process is different, different equipment, different channels, and even business models and supply chains are not the same. You want to build a common platform possible? To be successful, we must go through a very thorough analysis and modeling, and finally develop. In other words, the heightCustomization. Insiders said that once there, the traditional networking platform for the development of consumer matter, needs analysis, model building, the work of the three steps to code ratio is 2: 3: 5. The industry Internet platform on the contrary, is 5: 3: 2. Internet platform for an industrial project, you need to spend a lot of time on the stage and needs analysis, get to know it in the end is how it works. Change to change just want to take a common platform to use? Crap! In addition, large companies such as GE and Siemens, although they have a strong technical strength, made a good platform, but also their own industrial enterprises. Their competitors, how could use their platform? Would not it be their own data are exposed to it? And as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, including domestic Ali, Tencent, although Internet companies, also has strong software development strength, but without deep technical precipitation for industrial manufacturing processes, so it is difficult to make a suitable platform. So now the Internet industry platform is a comprehensive melee state. Big companies do, small companies do, many large manufacturing companies hatched independent operating subsidiaries, but done fast in the professional field is located. There are also some Internet start-ups, with professional knowledge, to make a good platform products. It is in this melee of state, global industrial growth in the Internet platform market. According to research firm MarketsandMarkets statistics show that in 2017, global industrial Internet platform market size of $ 2.57 billion, is expected in 2023 will grow to $ 13.82 billion. The United States, Europe and Asia three regions, the focus area of ​​the current industrial development of the Internet platform. On behalf of the United States, it is GE, Microsoft, Amazon, PTC, Rockwell, Cisco, Emerson, Honeywell and other giants. On behalf of Europe, Siemens, ABB, Bosch, Schneider, SAP and other enterprises. China is more, aerospace cloud network, Haier, interconnected roots, Baoxin, PCITC, UFIDA, as cable, Ali, Huawei, wave, purple, East Fang Guoxin, sending clouds, etc., are starting earlier platform development companies.
domestic industry Internet industry technology system (images from Chinese Academy of ICT)
will continue the fray, who can come to the fore, can only make the time to tell us the answer. Internet industryFuture bottlenecks in the Internet industry is good, but the road ahead is not smooth. Many of the problems and obstacles placed in front of it, such as the most critical data security issues.
for enterprise data security concerns, severely affected the enthusiasm of them on the cloud. They are afraid of their core data is not well protected, once the leak, the consequences are disastrous. Security, data protection requires both platforms have reliable technology, but also requires companies itself has a very good hardware and software environment and management. For many enterprises in China, the poor infrastructure, limited financial resources and technology, wants to “crash” Industrial Internet, do not realistic. Like Academician Wu He Quan said, the internal data is fully shared some companies can not do, let alone outside. In addition, the lack of industry Internet standards, and insufficient corporate ICT personnel training, are troubled by the development of obstacles ahead of the Internet industry. Not only our countries, but also to promote foreign difficulties. As said earlier, GE General Electric, not long ago but also because of its GE Digital (GE Digital Group, crunching Internet services industry, including the world’s first industrial internet platform Predix) poor performance, it sold part of its stake. Therefore, the promotion of industrial development and popularization of the Internet, is a common problem facing the world, long way to go. Conclusion In any case, the fourth industrial revolution is the only way the inevitable trend of human development, the Internet industry is industrial development. Our country as an industrial power, the face of rising labor costs, raw material price fluctuations, increasing trade competition and other unfavorable circumstances, at a critical juncture of industrial transformation and upgrading of the urgent need to improve efficiency, reduce production costs. Only unswervingly promote industry internet landing and accelerate the digital transformation and more intelligent transformation of enterprises, will it be possible to make themselves invincible in the global competition.

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