Manufacturing Way under the new crown epidemic?

2020 is bound to be a magical year, the cause of all this is the new crown epidemic. Unfortunately, this epidemic in the country to be controlled, the original standing on the sidelines of European and American region has become the hardest hit. After the domestic epidemic stage victory, another economic Battle also sounded the horn. Based on overseas outbreak “scorching”, as the national economy based on manufacturing, is full of variables in turmoil. The outbreak of the epidemic in the world, for people, logistics, business flow, capital flow have a tremendous impact, to a large extent, in fact, volatility in global supply chains, thus affecting the development of global manufacturing changes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [ 123], this change also further promote the restructuring of the global economy. subtle changes in the supply chain patterns into March, the domestic epidemic risk is mainly a problem outside input. Thousands of miles away in Europe
Control Engineering Copyright , especially in Italy almost “out of control” state. For the domestic manufacturing sector, the European outbreak greatest impact on us, first, the export of domestic goods , the second is the core component of industrial automation supply problems. Mechanized production today, too many domestic factories mechanical core components from Europe, led by Germany. Recent news that Siemens, Beckhoff, Phil Fox, Turck companies such as the impact of the epidemic prevention and control, to make the domestic delivery delay. Although the news has not been officially confirmed, but in the sense it does exist. Germany close to the Italian border, the Italian direct “closed country”, and many factories in Europe, has opened a home office model. This series phenomenon, international logistics, and factory production efficiency, bring varying degrees of impact. If Europe’s industrial core component of delivery delays for domestic manufacturing businesses, is “no mother chicken” in the short-term problems. Then the domestic manufacturers have two options: one is the next best thing to domestic instead of imported; the second is to wait, and other European products shipped over Control Engineering Copyright , waiting for the European epidemic corpuscles. From the urgency of the epidemic of domestic economic recovery, the possibility of the second alternative is not great. Europe and other countries create a competitive and strong, has a strong anti-risk and self-recovery capability , but we can not wait for the domestic manufacturing industry. Certain aspects of the epidemic-hit areas of supply chain temporary rupture, temporary part of the global supply chain disruptions, further shuffling pattern of global manufacturing has become a fact. Looking back at the domestic epidemic has achieved initial results, the resumption of production in an orderly return to work. Therefore, the urgent need to make adjustments to the domestic manufacturing supply chain. What is the Battle of the manufacturing sector “nuclear warheads” to extend Spring Festival holiday, all manufacturing industry is facing the same problem, that is, supply chain stuck, do not return to work the factory production resumption. So, where is the key to manufacturing in the Battle? During the epidemic masks quarter shortages, masks expand production capacity, far buy a mask production lines so simple. We know that there is a mask fifty-six kinds of raw materials, including wire on the bridge of the nose, each of these materials may be different suppliers. These usually integrate upstream and downstream suppliers, it can be completed in the case of labor-intensive, but when an outbreak is very complicated. In fact is the case, many domestic enterprises mask production line change, did not buy a mask machine raw material production problems abound. Therefore, the digital transition is the key manufacturing sector, but also the urgent problem. Digital transformation of the plant’s supply chain collaboration, synergy between man and machine, people are the key collaborative manufacturing transformation. Insiders pointed out that whether it is still within the enterprise supply chain, the entire value chain rely heavily on digital, to help factories improve the internal and external management efficiency, there is a lot of value to be realized, but also of great value digital manufacturing point . According to statistics, in the domestic small and medium manufacturing enterprises more than seven million. However, behind the sizeable market, digital factory absence is huge. Rough statistics, more than 90% of the factory, still no digital or digitized at a low state. Under the global epidemic of torture, for domestic manufacturing of the biggest challenges is how to speed up transformation and upgrading, optimize the supply chain management, all of this is the need to teach the basic value of the business use of digital technology has brought. How to pipe up the supply chain? Digital mentioned above, it is only a means to upgrade the factory, truly lean production and zero inventory, risk management and business thinking. Manufacturing industry chain is a huge system, from material supply, transport and logistics, manufacturing plants, the lack of any one part of the end user, will cause the entire ecosystem collapse. Down to the enterprise, supply chain management too easy, it will cause a potpaste. Under the influence of the epidemic in the country, although many officials declared February 10 to return to work, the reality is that all businesses return to work are very limited extent. Because the body led by a launch, fluctuations in the supply chain to bring the entire manufacturing sector “constipation.” Statistics, in early March this year, the country has more than 36,000 parts, more than 9 thousands of factories, more than 1500 suppliers affected by the epidemic. In mid-March, more companies are heavily dependent on inventory. Clothing industry, for example, Hubei Province is an important production base of textile, the territory of a large number of textile materials processing and printing and dyeing enterprises. It happens Hubei Province is the hardest hit by the epidemic, is the only province to prevent sticking. This leads to the entire domestic textile and garment industry raw material supply and demand tension. A garment factory in Zhejiang, head forthrightly said: “February to mid-March resumed production complex just a slogan, but no workers brought raw materials, garment factory how to restore that capacity?” After the outbreak, the enterprise managers will find that supply chain management is basically thinking companies have risk awareness and management. Face of unexpected events, companies need to re-examine their supply chain, to establish a resilient, flexible, controllable system. From a single supply chain, supply chain become multi-dimensional, centralized purchasing to scattered small-volume purchases. Domestic epidemic is gradually disappearing today, manufacturing companies should be how to adjust the new supply chain ecology? From the means, it is to accelerate the construction of digital set up by internal production, distribution, logistics integration collaborative platform, demand, inventory, logistics, real-time sharing, enhance supply efficiency and overall competitiveness. Foreign need to strengthen communication upgrade in the chain of suppliers and logistics of the way, let enterprise, external data with each other to get through the chain, the formation of effective coordination system to aid decision making by managers. From the managers point of view, there should be a sense of risk aversion, after all, this outbreak could come back at any time. If the incident occurs again, companies need to determine whether the outage, the outage plan how to set. And optimizing supplier channels, and improve supply chain data timeliness, accuracy crisis comes as the decision to provide accurate data base. Therefore, for manufacturing companies, under the defense of this manufacturing supply chain, we need to assess their strength and market situation and future trends. Grasp of domestic and international industrial transfer, integration of online and offline, all interconnected trends. Achieve precise positioning, identify the direction of development.

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