LMI TECHNOLOGIES Announces Acquisition of Finland optical measurement equipment manufacturer FOCALSPEC

As the world leader in 3D scanning and detection solutions developer, LMI Technologies (LMI) officially announced the acquisition of FocalSpec Control Engineering Copyright , the company is innovative optical measurement device of one manufacturer, headquartered in Finland , patented designs and manufactures a line of confocal imaging (the LCI) sensor. LMI Technologies, the parent company – TKH Group – will wholly acquire FocalSpec. The company will be integrated into the company LMI CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , line confocal imaging (LCI) is still FocalSpec brand product sales. FocalSpec line confocal sensor using optical detection method based on unique spectral line scan confocal techniques, by mounting the outer shaft, it is possible to speed up per 27 million data points, obtained in a three-dimensional topography (surface geometry) and simultaneously two-dimensional intensity data (contrast surface) of the three-dimensional tomographic scan (scan multilayer transparent surface), the measurement repeatability of up to 70 nm. No other visual solution can achieve such a high speed, accuracy, and multi-mode and multi-functional imaging at the same time on the market. LMI Technologies through the acquisition FocalSpec Control Engineering Copyright , expanding the smart sensor products include laser line profile sensor and snapshots structured light sensor, combined with the already patented confocal technology. Our scanning and detection program will continue to play the leading role in the industry, and always maintain a leading position and help solve challenges in various industries, such as consumer electronic (CE), batteries, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and medical industries.
LCI 1220 confocal sensor line

mounted off-axis, confocal line display white light source technology, the highs and lows of the object (corresponding to the top and bottom) specific to the camera pixel point “orange” and “blue” reflection wavelength
Terry Arden LMI Technologies CEO: “line scanning confocal sensor opaque, transparent material, and a curved surface (such as a common mixing glass components in the mobile phone manufacturing) implements technologyLeap surgery. Such subversive optical detection method Gocator sophisticated detection software and production experience combined with our industry to help more customers than ever before on the market today cost-effective and easy way to solve challenging applications online testing . “” The combination of line art and confocal 3D smart sensor LMI Technologies Corporation Copyright Control Engineering , to provide a solution highly complementary core assembly process measurement applications. With its sophisticated detection software industry, we believe LMI and FocalSpec in the future will be a strong leader in the field of online testing. “Sauli Trml , FocalSpec chairman said.

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