Interpretation of multi-dimensional development of China’s sensor industry’s status quo

Driven by the market, many companies are giants in the layout of the networking industry, including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Huawei, BAT and so on. Technology giants from different sectors to lead the technology trends and industry standards, making conditions for large-scale development of the networking industry is rapidly developing, the next 2–3 years will be a critical period of development of the eco-industry. And the sensor as data entry things, its market is promising prospects. Gartner’s research shows that by 2020 the global number of connected devices will reach 26 billion units, networking market will reach $ 1.9 trillion. Charge less than the upstream and downstream segments of the industry is expected to generate professional R & D investment a great little chip giant, high cost, expensive technology and equipment, capital recovery period is long, difficult and technical risks, rely on their market-oriented operation is unsustainable. Strengthening the chip and MEMS technology integration and fusion, is the only way for the development of the sensor industry. If the sensor chip is made good performance, reliability, high stability, no lack of market application. With the era of things closer and closer, build a comprehensive perception, intelligent information service system reliable transmission, has become a new engine of economic growth under the new international situation, and therefore the sensor industry made more new requirements. Sensors on the industry to new technical solution MEMS sensor of most concern, wireless sensors, smart sensors, etc. control engineering Copyright , the United various positioning technology, automatic identification technology, will profoundly fully perceive the industry various parameters application-aware layer, become aware of a variety of small changes. Focus on developing market applications, with some industrial base, easy to fast industrialization of smart sensor and its core components Control Engineering Copyright , accelerometer motion sensing combined sensor, gyroscope control Copyright Engineering , a combination of environmental sensor to sense a pressure sensor or the like may well be the best policy. Interpretation of the four dimensions of development status of the sensor industry for a long time, the key sensor, the key technology, high value-added applications, international brand has been in a monopoly position. Due to the large sensor categories, technical threshold different, our country has distribution in terms of conventional sensors, but the precision of the sensor is still short board. Almost 100% grade sensors imported from abroad, and the sensor chip is 90% from abroad , many products is “non-core products.” Turning to the reasons behind our sensors, many industry insiders have said: a variety of factors technologies, processes and materials common cause of today’s situation. First, the key technology breakthrough is not yet a major constraint. In design technology, sensor design technology involves a variety of disciplines, many theories, a variety of materials, technology and a variety of field use conditions; design software is expensive, complex design, consider a number of factors; design talent shortage, not only designers General procedures need to understand and design methods, devices need to be familiar with the preparation process, see the device field conditions. Second, the industrial capacity is insufficient constraints. At present, high-precision, highly reliable sensor research and development and industrial capacity lags far behind the demand, compared to foreign technical level there is a large gap, product consistency, reliability level 1 – 2 orders of magnitude lower than foreign, product variety and series about foreign 30% – 40% degree of industrialization of the product is less than 15%. Third, scattered resources, small-scale industry. At present China more than 1600 sensors companies, mostly small and micro businesses, profitability is not strong, the lack of leading technology enterprises. Fourth, the sensor high-end talent shortage is the biggest bottleneck in the development of the impact sensor. Sensor industry involving multi-disciplinary, requiring extensive knowledge, new technology after another, for a long time is difficult to attract top international talent to join the sensor industry work; the country due to the unreasonable discipline, lack of compound talents training mechanism. The Ups and Downs Coorong! Explore break through the road sensor technology and application of domestic
whether it is to do a sensor chip, sensor design, or sensor products and applications, recently the industry chain of many companies are concerned about the 2018 “Things Star” annual selection of “things sensing Award”, which is a completely public welfare, fair and just award, from the participating companies can also see the latest things sensor industry trends and market opportunities. Up to now, there are more than 30 companies involved sensor Control Engineering Copyright , Kunlun Coast, Horn security, LAN Hai electric, Wyatt and Technology, Mike sensor, nine pure health, Hao Ming Chuan sense, Star Control, etc. (limited space, can not list them). All things Internet era, the sensor will reach extends to every corner of the industry applications will be of huge business opportunities at home and abroad sensorCompanies can find their value lies in the field, for the development of the industry to contribute. The industry had predicted that the future of the country is expected to produce sensor manufacturers professional segments of the industry small giant. Through this “Things Star” Internet voting veteran of 500 industry, let us select the networking industry in China in recent years, far-reaching impact sensor ten brands. Through open selection, and go and see what can qualify for sensor manufacturers, sensor while promoting the prosperity and development of the domestic market, especially in this sensor calling for more domestic and foreign enterprises to participate.

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