Marvell ThunderX3 bring a new generation of performance and power double upgrade for cloud computing and HPC server market

Today, the data center from attention to focus on single-thread performance steering rack level of performance which performance per watt, performance and cost ratio TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) are the three key factors to consider deployment. Therefore, the data center began to use exclusively for specific workloads and custom server. These applications run on the server either based on open source software, or be controlled by the customer is responsible for the deployment. Marvell’s ThunderX2 server processor is the market development server with a landmark product , it has been deployed in the cloud and HPC market Copyright Control Engineering , the main customers include Microsoft Azure and Sandia national laboratories in the Top 500 supercomputers Astra installation systems. Recently, Marvell processor-based servers ThunderX3 third generation Arm in technology has made a breakthrough. It is designed for today’s cloud computing and the HPC market more demanding workloads and design. Chip size is small, and can be calculated as the cloud HPC workloads provide high performance, low power consumption, high memory bandwidth and low memory latency. ThunderX3 processor TSMC (TSMC) 7P manufacturing process technology, with up to 96 nuclei, 4 threads / core, the total computing power of each slot 384 threads. Memory interface supports 8 channel DDR4-3200, each channel can carry two DIMM. Providing IO expansion PCIe Gen 4.0 channel 64, the controller 16 is mounted. The processor supports a single node and a two-node configuration. In the floating-point execution, each core 128 ThunderX3 mounted four SIMD (Neon) units. The device is fully in line with SBSA / SBBR, and provides enterprise-class RAS and virtualization features. In mid-2020 will provide customers with samples.
FIG: Marvell Thunder X3 Thunder X2 compared to the increase in performance improvement
ThunderX3 micro-architecture so that overall performance is improved by 25% IPC ThunderX2. Enhance the binding processor frequency and DDR frequency, single-threaded improved overall performance over the previous generation by more than 60%. In the single processorLevel, compared to ThunderX2, integer performance improvement ThunderX3 more than three times the floating point performance than 5 times. ThunderX3 target market is still cloud computing and HPC high-performance computing market specific workloads, brings higher performance and performance per watt than the cost advantage for end customers through differentiated advantages of Marvell. In addition Control Engineering Copyright , Marvell also supports native Arm workloads, such as Android cloud gaming. ThunderX3 target market accounted for about 30% of the overall server processor market. In the cloud computing applications, ThunderX3 target workloads (e.g., large data, databases, streaming media, the Web layer, an elastic storage and cloud search) which is essentially parallel height. ThunderX3 each core supports 4 Hyper-Threading, can bring significant performance increase for this application. HPC applications (such as EDA and CAE) also benefit from multi-threading support. ThunderX3 with high energy efficiency can be maintained at a higher frequency in the floating-point intensive workloads. This ability to bind a plurality of single instruction multiple data stream (SIMD) unit and a memory bandwidth leading industry, can provide a huge workloads HPC target field of quantum physics, quantum chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, genomics and the like hydrocarbon workload performance advantages. ThunderX3 server is also well suited to run the current Arm native applications deployed on mobile phones and Arm terminal in the form of a container or virtual machine in the cloud or edges. This enables a variety of emerging applications have the opportunity to become a reality, including Android cloud gaming, and cloud Android Arm software / application development. Marvell has been working with NVIDIA , supported by industry-leading GPU in Marvell ARM server programs to meet the needs of HPC and gaming applications. Based on the current performance of the product as well as large-scale product deployment in extremely harsh environments Control Engineering Copyright , growing and vibrant partner ecosystem, Marvell server market has been laid in the Arm the leadership, ThunderX3 server processor Marvell is another important milestone in the development process, Marvell look forward to sharing more details with your products in the coming months.

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