Miscellaneous wooden floor can not help “high temperature detection”

The reporter passed the test of the National Wood-based Panel and Wood Bamboo Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and found that the amount of formaldehyde released after the high-temperature detection of ‘Zhuangpai’ wood flooring exceeded the standard. What is going on?

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According to the test report provided by the National Wood-based Panel and Wood Bamboo Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, consumers are small The formaldehyde emission from the ‘noisy’ floor purchased by the store was seriously exceeded.

After the cold dew, the weather became cold, and the upcoming winter caused the heating problem to start to ‘heat up’. Many sayings, Guessing and rumors are mixed together and boiling everywhere.

‘The floor should not be installed with floor heating’, ‘the rising temperature of the floor will accelerate the release of formaldehyde and endanger people’s health’. ‘Generally tested qualified wood flooring, high temperature testing may lead to formaldehyde exceeding the standard ‘…

Every year will be questioned by the floor heating and the floor, their relationship really Is there such a ‘wonderful’? Consumers want to know that the floor heating under the feet is hot, will the wooden floor really release formaldehyde? Does it affect the body? More importantly, the wooden floor is Do you live in ‘high temperature detection’? If the temperature of the original qualified product will increase, will formaldehyde exceed the standard?

As consumers, we have the same questions. What is the situation of the wood flooring products in the middle? In the case that the ‘high temperature detection’ is not a necessary action for the wooden floor, and it has not been written into the national standard, the Beijing Youth Daily “Guangxia Times” decided to take the initiative to find the answer. After a period of visits, we selected four wooden floors, and asked the professional organizations to conduct an ‘anonymous’ test to find out the problem.

Wood floor sampling ‘high temperature detection’ The pass rate of formaldehyde emission is 75%

In this sampling test of the wooden floor market, the icon floor, the living room floor, the Feimei floor, and a consumer are separately extracted. The floor sample of the construction site of the home is subjected to ‘anonymous’ inspection.

Finally, according to the quality of national wood-based panels and wood bamboo products The test report provided by the Supervisory Inspection Center shows, as well as the markup comparison done in advance, three markets The samples submitted by the mainstream flooring brands are all qualified, meeting the data requirements of formaldehyde emission (unit: mg/L) in the national standard GB 18580-2001, and the wooden floor sampled from the consumer’s construction site, formaldehyde release. The amount exceeds the standard twice. The specific data is as follows:

Under the requirements of the national standard formaldehyde emission (unit: mg/L) standard value E11.5, the icon, living home The results of the samples collected by Feimei were all less than 0.5; the results of random sampling at the construction site were 3.4, which was more than twice the standard value of 1.5.

‘High temperature detection’ intuitively reflects the environmental protection level of wooden floors in underfloor heating conditions

At the same time, national wood-based panels and wood The staff of the Bamboo Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center told the “Guangxia Times” that when testing, the floor temperature was 20 degrees Celsius, and the temperature was up to 1 degree Celsius. The formaldehyde emission in the process complied with the national standard “GB 18580-2001”. The product can be considered to be suitable for the floor heating environment under normal conditions. This is different from the general environmental testing of the floor.

The doubling of formaldehyde emission from unqualified products is purchased by consumers from a small building materials market.

It is understood that this The products that failed the test were purchased by the consumer from a small store in the building materials market, and the merchant did not show any relevant test reports at the time of purchase. In fact, there have always been consumers who are lucky enough to think that the price of the floor purchased in the small shops around the home city is low, and the surface quality is not problematic. Although there is no risk of environmental protection, ‘drying for two days to disperse the taste’ Just fine. However, the results of this market sampling test show that formaldehyde is hidden in the wooden floor, not only can not be removed in a short time, but also may be released in large quantities when the ground temperature rises, the harm can be imagined.


‘Wood floor is not suitable for floor heating’ is suspected of being detached

Since the result is qualified and unqualified, it is not difficult to understand that some people have enlarged the statement that ‘wood floor should not be warmed up’. After all, there may be formaldehyde in the wooden floor to accelerate the release when the temperature rises. At the same time, however, the above-mentioned arguments are also suspected of being ridiculous. After all, many high-quality wooden floors are qualified even in high-temperature environments. What should I do with this?

In case of high temperature, the glue hidden in the floor will be ‘disappeared’.

After several brands such as the living floor and the icon floor, the statement that ‘the floor will accelerate the release of formaldehyde as the temperature rises’ has received a positive reply.

Wang Qingqiang, Marketing Director of Shengxiang Group Beijing Company, told Guangsha Times, ‘In fact, the increase in temperature will accelerate the release of formaldehyde in the floor. The main source is compound Adhesives are commonly used in floors. However, for qualified flooring products, this release must be within the standard range that does not affect the health of the person.. ‘

At the same time, Lin Dianming, general manager of Life Group Beijing Branch, said that in terms of technology and performance, the formaldehyde content used in the glue directly affects the adhesion of the glue. Less or even formaldehyde-free adhesives have poor adhesion and are likely to cause cracking and deformation of the floor. Usually, big brands will choose a special process to reduce the amount of glue itself and ensure the quality, or chemically add other non-toxic and harmless substances to replace some of the formaldehyde. Some small workshops may increase the formaldehyde content to ensure the adhesion of the glue, thereby bypassing the complicated process and the use of other chemicals, reducing costs, but once the product encounters floor heating or the indoor temperature rises, itself is excessive. Formaldehyde will naturally exceed the standard and cause damage to human health.

When the floor is warm, the solid wood floor will be ‘twisted’ by the baking.

Since the composite floor has glue that may contain formaldehyde, then Is it safe to use solid wood flooring?

Of course not, Sende HVAC equipment company Chen Xi reminds consumers that wood is susceptible to baking deformation and solid wood flooring. There is a need to lay the keel, so in general, the floor heating is mostly made of composite wood flooring. Lin Dianming, general manager of Life Group Beijing Branch, said that there are more and more lock-type solid wood floors in the market, which can be installed without keel. Simple and convenient is an important feature. If you can choose the preferred material, you can indeed install it. Floor heating solid wood flooring. However, there are some small brands that are not affected by the keel, but in order to reduce costs and lower prices, the quality of their own wood is worrying, and easy deformation is a common problem. It is also possible that the formaldehyde and other substances in the wood itself will also be at high temperatures. ‘Let’s release.’

Floor heating and cutting materials lead to indoor warmth and helplessness ‘over-temperature operation’ leads to hidden dangers in life–

After all, floor heating floor There are also conditions for use, in which case will the formaldehyde be ‘facilitated’? Chen Xi told the “Guangxia Times” that the floor heating is also called the floor low-temperature radiant heating system, which emphasizes the low temperature, and the surface temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, the floor heating system does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius for the influent water temperature, which is comfortable and can extend the floor heating itself and the service life of the floor. However, in actual use, it is often hard to increase the temperature to run it, not only uncomfortable, but also Bring a lot of problems.

In fact, the reason is that some developers and floor heating companies deliberately reduce the amount of coils in order to reduce the cost of initial installation, which makes the floor heating run at a reasonable temperature. When it is not enough, the indoor area is not warm. Therefore, this kind of work-stricken reduction brought difficulties to the floor heating operation and maintenance of the later property companies, and the floor heating and over-temperature operation seriously affected its life.

Lin Dianming also said that some consumers living in villas use self-heating to adjust the heating water temperature, and these consumers use floor heating and flooring. Once the temperature of the water cannot be controlled, the temperature will suddenly increase, which will inevitably lead to the accelerated release of formaldehyde.


Unconstructed construction does not meet the requirements of the material to warm the buried ‘Ray’

The exaggeration of the ‘three-point product seven-point installation’ is exaggerated, but for floor heating floors, installation is particularly important. According to Suntech’s floor heating technicians, floor heating has a very rigid standard process.

First of all, the floor heating pipe should be installed in the room, and then covered with concrete layer, and finally the concrete floor is laid with floor tiles, or stone and wooden floor. Because of this, the floor heating pipe is deep under the floor and concrete. It is really difficult to repair the problem. If the problem cannot be confirmed, if there is a leak or a blockage point, it may take a large area to plan the ground until the problem is found. After the completion, backfilling the concrete, replacing the floor, etc., is more complicated and consumes manpower and material resources.

At the same time, if the main heating materials and auxiliary materials, such as floor heating pipes, joints, temperature control valves, etc. do not meet the standard, it will cause serious hidden dangers. Further explanation, in which the floor heating pipe is the most important, its oxygen barrier capacity (blocking oxygen penetration into the pipe, can greatly extend the service life of metal valves, switches, boilers, manifolds and other metal parts in the entire pipeline system), compression resistance Strength, flexibility, anti-aging, etc. will directly determine the safety and service life of the entire floor heating system.

Release date: 2015/10/28 8:47:38

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