Marvell has completed the acquisition of the Aquantia

Marvell today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Aquantia company. Aquantia is a pioneer in multi-gigabit network technology, and now the technology as the basis for high-speed networks Control Engineering Copyright , has been widely used in many fields, from business parks to autonomous vehicles and so on. After the acquisition, Marvell’s industry-leading network platform by PHY, switches and processors to form a strong combination , the system enables its clients to realize MB per second per second leap of TB. “The acquisition of Aquantia company, so we have a highly innovative network solutions, as well as a large number of outstanding engineering and technical personnel, which can set up an industry-leading mixed-signal design teams, execution of this team has been highly recognized in the industry . “Marvell’s president and CEO Matt Murphy expressed control Engineering Copyright ” we are now better able to seize market opportunities to expand our businesses, data centers and automotive customers. in particular , Marvell has been fully prepared , accelerate the upgrading of high-speed vehicle network CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to inject momentum for future automatic pilot. “with the acquisition complete, Aquantia chairman and CEO Faraj Aalaei will serve Marvell executives.

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