Lenovo: the formation of intelligence data Business Group, a full range of intelligent power transition

Today, smart things no longer remain on paper, already part of our daily life, and for intelligent data networking equipment needs were already in various industries. It is estimated that the market research firm, by 2025, whether it is intelligent manufacturing, or healthcare, logistics, transportation, retail chains, public utilities and so on, the smart things need to be at least $ 175 billion global market of artificial intelligence the scale will exceed $ 600 trillion. As a global high-tech manufacturing enterprises, as early as 2011, Lenovo opened to intelligence data as the core of the intelligent transformation of the road. Starting from 2016 the output of its intelligent transformation experience and advanced technology, enabling the transition to other companies. June 2019, Lenovo Group was formally established business intelligence data. For a long time, Lenovo explore intelligent manufacturing restructuring in which the experience and paths, which have unique offerings Cheats? In 2019 Lenovo Tech World Congress, CONTROL ENGINEERING China to interview Mr. Zhangcheng Song association data, technical director of smart business group Control Engineering Copyright , Lenovo smart manufacturing strategy to find out.
Mr. Zhangcheng Song Lenovo Group’s director of business intelligence data 3S clear strategy in 2019 Lenovo Tech World Congress, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing in his speech mentioned that the data is based on data as intelligent turbo fuel, computing power as the engine, big data and advanced algorithms to provide tools, combined with knowhow all walks of life, that is, everyone’s knowledge, experience and processes that can produce more accurate decision-making result, more efficient business Process. Based on this concept, in the past few years, the association developed a very clear strategy 3S, networking from the Smart IoT smart object, Smart Infrastructure intelligent infrastructure, as well as Smart Vertical industry smart start in three dimensions, the association is vigorously promoting intelligent transformation, is committed to intelligence reform leader and enabler. Today, Lenovo is using its own technology, formed a research, production, supply, sales, service the whole value chain intelligence operation and management system, quality and efficiency in manufacturing and better meet customer aPersonalized, customized needs. Capable of supporting 3S strategy is the “end – side – cloud – Network – wisdom” architecture: “terminal” is a terminal smart object associated equipment, “edge” is an edge computing, “cloud” cloud computing “web” to 5G, represented by data transmission network, “side – cloud – net” constitutes intelligent infrastructure, and “wisdom” is the industry’s smart technology products, solutions and end to end professional services. The years, the association has the “side – side – Cloud – Network – wisdom” the elements of assets has become of the most complete intelligent building ability of the company. Lenovo particular emphasis on business intelligence, data intelligence business association set up precisely to respond 3S Group’s strategy earlier this year, Chairman Yang proposed that the intelligent networking, intelligent infrastructure and industry intelligence. Zhangcheng Song said the new business unit will be fully supported from the floor and perform intelligent strategic industries, will also produce the process of cooperation in the service at the same time some of the association’s own transformation experience sharing intelligence to other manufacturing enterprises of some of the new platforms, algorithms, technology, and even business-related back to the whole group Lenovo, Lenovo forward promote the upgrading of relevant R & D capabilities. Pragmatic three core platforms based on knowledge, Lenovo in the smart industry segment consists of three business directions: First, think of three basic platform as the support for our customers to build data Intelligent Core platform; provide intelligent data applications in various industries Second , such as intelligent manufacturing, educational wisdom, the wisdom of energy and so on; Third, through its own transformation consulting and intelligent real-time capabilities, providing end to end professional services. Zhangcheng Song said data Intelligent Core platform is a key industry of the Internet, including the Internet of Things platform, big data and artificial intelligence platform to platform three levels. Wherein Things internet data functions as part of an industrial device, edge processing and real-time intelligent control. Lenovo gateway itself has included things, smart sensors, and other commercial data calculation module things device Copyright Control Engineering , the device may provide a vertical end solutions to customers. In addition, Lenovo has some thirty factories, hundreds of production lines in the world, in order to enhance the performance of production lines, the association was to create a LeapIOT networking solutions, edge module and analysis module two parts, can help companies achieve industrial data acquisition , edge computing and real-time analysis. Big Data platform, the Lenovo As a global company, servicesCustomers all over 250 countries around the world, need to be able to support large data five or six million employees worldwide data area when there is no difference calculated in all areas, including the area of ​​data fusion across geographies when data calculation, there are all kinds whether cross production line data, or data across IT systems. Based on their actual conditions, Lenovo to create the industry’s leading enterprise-class high-performance one-stop platform for big data LeapHD, within the enterprise outside help users to achieve data sharing, data liquidation of assets, and lay a solid foundation for the intelligent enterprise data. Artificial intelligence platform, Lenovo produced in their own PC, PAD and other products, the need to use AI technology for unmanned automated defect detection screen. Based on this, in 2016, the association began with external partners, the output “algorithm + trade mechanism” of such a new model to industrial customers. LeapAI Lenovo self-developed artificial intelligence to develop a one-stop enterprise-class platform, with powerful data processing capabilities, extensive industry module, users at different levels of adaptability, extensible architecture, help companies to complete the indicators predict, knowledge fusion and intelligent decision. Integrated service model years, the association in the process of restructuring itself and help enterprise customers realize intelligent transformation, gradually formed its own unique advantages on some of the technologies and services. First, the association with the accumulation of industry Knowhow, capable of profound insight into the business of customer pain points in transition and their needs, as they propose targeted intelligent transformation program, including providing project planning and management, including covering the whole enterprise transformation consulting services value chain. Secondly, the association not only to create personalized products for corporate customers, tailored transformation program, still in the process accumulated a general cross-industry software and hardware modules, forming a construction module, which is like a real building Like the prefabricated panels, which can be quickly assembled, so that the process of building intelligent building can be faster and more efficient. Third, the association has also developed advanced data intelligence platform product, these tools can be collected Things to large data cleaning, sorting, forming a consistent data structure, and then advanced algorithms to enterprise decision-making of the mode, in-depth study of business processes, which can result in a more intelligent decision-making procedures, and business processes. “For the intelligent transformation of industrial enterprises , Lenovo can provide consulting services from strategic level, production and management level, technical level. At the same time, depending on LeapIOT, LeapHD, LeapAI three major platforms, Lenovo will also provide specialized technical services to customers. “Zhangcheng Song said, it is worth noting that CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , because the digital transition in addition to relying on external forces other than their own is also facing some adjustments, Lenovo to provide training and guidance, whether it is business training, technical training, or training platform to help by including some training financial supply chain, quality management, customer solve problems deepen cooperation and win-win future look at Lenovo’s strategic intelligence, computing power is specifically mentioned, and this is Unlike those traditional local automation vendors. in fact, control Engineering Copyright , intelligent transformation is inseparable from the powerful data processing capability, whether AI technology, or big data, calculated to be attached to the edge has a strong computing power of physical entities. today, Lenovo is a global leading position in the field of supercomputing, China HPC TOP100 list released in the near future, the association 5th tops the list, and 100 sets of them former Lenovo provide 39 sets. Lenovo also provides powerful computing capabilities to the industry, we are actively with the public Leading companies around intelligently deepen cooperation and upload the good news in 2019 Lenovo Tech World Assembly, Lenovo has just signed a strategic partnership agreement with Schneider Electric. Schneider is the world’s leading experts in energy management and automation transformation, Lenovo will be green intelligent manufacturing as a breakthrough in large data industry, industrial and industrial smart things three aspects deepen cooperation and boost common manufacturing intelligent change everything as Lenovo Group chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said that Lenovo resources accumulated over the past 35 years in the smart internet era can be built as an open platform, Lenovo customer base, manufacturing and supply chain, product development capabilities, marketing capabilities, government relations, international channels, the ability to service, open to the associate partners, in the age of the Internet industry together to provide our best service to win customers, good customer service.

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