Ministry of Industry Alex Chen: Internet platform of high-quality industrial development imperative

An important carrier and key industrial core Internet platform Internet as an industrial building, is the hub of the industry total factor links, the core of the allocation of resources and industrial development of intelligent industry. The State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Development Industrial Internet,” “on deepening the” Internet + advanced manufacturing, “comments” clearly put forward to build a world-leading industrial internet platform. Strengthen quality assurance, quality Internet platform to promote industrial development Control Engineering Copyright , to promote high-quality economic development, achieve manufacturing power and network power is important. Fully understand the importance of high-quality Internet platform to promote industrial development and the urgency of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, China’s economic development has entered a new era, China’s economy has been the rapid growth phase of flight to quality development stage. Must be based on the supply-side structural reforms as the main line, to improve the quality of the supply system as the main direction, significantly enhanced the quality of China’s economic advantages, promote manufacturing power shift to manufacturing power. Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy, is an important area of ​​the supply-side structural reforms. To achieve high-quality economic development, we must strive to achieve strategic change from quantitative expansion of the manufacturing sector to improve quality. Internet industry as a new generation of information technology products and manufacturing depth of integration, is increasingly becoming a key support and deepen the cornerstone of the “Internet + advanced manufacturing” new industrial revolution, it is to achieve digital manufacturing, networking and intelligent upgrading high quality and efficient path of development. Industrial Internet platform is the core of the Internet industry can effectively integrate massive industrial equipment and data systems, intelligent traffic management and resources, promote the accumulation and transmission of knowledge and experience, open innovation-driven applications and services. It is believed that the industrial nerve center of the Internet platform is a new digital manufacturing systems, play a central role in supporting the transition of manufacturing companies. The current point of view, the Internet industry has become a platform for intelligent enterprise restructuring an important starting point. Therefore, to enhance quality assurance CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , high-quality Internet platform to promote industrial development has become the key to the successful implementation of operating platforms. At present, US foreign NIST, Idaho National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have carried out research technology platform for the Internet industry or related fields. However, according to surveys, is not yet established specifically for industrial countries or organizationsInternet platform of quality management service platform and application. China’s late start in the field of industrial internet platform, stage by using various research areas of common effort, technical research and applications have achieved certain results. However, due to the complexity and the level of information of China’s manufacturing industry Internet platform constraints, has not yet formed a sound quality management of technology and services related to the quality of testing and assessment tools, hindering the industrial development of high-quality Internet platform and application promotion. Hence the urgent need to strengthen the quality assurance of industrial internet platform.
a deep understanding of the Internet platform for industrial development of high-quality industrial connotation Internet platform is the hub of the industry total factor links, the core of the allocation of resources and industrial development of intelligent industry. Internet platform of high-quality industrial development Control Engineering Copyright , we should have 19 big “to promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, the depth of integration” idea as a guide, grasp the “innovation, coordination, green open, sharing “five concept of development, around the edge layer of data acquisition, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS four levels, to carry out aspects of platform compatibility, reliability, security, protection and so experimental verification, the platform is compatible with a strong adaptation capabilities, safe and reliable service support capability and capacity. Industrial development of high-quality Internet platform Control Engineering Copyright , to reflect the innovation. For manufacturing companies, service innovation is the value of the Internet platform where industry. Higher-quality industry platform for the Internet convergence should continue to make breakthroughs in innovation and resources to provide innovative services. By fostering favorable environment for innovation, gathering a large number of developers, based on the application of innovation to achieve micro-platform data and service functions for manufacturing companies to provide more quality services. Industrial development of high-quality Internet platform Control Engineering Copyright , to reflect the synergy. Industrial Internet platform through the convergence of technology, capital, personnel, materials and other resources, optimize the allocation of manufacturing capacity, thus contributing to improve the efficiency of quality and efficiency. Higher-quality industry platform for the Internet, should have a stronger ability to support collaboration by breaking down communication barriers between the machine and the machine, the machine and the system, enterprises and enterprises to achieve a greater range of collaboration and deeper resources. Industrial development of high-quality Internet platform Control Engineering Copyright , to reflect the open sharing. Industrial Internet platform by industryPrecipitation of knowledge, the experience of the law, the law of modeling, micro-encapsulated form a service component, for the majority of developers to share calls, faster generation service offerings. Higher-quality industry platform for the Internet, should continue to strengthen knowledge sharing, capacity release service platform to application developers, promoting the development of open innovation system to achieve rapid iteration and applications. Industrial development of high-quality Internet platform Control Engineering Copyright , we must rely on quality assurance capabilities. The development of the Internet industry, quality is guaranteed. Quality management is the fundamental guarantee basic conditions for industrial and Internet platform, and only pay close attention to project quality assurance, fully enhance Internet security industry protection, in order to truly promote high-quality construction and development of industrial internet platform. Solid work to promote the industrial development of high-quality Internet platform to build data acquisition system based on the ability to solve compatible adaptation layer edge verification issues. Nature of the data collection is the use of ubiquitous sensing technology for multi-source device, heterogeneous systems, operating environments, people and other elements of information in real-time and efficient gathering clouds gathering. At present, domestic and foreign enterprises regard the data acquisition system solutions for construction and capacity building as a base platform for the construction industry Internet: on the one hand by the edge calculation module deployed to achieve lightweight computing and real-time analysis of data at the production site, the Internet platform to ease industry data transmission, and storing the calculated pressure; implement data between the other hand build a variety of protocols compatible adaptation system technology products, the supporting platform and the internet industry equipment, system integration and interoperability of products, facilitate the production of various industrial elements of mutual “understanding” in the information level. For the current status of industrial fieldbus and industrial Ethernet, industrial wireless Internet and other industrial networks coexist, and actively carry out tests to verify compatible adaptation capabilities, strengthening of industrial internet platform down, the ability to connect equipment systems and products, is the ultimate build Only Way of the internet platform of real-time, massive connection, provide strong support for the platform to achieve a broader and deeper level of collaboration. Industrial PaaS platform construction as the core, to assess the problem solving service support capability. The general idea of ​​the construction industry PaaS is common PaaS platform through the depth of the transformation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , constructed to meet industrial real-time, reliable and secure Internet platform for industrial demand. By the principle of a large number of industrial technology, industry knowledgeKnowledge, basic model regularization, software, modular, and micro-encapsulated as reusable service components and flexible call to help users improve the development, testing, deployment efficiency. And can be expected to remain the case in order to ensure predictability PaaS platform provides industrial services in the face of environmental damage, human error, system error and wait for the next attack, the need for service support for industrial PaaS platform provides for evaluation. Specific evaluation indicators include infrastructure, cloud security, industrial data connectivity, platform micro-services, data management services and industrial users rights protection. By evaluating industrial PaaS platform service support capability, and enhance real-time performance, safety and reliability of industrial internet platform, and guide the healthy development of the platform, provide strong support for the enhanced service capabilities open platform shared. APP industrial development as the key to address the safety and reliability assessment of industrial APP certification issues. Industrial APP directly to specific industrial application scenarios to address specific production and management issues. By various aspects of R & D, manufacturing, management and service industry experience, knowledge, technology dominance, modeling, software, forming massive APP business applications for industrial industries, to help users solve the whole life cycle production and management issues. As the industry APP will be directly used in various industries industry, once the security threats or quality of being, will not only cause huge economic losses, but also may bring environmental disaster and loss of life. Therefore, to strengthen the research industry APP safe and reliable system, covering the establishment of functional, performance, security, industrial APP multi-level evaluation and certification system, relying on third parties to carry out industrial safety and reliability of APP competency assessment and certification, and guide the security industry APP and the ability to keep on improving reliability, provide strong support as a platform for application innovation services. Quality of service management platform as the starting point to solve the industry Internet platform integrated quality management issues. State Council issued “guidance industrial development of the Internet” “on deepening the” Internet + advanced manufacturing, an explicit proposal to “carry out the terms of the Internet platform compatibility, reliability, security, industry and other experimental verification, pushing platform capabilities continue to improve.” Internet platform for building industrial quality control services platform , the formation of industrial internet platform for quality management standards and service capabilities, relying on the platform to carry out quality management and support services, promoting quality Internet platform and industryReliability greatly improved and expanded, and support the government to promote industrial development, upgrade the industry, the formation of industry cluster effect.

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