Mouser Maxim hand in hand jointly combat industrial applications Roving Seminars

Focus on the introduction of new products to promote innovation in the industry of electronic components distribution business Ze Electronics (Mouser Electronics) announced that it will hold “MoUSER Innovation Technology Forum and Maxim practical industrial applications seminar tour.” The roving seminar was successfully held in cities across the country, in 2020 first event today settled in Dongguan. Mouser Maxim technical experts work together to bring a number of industry topics to share, including industrial communications interface solutions, power and industrial protection technology solutions for industrial applications analog signal chain analysis, security chip in the industry and other applications, with personnel arrived at the scene It is not the same as knowledge and technology to enhance the harvest. With the advance of Industry 4.0, the information technology revolution is promoting the industry to enhance the overall industrial production system to a new level. Industry 4.0 is the factory floor sensors and actuators surge in the number CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , engineers must continue to learn how to make these systems smaller, faster, less heat. In the face of manufacturing automation, intelligence, digital transformation process Control Engineering Copyright , how to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing sector, the creation of common values? How to ensure the security of data transmission in real time. In view of this, Mouser Maxim join hands together to hold this ground-breaking technology seminar Control Engineering Copyright , presented many technical answers to problems of industrial applications. Ms. Tian Jiping, vice president of marketing and business development Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “The arrival of the 4.0 era of rapid manufacturing industry to promote the transformation and upgrading Control Engineering Copyright , the plant also requires the use of a more efficient technical solution intelligent production, which also sensors, various control systems, terminal systems and other equipment to produce a higher demand. wisdom plant is the focus of industry 4.0, the intelligent device is able to achieve a variety of manufacturing process automation, intelligent, green, drive to improve the overall technological level of the manufacturing sector. in response to the domestic construction industry 4.0 MoUSER Maxim planned joint holding this seminar, aimed at sharing of technology related to industrial application solutions and products, establish a professional for the industry technology platform , wisdom, power plant construction, to accelerate domestic manufacturing transformation and upgrading. “Mouser Electronics has extensive product line and attentive customer service, actively introduce new technologies, new products to meet the diverse needs of design engineers and procurement staff. We have a vast inventory of new electronic components, provide support to customers of a new generation of design projects. Mouser site not only has a variety of advanced search tools to help users quickly understand the product inventory, and the site continues to be updated to continue to optimize the user experience. In addition, Mouser site also provides data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering reference for users with a wealth of information tools.

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