Korean Dr. Stephen King admitted for the first time in four years to disclose US secrets

ChinaNet February 9th According to South Korea’s “Korean Daily” website reported on February 8th, Dr. Stephen King, a Korean doctor who was sued by the US government for violating the “spy law”, finally admitted to leaking North Korea for four years. Confidential information to FOX NEWS reporter.

On February 7, the US Department of Justice, under the premise of pleading guilty to Dr. Stephen King, agreed to the defendant’s “Plea Bargaining” (referring to the prosecutor and representative on the prosecution’s side before the judge’s trial The defendant’s defense lawyer negotiated to reduce the crime by the prosecutor’s revocation of the allegation, the downgrade of the accusation or the requirement for the judge to be sentenced in light, in exchange for the defendant’s guilty plea.

Dr. King is expected to be tried in the Federal Court of Washington on April 2, or sentenced to 13 months in prison and suspended for 1 year.

In 2009, as a senior assistant to the US State Department, Stephen King made a short conversation with a reporter from Fox News on June 11, and the Fox News website posted North Korea. Plan the news in the nuclear test.

“Fox News” said at the time that the information came from a CIA (CIA) agent in North Korea, and said that intelligence similar to North Korea’s movements needs to be reported directly to the President and the DNI (National Intelligence Agency). Senior intelligence.

The US prosecutor used the two-person call record as evidence and filed a lawsuit against Dr. King in 2010. For four years, Dr. King has refused to plead guilty.

Stephen King’s lawyer said in an interview: “I am sorry, he leaked the secret to the reporter. He just hopes that the public can understand the truth, and this information is being oversold by the age of privacy & rsquo; The federal government commissioned six prosecutors and 12 FBIs to investigate the case, which took longer and invested a lot of resources. Mr. Stephen King will take full responsibility for his actions and make up his mind to live well. ”

Stephen King admits, “I am not an internal spy, but my actions have made the United States in danger”.

A total of 11 state secrets were revealed in public opinion in the history of the United States, eight of which occurred during the Obama administration in 2009. (Internship Compilation: Wang Jing)

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