Lakeside holiday cottage

Resort houses come in all shapes, sizes and styles, each with its own charm and uniqueness. We especially like holiday homes, which are simple and gentle, allowing you to focus on the landscape or the beautiful scenery surrounding them. An example of this is the cottage in Canada. Designed by YH2 in 2017, it has a living space of 140 square meters.

The design of this house looks like a cottage. It is small, simple, and closely related to nature. It is situated on a small open space on the shores of Lake Pleasant, and its openness to nature is expressed in many beautiful ways. First of all, the foundation of the house is invisible, which can have a very small visual impact on the site and is closely linked to the surrounding environment by not disturbing them.

This chic little holiday home captures the essence of mountain village life in a very natural and subtle way. Although it looks like a cottage, it is presented in a modern and sophisticated way. Like any real hut, its interior and exterior are constructed of wood. It has a large gable roof that contributes to a very clean frame and a minimalist overall look.

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