“Machine substitutions”, for the employment of new space

Industrial robots replacing simple labor on the part of the production line, but also opens up the talent gap of nearly 3 million operating systems, operation and maintenance and other related fields – “machine substitution”, for the new space into the employment workshop, robotic arm orderly operation, product flow in an automated production line, the huge space of only a few workers in the management and maintenance work …… this is the many factories of “normal.” Tends information, intelligence in machines, automation today, “substitutions machine” is no longer a new topic. But, as the production line is simple repetitive manual labor is replaced by machines Control Engineering Copyright , people lose jobs, whether this concerns persist. Recently, two jobs analysis report from Human Resources and Social Security show – “Machine substitutions”, while the door to a new career is also suddenly wide open. The new demand for industrial robotics industry has developed rapidly, accompanying a shortage of applied talents just graduated from university had never been seen, the technology professional background Guo Biao was confused: It feels like a very boring technical work all day and dealing with the machine, and pay low pay. By repeatedly comparing different areas and sectors, and finally he chose to take root in the robotics industry, is now a senior engineer of industrial robots. Speaking of the reasons, says Guo Biao, industrial robots can operate, and fast chips Control Engineering Copyright , let the robot move, very interesting. The learning process can be simulated on a computer, it does not necessarily require real-time robot, very convenient. “Industrial Robotics avant-garde, many within the enterprise to understand the technology, not many people, is the technology industry ‘meat and potatoes’ to do the work a sense of accomplishment, salary is also very impressive.” He said. Guo Biao’s growth and feelings, revealed the characteristics of the development of China in recent years, the industrial robot industry. On the one hand, the industrial robot industry has developed rapidly. China has for five consecutive years to become the world’s largest industrial robot sales in the country, a large number of industrial robots “on line” every year. 2018 National Industrial robot sales of around 150,000 units by 2020, the national ownership of industrial robots will be more than 800,000 units. From automobile manufacturing, 3C electronics manufacturing to hardware manufacturing, ceramic sanitary ware, logistics and transportation, industrial robots have become increasingly widely used in manufacturing. On the other hand, the industry demand for talent gradually revealed. As the robotTechnology is highly integrated, complex application environments, more professional operation and maintenance of high-end equipment, with a multi-level talent needs. Human Resources and Social Department reported that in recent years, domestic enterprises and research institutions to increase efforts to train personnel and the introduction of robot technology research, has made significant hardware upgrade on the basis of the technical level, but on-site commissioning, operation and maintenance operations management applications efforts to train talents still lacking control Engineering Copyright , to master the industrial robot operation, maintenance, commissioning, troubleshooting, and system integration requirements and other technical engineers will be increasing. (Shenzhen) Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Bi Alec Assistant to the President believes that with the application of emerging technologies, the traditional first, second industry more and more intelligent, industrial robots now widely used in the enterprise, which workers scientific and cultural quality and level of technical competence put forward new demands. Earlier, the Ministry of Education, Human Resources and Social Ministry and the Ministry of Industry issued a “manufacturing talent development Planning Guide,” predicts that by 2020 related field talent gap will reach 3 million. The new career system operators and industrial robot operation and maintenance staff over the next five years demand reached about 1.25 million with the rising market demand and the development of the industry, new job came into being. This year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social, market supervision bureau jointly issued 13 new job, the industrial robot system operators and industrial robot systems operation and maintenance staff both selected. Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Situation published analysis of the employment boom of these two new job report is expected in the next five years their respective talents demand will reach about 1.25 million. It is because of the high demand of the market and the requirements of professional, industrial robotics employees in terms of salary has also been greatly improved , such as: Technical Reference operatives pay 5500-7000 yuan / month, while industrial robot maintenance engineer 7000-10000 yuan / month, systems integration engineer more than $ 20,000 / month. Chinese Academy of Sciences (Shenzhen) Robotics and Advanced Technology Research Center Director Wang Weijun think intelligent equipment, industrial robots practitioners have some technical barriers, related to highly skilled technical personnel plays an irreplaceable role in the enterprise. Two new classes of professional publishing, will greatly promote the rapid development of new industries, the future production and social development play an increasingly important role. In fact, there are currently a lot of enterprise employees actually engaged in work related to industrial robotsFor, what their status of employment? Human Resources and Social Report: on education, 44.44 percent of the industrial robot system operators and operation and maintenance staff are college educated, 45% for tertiary education and less educated threshold is not high; on wages, 45% of the industrial robot system operator and operation and maintenance staff salary is twice the local average wage, generally higher than the local average salary; on demand, 67% of employees in the company or companies to introduce industrial robots or smart manufacturing line as a production equipment, job demand is increasing. Deputy Secretary-General Tan Weijia Shenzhen Robot Association believes that today most of the traditional industrial enterprises are being upgraded under the “machine substitutions,” the trend of domestic robots developed very rapidly. From the industry needs and national policy, industrial robots are more related to lack of talent, development prospects. New developments in career development path, good future prospects, employment space Yang Xin Guang first formal job was started from the robot. Tighten the screws on each one of the good robot, connect the controller in all lines, his job duties. Yang Xin still remember the teachings of the master’s words: “If you do not want to have a screwdriver scratched marks on their own to buy the phone, you do not want to see your hands from the customer robot assembly, like children to see themselves produce machinery and equipment. “from the production of industrial robots, to understand hardware, to study the application debugging, project experience accumulation, Yang Xin increasingly understand the actual needs of customers, in order to participate in the development and design of a new generation of robots, the continuous optimization of industrial robots Production Process. Like Yang Xin, many people started his career from a seemingly minor details. As a new professional, industrial robot system operators and operation and maintenance staff also have a clear career path. In general robot inside the enterprise, according to the functions of the division, technician-level staff can be divided into four types. First assistant engineer, help engineers the mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, simple fixture design, production process card guide workers assembled according to the assembly drawing and the like; followed by pilot member with the operator of the robot line, they are carried on the robotic system the teaching operation or off-line programming, and adjust the parameters of the robot system to produce qualified products; there is a class of employees responsible for final assembly and commissioning of the robot, the robot can reach the factory state; high-maintenance or service personnel must also essential. In short, around robotics, different aspects of talentThey play an important role. With the establishment of two new classes of professional conduct related to vocational training has been based. The second robot Shenzhen Senior Technical School Department Director Zhuguo Yun believes that the establishment of two professional is application-oriented, vocational, technical colleges and a variety of social training institutions robotics and intelligent manufacturing talents training pointed out the direction for high-end class manufacturing personnel training has far-reaching significance. On the basis of solid accumulation on the robot industry talent to the vast space. When the company’s industrial robots continue to improve when Yang Xin transition to a sales job, and grow into an industrial robot product manager. He found that Control Engineering Copyright , the industrial robot not only reliable quality, excellent performance, feature-rich, but also closer to the actual business application scenarios, the real solution to end the production of pain points and employment difficulties. Now he is wondering development of appropriate industrial robot according to the characteristics of industry segments, manufacturing company and do something.

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