Japan’s top eight sanitary brand inventory

There are thousands of sanitary ware companies in China, thousands of sanitary ware brands, and the number of sanitary ware companies in Japan not much. Moreover, due to the impact of declining birthrate and aging, Japanese sanitary ware companies are facing the dilemma of shrinking domestic market. In addition to TOTO, squatting and other familiar companies, even KVK, Asahi Weitao and other relatively unfamiliar sanitary ware companies have been testing China and other overseas markets in recent years. So, what is the current living condition of eight well-known sanitary wares and affiliates in Japan?


2016 revenue: 573.8 billion yen (about 34.3 billion yuan)

TOTO is the most familiar Japanese sanitary ware brand in China. The company, headquartered in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, has developed from the Showa to Heisei. After 100 years of development, it has become the most respected sanitary ware company in Japan. TOTO products cover a wide range of products, and almost all types of sanitary products are produced. Last year, TOTO achieved a revenue of 573.8 billion yen, a year-on-year increase of 1%, which has been growing for many years. TOTO has always attached importance to the Chinese market. In recent years, it has also incorporated the Chinese market into the starting regions of some high-end products.

2. Remember

2016 Group Revenue: 178.64 billion yen (about 106.9 billion yuan)

Occupy the market share of the Japanese sanitary ware market, there is still a slap in the face of TOTO. It is a traditional building materials company. In addition to kitchen and bathroom, it also produces and sells ceramic tiles, roofs, wooden doors, solar generators, etc., but the pillar business is still bathroom. In recent years, the Sanitary Department (Water Technology Department) has been actively pursuing a global strategy. In 2013, American Standard and GROHE were reinstated, and the regional advantages and brand strength of the two brands were used to expand the US, Europe and Asia Pacific markets. Last year, the revenue of the market was 1,786.4 billion yen, and the sales in the Japanese market only increased by 1% compared with the prosperity of the overseas market. Some analysts believe that the shrinking of the Japanese market is helping to further move into the international arena.

3. Sanrong Shuiling Factory

2016 revenue: not known

Sanrong Shuishu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954. It is headquartered in Osaka City. In 1965, it established the Tokyo branch. It mainly produces hardware faucets and accessories, as well as products such as smart toilet seats. The business of Sanrong Shuiling Co., Ltd. is mainly located in the Asia-Pacific region, with offices in China, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. In 2003, Sanrong Shuishu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established Dalian Sanrong Shuishu Co., Ltd. in Dalian, China, and began to operate in the Chinese market. Sanrong Shuiling Co., Ltd. has participated in the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show for many years. This year, it also exhibited high-end products such as “cye” advanced faucet series and toccata sensor faucet, which won great attention.

4. KVK

Year last year revenue: 23.7 billion yen ( About 1.4 billion RMB)

Founded in Nagoya City in 1939, the main hardware faucet KVK is a traditional enterprise with a narrow business scope and only has operations in Japan and China. In 1989, KVK established Dalian Beicun Valve Co., Ltd. in Dalian, China, and established the first and second plants in China, mainly producing The single cold faucet, most of which is sold back to Japan. Although the origin is selected in China, the KVK test water market in China is more than 20 years later. In 2012, KVK launched several shower top sprays for the Chinese market, setting off the sale of goods to the Chinese market. In spite of this, KVK’s sales outside the Japanese market are almost negligible. According to its performance report, KVK received revenue of 23.7 billion yen in 2016, and only 90% of the Japanese market.


Year last year revenue: 250 100 million yen (about 1.5 billion yuan)

KAKUDAI can be traced back to 1879 In the same year, Tada Hiroshi founded the Tadajin Gold Store and began to operate hardware products. After several generations of family business, it was reorganized into a joint-stock system in 1954. In 1970, the company name was changed to KAKUDAI Co., Ltd., and in 1990, it was changed to the current KAKUDAI company. KUKUDAI is a professional faucet manufacturer, in addition to bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as professional faucets or water supply devices for parking lots, gardens, etc. KAKUDAI is headquartered in Da Lat, with production bases in Nara and Ebara, and one in the Philippines. Subsidiaries, whose products are mainly sold domestically, are also exported to the world. KAKUDAI achieved a revenue of 25 billion yen last year, and the sales scale is equivalent to KVK.

KAKUDAI has commercial products, including this for kindergartens, parks, etc. Childish taps

6. Asahi Weitao

Year last year revenue: 2.8 billion yen (about 170 million yuan)

Asahi Weitao was founded in 1950 and is headquartered in Da Lat. The products include most categories, toilets, wash basins, bathroom cabinets, bath mirrors, bathrooms. Accessories, etc. are involved. Asahi Weitao has a branch in Vietnam with production bases (cooperative forms) in China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, mainly in the form of “overseas production – Japanese assembly”. Asahi Weitao has been focusing on the Japanese market and has been preparing to operate overseas markets such as China since last year. In September 2016, Asahi Weitao participated in the International Health and Pension Products Expo held in Weifang, Shandong Province, to enter the Chinese elderly sanitary ware market. Opening up overseas market segments may be related to the situation of Asahi Weitao in the Japanese market. According to its financial report, the company’s revenue in 2015 and 2016 was 2.832 billion yen and 2.803 billion yen respectively, which has been declining for two consecutive years, of which 2015 was down 12.5% ​​from 2014.

7. Panasonic

Year revenue last year: 73,437 million yen (about 439.4 billion yuan))

As one of Japan’s three major electrical companies, Panasonic’s name is a household name. Panasonic is not a professional sanitary ware company, due to the production of smart toilets and the bathroom industry. In 1975, Panasonic launched its first intelligent toilet lid DL-80, becoming one of the world’s first three manufacturers to produce smart toilet seats. In Japan, when people mention smart toilet lids, the first thing that comes to mind is not TOTO or Panasonic. In 2005, the Jiele Panasonic Electronic Toilet Cover Factory was born in Hangzhou, China, and then began selling smart toilet covers to Chinese consumers. In addition to the smart toilet cover, Panasonic also sells kitchen and bathroom products such as the whole bathroom and the whole kitchen in Japan. According to its financial report, Matsushita’s sales for the previous fiscal year were 734.37 billion yen, down 4% year-on-year.

8. Toshiba

Year last year revenue: 4,870.8 billion yen (about 291.4 billion yuan)

Toshiba was founded in 1875 and is Japan’s largest semiconductor manufacturer. Last year’s revenue was 4.8708 billion yen, down 6% year-on-year. Toshiba Lifestyle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Toshiba Group, manufactures and sells Toshiba’s home appliances, including smart toilet covers. Toshiba Lifestyle Co., Ltd. has four branches outside Japan, two of which are located in Foshan Nanhai and Shenzhen Baoan. Toshiba’s smart toilet seats are partly branded products, and one of the foundries is South Korea’s Colleno Vida. In the early years, Japanese netizens had complained about the quality of Toshiba’s smart toilet cover and exposed the fact of foundry. At present, Toshiba has not launched smart toilet products in the Chinese market. Most of the products sold on Taobao are imported products sold by retail investors.


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