Maxim released the industry’s first automotive-grade security authenticator, effectively enhance vehicle safety

November 1, 2019 -Maxim Integrated Products, Inc announced DS28C40 DeepCover automotive safety certification, which helps enable designers to enhance the security of networked car, confidentiality and data integrity. Grade 1 automotive system solutions as the industry’s first and only meet the AEC-Q100 standard, which can reduce software security authentication IC design complexity and security risks in the current program, to ensure that the electronic system, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS ) and electric vehicles (EV) batteries, using genuine parts.
As cars become more complex functions, security risks also increased. Car manufacturers through a secure authentication to ensure that only OEM certified parts in order to access the system Automotive safely, protecting it from growing flood of malicious software attacks. The powerful security microcontrollers are generally relatively large dimensions and requires software development teams to build systems, as well as rigorous testing and debugging code. The larger code base, the higher the risk of system vulnerabilities or malicious software caused damage. DS28C40 DeepCover safety certification is the only standard AEC-Q100 qualified, includes a level 1 authenticator security properties , the method can replace the microcontroller-based CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [ 123], while reducing the complexity of the system design and development effort related code. Authenticator security module to protect headlights and other expensive accessories stolen. Device also offers a public / private asymmetric ECDSA (ECC-P256 curve) IC built-in encryption and other security key authentication algorithm CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , OEM manufacturers need to develop a dedicated device-level code. IC embedded security authentication algorithm and other algorithm provides the strongest protection against unauthorized intrusion components, effective protection system performance, security, and data integrity. DS28C40 a small size, 4mm-x-3mm TDFN package, -40 ° C to + 125 ° C temperature range. The main advantage of Reliable safety protection: Built-in symmetry Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256); support ECDSA and SHA-256 key security store; integration time programmable non-volatile memory for storing the digital certificate and production data; protected hardware encryption more secure than a software-based method. Simplified system integration: With the IC built-in security authentication algorithm, without developing device code; industry-standard I2C interface, just to provide a lower cost of software development on the host side, which simplifies system integration. · Evaluation “With the increase in vehicle platforms in electronic components, inferior parts and aftermarket greater threat, which greatly affect the safety and performance of the car.” IHS Markit (now part of Informa Tech) and senior IoT Connectivity Analysis Tanner Johnson division, said: “the leading manufacturers of these threats very seriously, any member can check the authenticity of the design process more effective safety standard encryption technologies will enable designers to benefit.” · “automotive OEM and tier manufacturers face the challenge of limited time and resources in deploying security for advanced electronic systems .Maxim Michael Haight Integrated embedded security Division Director, said: “Maxim’s new small-size secure authentication IC, can help users achieve the most advanced security encryption, without the need to add new teams to write and debug code control Engineering Copyright , which happens to be the plight of microcontrollers and software solutions face. “Availability and price · DS28C40 by Maxim official website to buy, an offer evaluation kits Provide DS28C40EVKIT # according to the demand, the price of $ 65 All trademarks property of their owners.

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