Large data-driven intelligent manufacturing transition

With big data, cloud computing as the representatives of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution gave birth to the world is the rise of a country’s competitiveness is already partly reflected in the scale have data quality, as well as the ability to use the data. As the backbone of the national economy, the manufacturing sector to seize the opportunity and take the forefront of change? In the recently held 2019 China International Industry Fair data (referred to as “fair number”), the participants for large data integration and intelligent manufacturing development direction is given. Reporters observed that, from the digital drive Intelligent Manufacturing Forum to “big country weighing · intellectual change in the future” forum, to the “Industrial Internet and smart +” high-end dialogue, experts and scholars from home and abroad as well as business representatives express their views and discuss driving “wisdom made “to achieve the path to promoting high quality economic development. Digital transformation become the trend of reform and opening up 40 years, China manufacturing all the way through the clutter and become a “global factory”, but at the same time, there is hidden below the high growth extensive production management, low efficiency and other issues. “Four years ago, our entire IT infrastructure is aging, and at that time we have established a ‘chimney’ systems in different departments is very difficult to get through. At the same time, the physical world and the data world is torn down, unable to produce end to end data. “Huawei’s cloud CTO of China Peng Ke said in the number of participating Fair. 2016, Huawei officially launched the digital transition work. After the reform, Huawei application from development to on-line time, used to take 6-9 months, can now meet the needs of first-line within a week or a month’s time. In addition, the inventory cycle is shortened from 7 days 1.2 days, 30% increase in delivery schedules. “Facing the new situation of industrial revolution, we must recognize the challenges and opportunities.” China Information and Telecommunications Research Institute party secretary, Li Yong, vice president of the “great powers weighing · intellectual change in the future” represents a forum on intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing development and application process is an evolving technology and engineering innovations control Engineering Copyright , in the process, the boundaries of traditional industries will be broken, cross-border innovation and show great vitality, manufacturing services will become the future trend of development. In recent years, our country attaches great importance to the development of the manufacturing industry to upgrade intelligent restructuring, clothing, household and other fields customization, aerospace, automotive and other fields networked collaborative design, electrical equipment, construction machinery and other fields ROMS and other models are emerging. In the country’s first comprehensive experimental zone Guizhou big data, from 201Since the start six years has “thousands of enterprise transformation”, “000 enterprises integration” project, through policy guidance, so that enterprises pay more attention to big data, through the construction of intelligent production lines, digital factories, help the whole process and the whole industry chain of intelligent transformation. Guizhou Space Appliance Co., Ltd. manufactures tens of thousands of pieces a day twist needle, this length of less than 1 cm, thin as a pencil lead products are widely used in the lunar exploration program, the Beidou navigation, made large aircraft and other major projects. In the past, mainly by the worker by twist the needle eye for manual welding, now, each step of the cloud, the tightness of each needle also real-time data such as on-line. “The workers hand-punched every time the intensity, location, device every operation, will be uploaded to the cloud platform and data model by slowly curing down.” Said general manager Wang Yuexuan, after the implementation of the data transformation Control Engineering Copyright , “artisan standard” twist cured on each needle, significantly increasing the production efficiency, quality. “In the past, to bring big data, companies feel like to buy some equipment, to build a new production line that will soon pay off, now, this concept is changing, as companies have tasted the sweetness.” Guizhou Big Data Industry Development Authority integration Branch Deputy Director Zhu Yang Han said in the lead in the preparation of Guizhou “big data and the real economy, deep integration evaluation system”, so that enterprises bottom of your heart. While the province has 43 games and 23 games centralized training program matchmaking, allowing enterprises to find someone to solve the problem. To encourage and support enterprises’ cloud with the cloud, “Guizhou also for business innovation grant” cloud using coupons. ” According to statistics, in 2018 there were 1822 companies upgrading to digital, networked, intelligent transformation. The Internet has become the focus of industry from a person, a package 10,000 yuan to achieve operating income of 188 million yuan last year, Guizhou Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. cloud network took only three years. “600% of the average annual compound growth rate thanks to the deepening of large data fusion.” Chairman Yang Yun Ling said, backed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation to build the industrial INDICS Internet platform, the company’s future development of confidence. Your shares Yonghong Radiator Company is an old state-owned enterprises, mainly to do matching SAIC, FAW, and other manufacturers, companies feel that the past has no need of information technology. 2016, requires the partners to provide quality products and other aspects of the data Control Engineering Copyright , or cancel the order. The key moment Control Engineering Copyright , aerospace cloud network come to the rescue, only to create a digital workshop substantial increase in production efficiency, but also found problems in the process, help save 30000-50000 yuan cost of materials per day. In fact, in recent years, “Promoting the development of Big Data Platform for Action” China has published the “big data industry development plan (2016-2020)”, are clearly to the development of industry Big Data, Big Data in the enterprise to promote the application of landing . “Industrial Internet is reshaping manufacturing various developed countries are to achieve digitization of a focal point.” Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Yu Shaohua published “The Internet is reshaping the manufacturing industry,” pointed out in a speech in a few Bo, information has become a driving force of the world economy main engine, before the main stage is focused on the consumer Internet, and now is extending from the consumer sector to the industrial sector. Currently, developed countries are to giants for traction, and the establishment of an eco-cluster to occupy the high ground. “Industrial Internet as a new generation of information technology and the depth of integration of product manufacturing, human, machine, material, data link up to achieve the integration of industrial life cycle of convergence.” China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. and deputy party secretary and general manager Liu Shiquan participate in the “industrial Internet and smart +,” said the high-end dialogue. “From the beginning of 2012 Control Engineering Copyright , the whole group hopes to continue for many years of IT investment, to drive the business through data transformation. For more than six consecutive years, we have turnover of more than micrometer IT into one of them, a total of 2018, investment in IT in the field of more than 8,000 billion yuan. “Chen Xin Yue Mei-yun, general manager of the Group division number Chi Mei said. He mentioned that pay has produced a preliminary value. To 2016 earnings, for example, the United States was virtually no growth in turnover, number of employees decreased, but turned a profit more than doubled. “For six years the construction of the entire US Internet industry, and promote the transformation of the entire group from traditional manufacturing to science and technology group, and the ability to output this part out.” Chen Xin Yue said. Build a strong future proposed development remains the cornerstone of force respondents believe, is an element of intelligent manufacturing complex and huge project, under the current aid new generation of information technology, integration of the two has entered the stage of putting down roots, future prospects , but to promote manufacturing industry model and a fundamental change in corporate form, it is also facing many problems, technical development, production management, operations and other aspects of service standards as well as proposedAll-round challenge. “We are facing an unknown ocean, the road is long, need to explore together, to practice.” China Information Communications Institute Party committee secretary, vice president Li Yong said, this requires extensive cooperation, interdisciplinary research needs development requires cross-industry enterprise cooperation, we need universities, research institutions, financial institutions and other units to work together, but also inseparable linkage and cooperation worldwide. For how to promote Made in China, the industry proposed to grow stronger, to closely rely on deepening reform and innovation-driven efforts to overcome the innovation, low value-added products is not high, management and sales service backward problems, foster development in China in transition manufacture of new competitive advantages, promote the rapid growth of the economy towards high-end level. “The situation for us a lot of pressure.” Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Yu Shaohua said that China’s Internet industry, compared with developed countries, started a little later, although there has been some progress in standards-based architecture, testing, security, international cooperation, but overall, there are still some gaps. Hideo left Cian Suisse Group Vice President pointed out that the Internet industry as a new generation of information technology and traditional industries depth integration of the product, while improving the efficiency of industrial enterprises in production and management, will bring a new network security challenges. He believes that the security challenges faced by industrial enterprises mainly from two aspects, one is the industrial security of the host, the second is a security risk large industrial data. “Last year I went to a famous agricultural enterprises, and they told me that their automation, information technology level is very good, not much difference with the foreign, but the product gap with foreign advanced level there are almost 20 years, that I was very surprised. “Huazhong University of Science professor, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese mechanical Engineering Society chairman Lee Bacon said, now speaking intelligent manufacturing, but if only enhance the level of information, digital level, is not enough. “Do Intelligent Manufacturing not to engage in the process on the basis backward on automation, not to engage in information technology in management foundation backward on, do not have to engage in automated digital basic network, to the overall planning, step by step, to full participation, talent remain sterile. “Fair on the number of intelligent manufacturing industry matchmaking Guizhou Province, Guizhou space Appliance Co., Ltd. chairman and party secretary Chen Zhenyu said. Industry and Information Technology Department of Information Technology Secretary, software and services Xie Shaofeng suggested that the current push to accelerate the development of the Internet industry, it is necessary to strengthen technological breakthroughs, accelerate the construction of multi-field, multi-level innovation system; Second is to integrate the resources of the parties, to participate fully mobilize the enthusiasm of local governments, enterprises, research institutes and universities; third is to optimize the development environment, namely the ban insist on a non-inclusive and prudent measures to guide more social capital investment; fourth is to deepen international exchanges and expand all types of organizations, such as international organizations and international standardization bodies, as well as multi-level cooperation between multinational corporations.

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