MIIT: strengthening the new 5G, artificial intelligence, such as the Internet infrastructure industry

Ministry of Industry issued share accelerate the development of new formats to create new models to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing guidance. Strengthening infrastructure construction of new 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet industry, and other things, the expansion of high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency network coverage, encourage manufacturers to achieve human, machine by upgrading the network, the Internet of Things, a shared manufacturing provide information support network. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on accelerating the development of new form of shared manufacturing the new model to promote the development of manufacturing high-quality guidance provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, industry and information technology departments: Share of manufacturing in the economy is shared application of innovation in the field of manufacturing production, manufacturing around the links, the use of shared ideas will be scattered, idle production resources to gather together, elastic matching, dynamic sharing to a new model of new demand-side format. Share of the manufacturing is to comply with the new generation of information technology and manufacturing convergence trends, foster new growth of kinetic energy necessary requirement, is to optimize the allocation of resources, improve output efficiency, an important measure to promote the development of high-quality manufacturing. In recent years, China’s share of manufacturing has developed rapidly, applications continue to expand, productivity docking, co-production and sharing new model factories and other new formats competing to emerge, but overall still in its infancy, faced with lack of shared willingness to develop ecological imperfect, digital basis than weak and other issues. To implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council decisions and arrangements regarding cultivate new growth point in sharing the economic sphere, the formation of a new momentum to further promote the sharing of innovative applications in the field of economy in production, accelerating the development of new form of shared manufacturing the new model Control Engineering Copyright , and promote the development of high-quality manufacturing, now make the following observations. First, the general requirements (a) guiding ideology to a new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics as a guide, fully implement the nineteen Japan in the ninth Second, the Third Plenum of the CPC, adhere to the new development concept, persist in promoting the development of high-quality, adhere to the supply-side structural reforms as the main line, and actively foster the development of a shared manufacturing platform, development of innovative applications, and promote resource sharing manufacturing, innovation, service and so on, leading the demonstration and policy support to strengthen and improve the sharing of manufacturing development environment, the development of new models share a new manufacturing format, fully stimulate innovation and vitality, its development potential, the release of transformation impetus to the development of high-quality manufacturing. (B) the basic principles of market-led, government guidance. Adhere to market-oriented, give full play the main role, strongOn the downstream industry chain collaboration platform for rich applications. Government focuses on strengthening the promotion, promote the improvement of credit standards, optimization services, and actively create a good environment to support the development of innovative manufacturing share guidance. Innovation-driven, leading the demonstration. By model innovation, technological innovation, service innovation and management innovation, play a supporting role in the next generation of information technology, accelerating the development of the whole manufacturing the new model features share the new format Control Engineering Copyright , to promote industrial innovation organization, enhance productivity. Organization and implementation of shared manufacturing demonstration activities to encourage good corporate pilot, to point, forming a typical summary of experience can be replicated, can be promoted. Platform tractor, driven clusters. Give full play to the role of traction shared manufacturing platform, innovative resource allocation, improve supply quality, shorten the production cycle, enabling innovation and development of SMEs. Relying on the advantages of industrial clusters and industrial spatial concentration ecological advantages, speed up the share of manufacturing floor and large-scale development, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters. Because industry facilities strategy, step by step. Profound grasp of the shared application characteristics in different manufacturing industries, adhere to problem-oriented, strengthen guidance, precise Shi policy, phased, step by step to promote the sharing of manufacturing in all regions, all industries, all sectors of the deepening of the application, to promote the comprehensive development of the manufacturing share. Accelerate (iii) the development direction of manufacturing capacity to form a shared focus on innovation ability, the ability to share services to support collaborative development pattern. Manufacturing capacity sharing. Focus sharing innovative manufacturing capabilities, focusing on the development of converged manufacturing resource production equipment, special tools, production lines, and sharing platform, the development of multi-plant manufacturing collaboration sharing services, sharing common manufacturing facility development needs of SME cluster development in order to rent consignment , equipment needed to use shared services. Innovation and the ability to share. Around SMEs, flexible and low-cost innovation needs of start-ups, development of social diversity brought together the intellectual resources of the ability to share product design and development, capacity expansion and experimental research equipment shared. The ability to share services. Around logistics, warehousing, product testing, maintenance, inspection audits, supply chain management, data storage and analysis of common enterprises widespread demand for services, the integration of massive social service resources, to explore the development of intensive, intelligent, personalized services the ability to share. (D) the main objectives to 2022, forming 20 strong ability of innovation, the impact of a large share of manufacturing industry demonstration platform to further enhance the level of concentration of resources, manufacturing resourcesConstantly optimize the configuration, acceptance of shared manufacturing model has been significantly improved. Promote support 50 good prospects, strong leading role of shared manufacturing demonstration projects, share of manufacturing in the application of industrial clusters to further deepen the cluster organization of production efficiency improved significantly. Support the development of the manufacturing share of credit, and other supporting standard system gradually improve, common technology made some breakthroughs, the development of digital continuously strengthened their foundation, shared the initial formation of the joint development of ecological manufacturing. By 2025, the share of manufacturing development to a new level, leading role model full benefits, shared manufacturing model widely used, tend to improve the ecological system, resource significantly improve the level of digitization has become an important driving force in the development of high-quality manufacturing. Second, the main task (a) foster the development of a shared manufacturing platform to actively promote the platform. In good condition industrial base, starting as early as the manufacturing share of regions and industries, accelerate the formation of a number of specialized share manufacturing platform , to promote key areas, key industries of manufacturing resources dispersed widely and effectively brought together shared. Encourage qualified enterprises to explore the construction of inter-regional, integrated manufacturing platform to share. Guide enterprises to promote the integration platform to enhance the level of concentration of manufacturing resources through joint building, strategic investment and other means. Encourage innovative applications platform. Support Platform, Enterprise released around manufacturing resources online, order matching, production management, payment security, credit rating, etc. , to explore the integration of industry characteristics of innovative services. Diversified business platform to promote the depth of integration of manufacturing resources, the development of “platform orders, according to the decomposition process, multi-plant synergy” shared manufacturing model. Promote the evolution of the platform upgrade. Platform for enterprises to actively support cloud computing, big data, networking, artificial intelligence technology, the development of smart quotes, smart matching, intelligent scheduling, intelligent monitoring and other functions, and improve the sharing of intelligence level of the whole process of manufacturing. Guide enterprise platform providers and technology cooperation, and strengthen the development and application platform capabilities. Internet platform to encourage industrial industry-specific, specific regional integration and opening up all kinds of resources, the development of shared manufacturing services. (B) the development of industrial clusters rely on a shared exploration of building shared manufacturing plant. Encourage enterprises of all types of industrial clusters around common manufacturing sector, the construction of a shared facility, centralized configuration versatility, the purchase of high cost of production equipment, relying on the time-line platform to build, piece by value pricing and other flexible service modulesStyle, to meet the common needs of the manufacturing industry cluster. Support the development of a common technology center. Around common technology industry cluster in urgent need of development, product quality testing and other services Control Engineering Copyright , support the construction of a number of public technology service platform, to strengthen research cooperation, to provide convenient, low-cost for the enterprises in the cluster, efficient and diversified technology research and development, the transformation, quality management, business incubation and other public services. Actively promote the service the ability to share. Guide enterprises in industrial clusters through shared logistics, warehousing, mining sales, manpower, etc., to focus on core capacity building to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Encourage information and communication enterprises in-depth industry cluster, combined with industry characteristics, the development of data storage, analysis, monitoring and other common services, and actively promote industrial innovation and big data applications. (C) The development of shared resource sharing mechanism manufacturing development of eco-innovation. Encourage large enterprises innovative mechanisms to release unused resources to promote open sharing of R & D, manufacturing capabilities, logistics, warehousing, professionals and other key areas, increase the effective supply. Promote higher learning, scientific research institutes to build effective benefit distribution mechanism and resource allocation mechanism to promote scientific equipment and laboratory capacity open sharing. Innovation incentive mechanism to guide stakeholders to actively open data interface equipment, and promote data sharing. Improve intellectual property protection mechanism of resource sharing process. Promote the construction of credit system. Encourage enterprise platform for manufacturing applications share the scene and mode characteristics , utilization of large data monitoring, evaluation users two-way, third-party certification and other means to build platform supply and demand sides of Classification of credit evaluation system, provided business credit inquiries, corporate quality assurance certification capacity, the ability to evaluate business performance and other services. Optimization improve the standard system. Focused non-standard product standardization, standardization of production processes and other fields, to encourage enterprises to optimize product platform standard system, a clear product attributes and production process. Accelerate the development of shared manufacturing standards organizations to promote manufacturing resources measurable, tradable, can be assessed. For shared manufacturing multi-agent collaboration, virtualization operational characteristics of manufacturing, innovation and quality management system certification. (D) reinforce the sharing of digital basic manufacturing to enhance the development of digital enterprise level. Foster the development of a number of digital solutions provider, combining industry characteristics and development stages, encourage the development and promotion of low-cost, short cycle, wide application of digital solutions. Accelerating the cloud for SMEs,Promote computer-aided design, manufacturing execution systems, product lifecycle management software and other industrial universal application to guide SMEs to accelerate the digital implementation of the production process. To promote the construction of new infrastructure. Strengthening infrastructure construction of new 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet industry, and other things, the expansion of high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency network coverage, encourage manufacturers to achieve human, machine by upgrading the network, the Internet of Things, a shared manufacturing provide information support network. Strengthen the security system. Around applications, platforms, data, networking, control and safety equipment, safety technology research and development and promote the overall development tools and build a sound data protection hierarchical classification system, and strengthen public awareness of network security share of manufacturing companies, manufacturing to create a shared security system. Third, the safeguard measures (a) strengthen the organization forward. Guide the establishment of shared manufacturing industry alliance, gathered in the field of manufacturing and the Internet backbone enterprises and research institutions, to build cooperation and promote the platform, to create a platform enterprise repository; platform to promote enterprises to actively carry out international cooperation, deeper and broader integration into the global supply system; strengthen the monitoring of shared manufacturing platform running; give full play to the role of coalition parties and trade associations, standards development organizations, applications and promotion, credit evaluation, certification and assessment studies major issues, by publishing the report, trade exchanges, held a share of manufacturing development Assembly and other ways to promote and strengthen the publicity and guidance and support security, power sharing manufacturing innovation and development. (B) to promote the demonstration to lead. In the service-oriented manufacturing activities in the selection of demonstration, for the good basic conditions and urgent needs of the region, the industry, the selection of a number of strong demonstration effect, replicable replicable demonstration platform and share manufacturing projects, time tracking, summarize, evaluate the demonstration process new situations and new problems and new experience, strengthen exchanges and promote the typical experience, to further promote the sharing of manufacturing industries in different applications and depth of innovation and development. Supports shared manufacturing enterprises to actively apply the national enterprise management modernization innovations. Encourage qualified local pilot to carry out a pilot manufacturing share, time tracking, sum up experience, cultivate outstanding share of manufacturing suppliers, form a shared resource pool supply manufacturing industry ecosystem. (C) strengthen policy support. Support and guide various types of market players actively explore new form of shared manufacturing the new model. Active use of existing funding channels to support common technology research and development, manufacturing platform to carry out shared construction and upgrading, technology innovation, manufacturing resource acquisition system development, sharingPlant construction. Deepen integration for production, guide and promote the financial institutions to share manufacturing technology, innovative business applications and provide financial services. We encourage areas formulated policies and measures to support the sharing of manufacturing innovation and development. (Iv) strengthen personnel training. Support for universities, research institutions, vocational colleges and other complex strengthen personnel training in the field of manufacturing and the Internet field. Encourage enterprises to actively cooperate with universities innovation model, to build a training base, and actively carry out an interactive training of personnel. Relying on key enterprises, industry associations, industry alliance to carry out urgently needed to share manufacturing personnel training training, social training institutions are encouraged to strengthen key industries for the training of professionals in key positions.

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