Jingjiang City’s new outdoor project strives to create a sponge city that will “breath”

   Recently, the development units of the new residential projects such as Yuejiang House, Longxin Homeland, Greentown Chunjiang Mingyue, and Rongchuang Yulan Mansion came to the Office of the Leading Group of the Sponge City Construction and submitted the special design plan for the Sponge City. The reporter learned that Jingjiang City is fully promoting the construction of sponge city, building a new outdoor project to implement the concept of sponge city, and striving to create a sponge-shaped square, park green space, landscape water system, building and community that will “breath”, so that the city has a face with more lining.

   Advancing the construction of sponge city is an important measure to implement ecological civilization construction, an important way to improve the quality of urban construction, and an important measure to improve the living environment. The provincial party committee and the provincial government have included the construction of sponge city as an important part of the high-quality development of urban and rural areas into the indicator system, and clarified the evaluation indicators of the “standard rate of construction of sponge projects in new projects”. In 2017, the city became a provincial sponge city pilot city. In order to ensure the city’s “new project sponge city compliance rate”, the city promoted the construction of sponge city according to the “2+N” pilot program.

   The “2+N” pilot will be displayed in two pilot areas of the Old City and Binjiang New City, supplemented by multiple projects outside the district, and comprehensively promote the construction of the sponge city. The pilot zone of the old city contains the core commercial section of the old city. Through the implementation of community renovation, pipeline standardization, river improvement and other measures, the sponge city construction effect will be realized. In the Binjiang New City pilot area, according to the new development strategy of the new city, combined with the sponge city construction concept, improve the water ecological environment, improve the water network system, and construct a special activity space.

   This time, in the sponge city design special plan declared by the relevant development unit, the requirements of the “Jingjiang Sponge City Construction Implementation Plan” were strictly implemented, and more sponge elements were used. According to reports, more and more “sponge” elements of the city are now integrated into urban construction. Some buildings and communities, park green spaces, urban roads, and river water systems are all integrated into the concept of sponge city construction. The Gongxing River landscape belt and the Xiaoqiaogang landscape belt communicate with the new city water system, which improves the water surface rate, enhances the ability of water storage, water drainage and drainage, improves flood control and drainage standards, and produces a large number of aquatic plants, which are beautiful and practical. Ecological revetment greatly improves the quality of water environment and ecological functions. The station road is equipped with permeable water paving of 7464 square meters, rainwater storage facilities of 1,721 cubic meters, and biological retention facilities of 160 cubic meters. It plays a role in reducing the total runoff and pollution load on the rainfall runoff flowing into the Bagua port, and protecting the water quality of the river.

   According to the requirements of the provincial government office, new buildings with a planned land area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters should be equipped with rainwater collection and utilization facilities. This year, the city’s new residential community, Longxin Homeland, and the United States’ Yuejiang House, all plan to construct rainwater storage facilities as required. The completed phase of Country Garden Phase II Phase III, Longxinyuan Phase 1, Greentown Phase I, and Tianzhu Palace Square The pool collects rainwater sedimentation suspended matter when it rains. The treated rainwater is used for greening and cleaning the road surface, which not only saves water but also reduces runoff pollution.


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