Ministry of Industry and former minister: China’s manufacturing core technology self-sufficiency rate is only 1/3

December 13, 2019 CCTV Financial Forum held in Beijing. Ministry of Industry and former minister, president of the China Federation of Industrial Economics at the forum, said Li Yizhong, China “four groups” not strong, manifested in a number of key core technology controlled by others, China’s self-sufficiency in key parts, components and key materials only a third is expected to reach 40% by 2020, 70% in 2025. He said the recent China is likely to announce the fourth installment of manufacturing individual champion, these companies currently have a total of 514 , the average individual champions have a valid invention patents 328, manufacturing individual champion cultivating enterprise is an important direction to solve the kinds of problems. The forum, Li said yesterday the closing of the central economic work conference once again stressed the “ability to enhance the industrial base,” the industrial base capabilities include core basic parts and components, advanced technology foundation, the key basic materials, industrial technology base, referred to as the “four group “, which is reflected in the overall quality and core competitiveness of the industry, it is digital, networked, intelligent cornerstone, is to support the industrial development of high quality. However, China “four groups” not strong issues outstanding , which manifested in a number of key core technology controlled by others , “key components, yuan devices and self-sufficiency ratio of key materials, bluntly speaking only 1/3 of the time to develop “Made in China 2025” self-sufficiency rate of only 20% in 2015, is now one-third, and we hope to reach 40% by 2020, 2025 in up to 70%. “in addition, he pointed out that the industrial technology base supporting the weak CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , quality, measurement, experiment, and security support capacity is still relatively weak. “Four group” is not strong difficult to achieve precise manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, industrial supply capacity and is difficult to raise the level. Li said the “strong industrial base project Implementation Guide (2016-2020)” lists the details of the project ten advanced manufacturing “package” Operation Breakthrough, the core of which 80 kinds of spare parts and components, 20 kinds of key basic materials, advanced technology 30item. He suggested that other sectors, including traditional manufacturing industries have listed details, all implemented, “package” is not micromanaging, but the industry to seize the key, difficult and pain points, “four groups” carry out comprehensive studies, and more measures simultaneously solve these problems. “For example, we should seize the high-end CNC machine tools and CNC machine tool spindles, rails, bearings and other mobile systems; many kinds of robots, but it’s still weaknesses in the servo motor, reducer aspects.” He also suggested that vigorously create manufacturing the “individual champion” and industry “little giant” action. Germany and Japan to explore the experience and industry practice have proved all year round, the “individual champion”, “little giant” This kind of activity to enhance the “four group” is an effective measure. Starting from 2016, China implemented a manufacturing enterprise and individual champion product plans, at present the society has published three batches, “In a few a week to announce the fourth installment, I figured, a total of 514 www. , this figure is not much, but a good start. ” Li said, these companies long-term focus on core products, stick to the main business Control Engineering Copyright For decades research a product, developed with great concentration; individual champion corporate average company with a valid invention patents 328, they are for the industry set a good benchmark and example.

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