iwis antriebssysteme introduced a new maintenance-free speed chain

Munich-based chain manufacturer iwis antriebssysteme GmbH & Co. KG is expanding its product range: the brand now JWIS speed chain will also incorporate quality b.dry CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , maintenance-free and corrosion CF corrosion of stainless steel chain will give customers great benefits, they are absolutely dry control Engineering Copyright , extremely wear-resistant cONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and able to withstand high load change. More importantly, they have a high performance polymer bushing in each link, and therefore absolutely no longer initial lubricant or lubricant. Durable, low-friction, high-performance polymer sleeve meet FDA standards, so when in contact with food or hygiene products can guarantee absolute safety. The new b.dry speed chain is ideal for unnecessary or impossible to re-lubricate the scene. b.dry chain very hygienic, and completely dry operation, the application for conveying sensitive goods (lubricant must be absolutely prevented from evaporation of fumes). This technique is particularly useful in applications in-line furnace.
b.dry – each link in both the polymer sleeve, has a long life
the features of the new maintenance speed chain, each load-bearing rollers and accelerating rollers have b.dry link, and therefore the chain runs smoothly and very little noise. In the scenario-speed chain, accelerating roller and conveyor roller wear is more important than the chain wear; after all, Control Engineering Copyright , these rollers in a constant state of motion, while the conveyor track link mobile terminal even less. However, the wear life of the chain was significantly higher than similar b.dry chain: iwis test run carried out show that life in their dry state to be twice as high, four times higher when using the initial lubricant. When in dry state, no aqueous paint chain disruptors (PWIS), which is a decisive factor in the automotive paint line. b.dry chain length tolerance standard ISO 606, and to a temperature range to + to 200 ° C in -100 ° C. iwis antriebssysteme currently standard speed chain type MApplication of the technique b.dry, steel roller spacing of ¾ », a width of 48mm, diameter of 28mm. This chain manufacturer in Munich of all power transmission and conveying technology offers a wide range of products. Comprehensive product portfolio includes high-performance and precision roller chains, conveyor chains, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant chain, speed chain, special conveyor chains, modular plastic belt to enhance the chain, flattened chain and industrial applications, agricultural machinery chain and Accessories control Engineering Copyright , as well as providing engine timing systems for the automotive industry.

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