LMI Technologies Gocator 2530 blockbuster launch of new high-speed Blu-ray 3D laser profile sensors

As a global leader in 3D scanning and on-line detection of Control Engineering Copyright , LMI Technologies (LMI) Gocator 2530 blockbuster launch new line of smart 3D laser profile sensors. Line laser scan velocity profile sensors Gocator 2530 of 10 kHz and a scan of the field of view of 100 mm CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a perfect three-dimensional detection can be performed. Using a custom megapixel imaging, optical design optimization and blue laser light, so that is possible to obtain a clearer G2530, high repeatability and reliability of 3D scan data and low-contrast object has a shiny surface. Products are widely used in batteries, consumer electronics, rubber and tire industry and factory automation.
for customers who need to achieve the following applications: ● The cell size measurements pole piece, batteries and battery modules for detecting ● ● ● phone detection block and the inner wall of the tire sidewall of the tire detected ● ● tire uniformity detector coating detecting control
and high resolution 3D scan line and reach the detector more quickly in the Y direction scanning resolution (pitch direction of travel), the multiple exposure while accurately measure surface gloss and low contrast (e.g., a metal batteries, phone boxes, rubber etc.), and the assembly features (e.g., edges or gaps) fine accurate detection of the object, and height measurements accurate 3D geometry and the surface defects (such as scratches and pits). Scanning the field of view and large measurement range Gocator larger field of view 2530, the use of a sensor to scan the entire object, such as mobile phones detection block. Deeper and larger field of view so that the measurement range can be easily Gocator variety of different components to achieve line scanning and detection. Easily integrated into existing systems in a small space and Gocator 2530 is one of the industry’s most compact integrated smart sensors, while maintaining IP67, the Gocator adapt and can be mounted on any machine environment. LMI Technologies CEO Terry Arden expressed: “Gocator 2530 the success of the G2500 series of high-speed Blu-ray on CCopyright ONTROL ENGINEERING China , to provide a wider field of view selection, cell products are used in applications, consumer electronics and tire rubber, and the like CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , is a more cost-effective 3D detection scheme. “It can be ordered by orders@lmi3.com Gocator 2530. This issue about any new product, please contact us contact@lmi3d.com. For more details CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , please visit Gocator 2530 product page on the official website www.lmi3d.com.

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