Logistics and industrial upgrading of power stations to bring the exclusive intelligent solutions at the Asian Logistics Exhibition

Delta implement intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation products and integration of key technologies, development of smart logistics solutions that promote automated intelligent factories, intelligent building. October 23 to 26, Delta Asia to attend the 2019 International Exhibition logistics technology and transportation systems, carry a variety of high efficiency, high stability, high value logistics industry automation products and solutions, shown as intelligent plant Logistics applications tailored solutions , help build high-value modern intelligent factory.
Delta – CIMIC Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Industry Development Division Director Kim Ling-representation, to build smart factory, in addition to intelligent devices, convergence in the factory manufacturing the product of intelligent transport logistics are also crucial. Delta through the integration of industrial automation product line and key technologies, the development of various applications for smart factory tailored high efficiency, high stability, high-value intelligent logistics solutions, significantly increasing the degree of intelligence and operational efficiency of the plant, promote construction and development of intelligent factory. Delta on this exhibition’s highlights are: modular belt sorting system Solution: Delta industrial automation products to create complete sorting systems integration solutions, with high reliability, high efficiency characteristics; where the application of high-performance programmable controllers AS200 series with CANopen bus operation to the console of the servo product PR model, and installation and commissioning of convenience, let run more stable and accurate; easy to operate man-machine interface, real-time understanding of system status , easy parameter adjustment. Balance sorting system solutions: by Delta industrial automation, high-quality and advanced control algorithms, sorting achieve high accuracy to 99.99%; program uses Ethernet bus interactively layout, the higher the efficiency of equipment; delivery port to use Delta servo drive system, faster response and more stable , more efficient; by Delta HMI product can keep abreast of the operating state of the sorting apparatus, distribution information, material information. Program not only with high reliability, high efficiency characteristics, can also provide full range of services customized according to customer demand. Weighing volume detection system (DWS) solutions: integration of industrial automation products and industry experience, specializing in logistics and parcel of DWS processing solutions, fast response, stable and reliable, it has strong anti-interference ability; Wherein the weighing module so that the application of a simpler, more accurate weighing; scheme Delta programmable logic controller (PLC) AS200 32-bit processor family CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a high speed shaft 6 pulse output shaft 8 axis control bus, set of RS-485/232 / Ethernet in an easy system function / performance upgrades. Cross-belt sorter system solutions: integration of advanced industrial automation products and technology, created exclusively for the logistics sorting system solutions. Multitasking can be Copyright Control Engineering , speed, hot-swappable system also supports automatic scanning, manual scan mode; convenient and easy user interface, debugging CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [ 123], especially for sorting small articles. AGV total system solution: Application of programmable logic controller (PLC) AS300 series, having a high-speed pulse / analog output, and other rich standard Modbus communication resources, motion control capability; Modbus TCP communications using standard communication protocols, using wireless communication module DVW-W02W2-E2 as a wireless communications device, seamless communications between the base station and the AGV; CPU530-EN-type application CPU scheduling operation easily solve the problem. Delta Booth: Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall W2 Booth B1-3, welcome all friends to visit the guidance!

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