Lean heritage perceived future | 50 anniversary ifm China Tour event – the first stop station in Hangzhou victory!

Just enter December, already breezy, open cooled significantly throughout the country. Even so, the winter cold still can not stop the enthusiasm of customers appointment of pace, hundreds of customers went to Hangzhou to participate in the 50th anniversary of ifm ifm China Tour event.
December 4, 2019, to “lean heritage perceive the future” as its theme, the 50th anniversary of ifm ifm China’s first tour event stood in the beautiful “paradise” – Hangzhou success. Hundreds of customers from around the world, industry partners gathered here, and ifm past eventful years together, Imagination intelligent sensing the future development of the industry. In history, look to the future
ifm Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Managing Director Mr. Ye Xin, general manager of ifm Electronic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mr. Ye Xin attended the meeting and said: “ifm grabbed third opportunities Industrial revolution, after 50 years of timeless, has become the owner of more than 8,000 kinds of products, providing comprehensive solutions for the automation industry machinery businesses. now, when living in the fourth industrial revolution, the face of the cloud computing, networking, 5G and other technology brings a new round of changes, we believe the future will ifm achievements far more than today. “
with a strong industry heritage CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , ifm sensor has become the global automation industry leader, has a very broad product line includes not only standard in the field of industrial automation solutions, but also customized to meet the needs of industrial customers. Innovation and technology, intellectual enjoy extraordinary 4.0 With the rise of industrial, networking and other technology, mankind is entering an era of all interconnected. ifm always walk in the forefront of technological development , provide a solid foundation for the industry intelligence, digital upgrade.

● easier, more efficient, more intelligent …… how food and beverage plant field devices to adapt to new demands intelligent manufacturing era emerged? ifm ground application of digital sensors, help food and beverage industry, cost efficiency, improve food safety and production efficiency. ● In the parts assembly lines and production, the parts sensor capable of detecting orientations, locations and status. Based on quality management solutions defect detection can be improvedOverall equipment efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs. ● relying RFID identification system to build the whole industry chain to track and trace solutions, enabling suppliers, raw packets, production processes, product flows and consumer inquiries and other aspects of real-time track and trace, to create a transparent, digital supply chain. ● let the robot know this rich three-dimensional world! ifm designed for industrial robots and industrial sectors 3D ToF camera can be used for size detection, automatic unstacking, unmanned forklift pallet positioning, AGV 3D space scenes such as obstacle avoidance, robot technology gives the “eye”, help customers build unmanned workshop. ● With the development of sensor, big data and Internet information technology, the new upgrade of the digital factory can predict impending failure through configuration files and diagnostic status. ifm predictive maintenance system solution that allows you anytime, anywhere “aware device Pulse”, to achieve “a pretty good idea.” Interactive sessions, fun event, in addition to the wonderful speech, Products, lucky draw and interactive paper-cut link also greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the honored guests, and everyone have enthusiastic participation! Technical dry goods, paper-cut art, luxury prizes, there is always designed to meet your! After
theory, “real” staged product display area, ifm innovative products and solutions on display in turn, covering process monitoring, real-time status monitoring and maintenance of major areas, food hygiene, logistics and transportation. Attendees ifm technical experts to explore and warm on the details of the product applications. Accurate, rapid, safe –ifm new kind of logistics integration ifm diverse line of innovative products like the new logistics lines, dynamic presentation to the honored guests of the “accurate, fast, safe,” the concept of logistics, a comprehensive field application simulation environment to achieve small object detection, the tray is detected, the RFID identification, bar code reader, and security logic control functions, to provide a complete set of solutions for customers automated machinery.
set a number of advantages in one of ifm RFID readers and RFID products and reader products are also one of the highlights of this exhibition. Among them, the new O2I series barcode / 2D code reader, combines the high resolution 4 times, large storage, automatic lookup code and many other advantages, has attracted a large wave of attention to the guests. The data matrix code identifying the product but also through mobile phones APP (iOS / Android) shows the finished product with a baseHome, is very simple. Food grade products help create a “digital factory” ifm has many uses process sensors IO-Link technology, with the technology, products can accurately detect the state of the process flow, temperature, pressure and level parameters, real-time collection and transmission to the IO- Link master, in order to achieve intelligent sensing, real-time monitoring, evaluation and optimization of energy efficiency, power plant, a transparent industries.
In the area of ​​food safety, achieved by IFM sensor IO-Link module to transmit point to point directly to the data transfer to the device, to help customers real-time monitoring of the parameters so as to reduce losses.
real-time monitoring and maintenance of conventional motor motor maintenance program Control Engineering Copyright , staff must be vibration analysis in order to stop the machine. Now, based on motor ifm site vibration diagnostic system, real-time maintenance solution , can display real-time status of the motor vibration by software, abnormal operation can be carried out pre-treatment Control Engineering Copyright , thereby avoiding downtime, to optimize production time, reduce the failure to reduce preventative maintenance costs and maximize the life of the whole assembly thereby improving plant efficiency.
live pictures, graphic live online review, words can not describe one scene is very exciting, but not rushed to the scene friends do not have too much regret, scan the next Fanger Wei code can be viewed in real-time graphics live!
National Tour, Talk about the future
near the end activities in a warm atmosphere, their hands in the air as honored guests ifm thumbs, also known in the tour is drawing on the successful close. The first activity stood Hangzhou smooth victory, but the 50th anniversary of ifm China Tour event has just set sail! Next year we will be firing on all cylinders, in turn walked Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Suzhou, Beijing and other major cities in the remaining 10, to open the digital upgrade journey!

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