MIIT Li Ying: innovation platform to promote the development of the Internet industry

At present, the world economy is in the conversion of kinetic energy shift period. Some Western countries are actively promoting the fourth industrial revolution, aimed at manufacturing of digital, networked, intelligent core, caused by changes in production patterns and production organization, providing new momentum for economic development. Internet industry as a fourth key support industrial revolution, by implementing a comprehensive interconnection human, machine, material, built up total factor, the whole industry chain, new industrial manufacturing and service system for the whole value chain of full connectivity, is to promote traditional industries upgrade and achieve an important driver of high-quality development. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that, compared with all previous industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution is exponential rather than linear speed of expansion; to in-depth implementation of industrial innovation and development of Internet strategy. The State Council issued “guidance industrial development of the Internet” “on deepening the” Internet + advanced manufacturing industry over the past year, in response to a wide range of local industries and the active participation of industry Internet platform to flourish, a good start Control Engineering Copyright (C) , breaking a number of key core platform technology, the emergence of a number of distinctive platform solutions and applications, supporting role in the digital transformation of the industrial economy growing.
First, the Internet industry has become an important platform for the digital transformation of the way China’s industrial economy in the strategic plan of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the Internet platform of industrial solid progress, initially formed a multi-level policy effective coordination system, innovation and development pilot projects and demonstration projects steadily, vibrant industry ecosystem is shaped by, the business community and governments around the joint force, formed all over the country “build the platform, with the platform” good atmosphere. Through research we found that 11 platforms Industrial equipment connections China’s average of 59 million units, industrial APP average breakthrough 1500, the number of registered users an average of more than 500,000, the accumulation of data platform averaged over 1000TB, 2018 Nian platform-related revenue an average of about $ 500 million related to R & D investment average of about 460 million yuan. Overall, the development has made significant progress platform, application platform level has improved significantly. First, the parties to speed up the layout area of ​​the platform, construction platform to form a group of well-known brands. Information and communication companies, industrial manufacturers, the Internet and software companies have accelerated the industrial areas of the Internet platform layout, showing flourishing industry as a whole pattern. On the one hand, the iterative upgrade the existing platform, innovative services. Roots Internet “Root cloud “platform launched the 3.0 version, data access efficiency increased by 5 times, App industrial development efficiency increased by 40%, increased significantly after market service capabilities; Haier COSMOPlat platform for the mass customization deconstruction interaction, R & D, marketing, purchasing, production, logistics, service seven modules, flexible subscription, connection nested user service model innovation ability. On the other hand, continued emergence of new platforms, new products, and the boat, the United States, Lenovo, China’s electronics, Zoomlion and a number of industry leaders have launched platform products, industrial innovation continues to accelerate. the second is the ability to continuously strengthen supply platform, ahead of the layout of a number of key technology platforms. enterprise has a strong strength of the core technology platform to accelerate the development and industrialization, cutting-edge, fusion technology is safe and reliable and continuously enhanced chips and operating systems, network integration of Huawei’s self-development, cloud storage controller chip and operating system FusionSphere;. to develop a wave clouds cloud OS operating system and the universal energy field low-power real-time operating system devices. access and protocol conversion, the focus was open enterprise platform Issue-oriented edge gateway products, such as Internet roots “machine bracelet” intelligent gateway aerospace cloud network “smartIOT6000” and so on, can support a variety of mainstream controllers, nearly 100 kinds of industrial communication protocols. Platform open source frameworks and tools Huawei that “the use of open source, open-source feedback, higher than the open source” philosophy, launched a platform for a number of open source projects. 5G and artificial intelligence in the application of new technology validation, China mobile launched 5G purple joint industrial network technology convergence slice feasibility verification Ali, Foxconn combination of big data and artificial intelligence technology to enhance platform data processing capabilities, high-value application development platform to support Third-platform applications has been increasing CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the emergence of a number of innovative solutions and application cases. around industry production characteristics and business pain point problem, platform enterprise continuous innovation service capabilities, formed a development of innovative solutions and applications case a number of highlights. R & D sectors, Huawei “fertile soil” platform cloud simulation design solution mold plant for application of the East, the real R & D design tool now long pay-per-time online, and reduce research and development costs by 30%, improve R & D efficiency by 20%. Manufacturing sectors, the formation of Foxconn ICT governance intelligent maintenance, aerospace precision electrical network cloud intelligent production,Purple sheet metal industry enterprise cloud platform and a number of solutions, such as Foxconn ICT governance intelligent maintenance program implementation, testing electronic components through rate increased by 10%, output per hour (UPH) increased by 15% to save wear and tear probe 20 %. Business management aspects of the UF Comfort platform for TIANRUI reduce the loss of hair the wrong goods more than 20 million yuan, an effective solution to enterprise supply chain collaboration management is difficult, the problem is not timely respond to customer orders. Goods and services sectors, interconnected roots, Xugong Construction Machinery remote information management solutions to promote and achieve textile machinery, industrial robots, machine tools and other equipment products, remote service, innovation and the equipment rental business. Fourth, accelerate the landing area, the construction of the formation of a group of highland development platform. Key platform companies have developed platform to promote regional strategy, through the “regional platform + demonstration base” model to accelerate the platform floor. Haier COSMOPlat platform in the country’s 12 urban layout, covering six regions in east, north, south, etc., to achieve 20 countries around the world to promote replication; aerospace cloud network platform built 10 Indics industry cloud, cloud regions 19, 16 large industries business services area, industry and regional influence is growing; Ali supET platform launched in conjunction with the regional characteristics of Guangdong dragon, Chongqing Dumbo platform to enhance regional customization service capabilities; Xugong information “Han cloud” platform has served on a number of domestic 330 prefecture-level cities, and distribution in 10 countries along the route “along the way.” Fifth, actively build a platform ecosystem to explore the formation of a number of cross-border cooperation. Focus on business aspects of cooperation, personnel exchanges, innovation contests, Platform Enterprise platform to actively promote ecological construction Control Engineering Copyright , the formation of a number of cross-border cooperation. Enterprise cooperation, create “1 + X” platform system, build a “basic platform + industry template enabling sub-platform” has become a common platform for the industry to expand the model, such as the East Fang Guoxin build Cloudiip + energy cloud, iron cloud, cloud to achieve air compressor multi-industry layout. Talent cooperation platform for enterprises through joint training, resource pool construction expert way, to promote cooperation in personnel exchanges, such as cooperation with purple Northeastern University, introduced a team of experts to carry out industrial motor industry Northeastern University APP development. Cooperation race, Huawei, aerospace cloud network, the Internet and other platforms roots enterprises by Developer Contest, industrial APP competitions, and actively building the platform developer ecosystem to drive innovation and development platform. II.Promote the rapid development of China’s industrial platform of Internet industry experience and understanding of the Internet platform, the platform benefits from companies active in the country and vigorously promote the industrial and information technology departments of the letter, from platform to promote the experience, including the following points: First, to root out the endogenous demand from the enterprise, to promote bottom-up innovation and development platform. The field of industrial distribution business Internet platform have a strong internal driving force, such as Huawei, Ali focuses on driving business transformation itself, Foxconn, aerospace cloud network in order to better serve its own manufacturing and industrial chain partners, XCMG, Trinity, Haier emphasis on creating differentiated services to enhance the competitiveness of their products, the wave, the UF comply with the development trend of information technology change product system. Different areas of business from different angles of view, the Internet industry as a platform for the digital transformation of business innovation at the starting point, the spontaneous initiative to promote the platform construction and promotion. Second, adhere to mobilize the enthusiasm of local governments, Take Measures to promote the platform to promote cultivation. Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places pilot, strong investment, policy innovation pioneered by attracting a number of industrial enterprises Internet platform floor, such as Guangdong by the country’s first “eco-industry Internet industry supply resource pool” building, attracting aerospace cloud network Ali, roots and a number of internet companies landing platform, and focus on cultivating Huawei, Foxconn, Hualong Schindler and a number of local enterprises to build platform to form a platform for innovation and development advantages. The third is to insist on problem-oriented, applied traction, explore the formation of distinctive path of development. Platform for enterprise applications as traction, explore the formation of a different platform characteristics. Such as Huawei, purple, Ali outstanding common platform enabled, East Fang Guoxin, Foxconn platform respectively to process and discrete manufacturing intelligence, focusing on efforts to promote aerospace cloud network platform networked collaborative manufacturing , Haier platform to develop mass customization, Xugong information, the roots of the internet service platform aimed at extending the UF digital management platform continued to build capacity, initially formed a multi-angle, systematic development pattern. Overall, China’s current Internet platform to promote the building industry has made good progress. At the same time should also see that the overall industry is still in the Internet platform high R & D investment, long-period returns of industry training period, the market still needs time to mature, lack of depth and breadth of application platforms, platform standards system is imperfect, data security mechanism is not perfect, professional platform difficult to meet the development needs of industry and other issues are still outstanding, much-neededFurther improve the policy, increase investment, the formation of joint platform to accelerate the development of the Internet industry. Third, the next step to consider our Internet platform construction industry is facing good opportunities for development Control Engineering Copyright , combined with the basic situation of the current industrial construction and promotion of the Internet platform, the next step intends to focus on three areas jobs. First, strengthen policy support, improve platform development environment. To deepen the integration of a new generation of information technology development and manufacturing, industrial Internet platform as a new round of industrial revolution and the focal point of a breakthrough, efforts to get rid institutional mechanisms platform development. Organization and implementation of industrial innovation and development of Internet projects, improve platform test test, and key public service standards. Deepen integration of industrial production for the Internet field, to further open up science and technology, industry, finance chain. Publicizing ongoing training activities to create a favorable environment for the development of the platform. The second is to carry out the selection platform, foster benchmarking solutions. To carry out cross-industry cross-cutting integrated application platform selection and pilot demonstration, to create a number of industrial internet platform solutions and typical application cases, foster a number of key enterprise platforms. Encourage local organizing matchmaking industry Internet platform and industrial manufacturing enterprises, support the construction industry demonstration bases Internet platform and exhibition center, pushing to speed up the transformation platform technology and personnel training. The third is to strengthen the tracking and management, good platform evaluation services. According to the evaluation method of industrial internet platform for timely revision of the actual situation, ongoing quarterly and daily stochastic systems research, do a good job tracking platform evaluation. The establishment of cross-sectoral cross-cutting platform for the Internet industry exit mechanism, promote industrial Internet platform survival of the fittest, dynamic adjustment, the Internet platform to build industry internationally competitive.

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