June manufacturing purchasing managers index released endogenous motivation to show growth of SMEs

June manufacturing PMI purchasing managers index was 49.4%, the economy is quite level with the previous month. From single index see CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the production index was 51.3%, maintaining the expansion area.
Director of the National Bureau of Statistics Service Sector Survey Center at the business climate OF CURRENT: “In the survey of 21 industries, 13 industries production index is located in expansionary territory Control Engineering Copyright , medicine production index railways, food and wine and beverage manufacturing industry is located 54.0 percent higher than the booming region. “enterprise production and business activities expectation index was 53.4%, the expansion zone 18 located in 21 industries surveyed. Manufacturing of which Control Engineering Copyright , pharmaceuticals, railway ship aerospace equipment and other production and business activities expectation index is located high of more than 60.0% of the booming region.

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