MWC 2019: Intel accelerate 5G change, release new products and new cooperation

February 25 to 28, show 5G network and the latest technology at Mobile World Congress 2019, Intel will be held in Barcelona. The picture shows the Intel booth in the retail, manufacturing and immersive media shows three scenes across the network, cloud and client solutions portfolio. (Source: Intel)
February 25, 2019 – In the 2019 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčIntel released a series of new products, new partnerships and innovative customer use cases, showing the cloud, and equipment how to promote the network edge computing transformation , and then open up infinite opportunities throughout 5G field. AT & T *, * Ericsson, Nokia *, Japan Lotte *, Sony *, * Warner Brothers and other customers the ability to highlight how fast and efficient transmission, storage and processing vast amounts of data, to innovation and business expansion. In addition to release new products to improve the edge computing power and network technology innovation and further promote the industry, Intel also announced that its code-named Snow Ridge base station system 10 nanometer chip (SoC) will be the first customer adoption. Intel senior vice president and general manager, Network Platform Division, Sandra Rivera, said: “Cloud computing network to promote transformation, drive innovation edge computing, Intel limitless opportunities 5G innovation, accelerate the introduction of new products 5G popularity, help customers and partners. business growth “5G base station to become more intelligent: the industry’s most watched network edge, especially radio access network (RAN) and the base station is calculated. In the 2019 CES debut of Snow Ridge Control Engineering Copyright , it is Intel’s 10 nanometer for wireless base station system on a chip (SoC) technology. Intel today announced that Ericsson is Intel’s next-generation chips Snow Ridge Control Engineering Copyright , to further develop its 5G base station product line. In order to provide unique solutions 5G Ericsson to Snow Ridge as its components, for use with custom chips, in order to provide market-leading * RAN computing solutions. We expect Snow Ridge in the second half this year. Intel to extend cloud architecture to the network core and edge: With the communications service provider for5G network to carry out the transformation, Intel to provide excellent solutions. By upcoming next-generation Intel Xeon scalable platform products Cascade Lake, Intel will help communications service providers to take advantage of new cloud computing and networking opportunities, optimize their data center, core and edge environment to meet the growing computing , artificial intelligence and storage needs. Intel will disclose more details when approaching product launch date. Providing power and acceleration to the edge: In addition to the cloud and wireless access, network edge is a global infrastructure providers and operators to build the key innovations of cloud-based network solutions. For this reason, the introduction of new products and open source software innovation with Intel and the industry. Today, Intel released a new programmable FPGA Accelerator N3000 (Intel FPGA PAC N3000), designed to accelerate the virtualized network functions, including from 5G RAN to the core network applications. Rakuten and Affirmed Networks * Intel and other customers are currently on? FPGA PAC N3000 sampling, in order to deliver products in the 2019 third quarter. In addition, Intel for the first time demonstrated the upcoming Intel Xeon D series, code-named Hewitt Lake. Hewitt Lake is expected to provide an energy-efficient system chip configuration, with exceptional edge computing power, tailored to the normal face security and storage solutions for power and space constraints.
Intel N3000 FPGA programmable accelerator card designed for communications service providers is designed to support next-generation core and virtualization 5G wireless access network solutions. (Source: Intel)
open edge of the network services software (OpenNESS) Toolkit is designed to promote open collaboration and the application of innovation and enterprise network edge. OpenNESS is an open source reference software, Intel is using it to support ecosystem to create a new deployment of edge applications and services. It helps developers to simplify network complexity, achieve security and loaded edge services. OpenNESS things will cloud and developers to more easily with the global hardware and software solutions integrator ecosystem interact, Control Engineering Copyright , in order to develop new 5G and edge use cases and services. Intel modems push forward the development of 5G: IntelNetwork edge solutions and to create a cloud-based support of 5G CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , while Intel’s 5G modem products also play an important role in promoting universal 5G. Intel Corporation today announced a partnership with Skyworks *, Intel XMM 8160 5G 5G modem jointly optimized multimode radio frequency (RF) solutions. XMM? 8160 platform is highly scalable, open to all levels and vertical markets, supporting 2G, 3G, CDMA, TDSCDMA, LTE, 5G and GNSS, covering mobile, automotive, wearable devices, cellular infrastructure and the Internet of Things market. The platform includes RF front-end, will be the fourth quarter of 2019 was designated to provide customers with product certification, it is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, the leading manufacturer of cellular M.2 modules Fibocom * today announced that it will strengthen its product portfolio and integrated Intel XMM 8160 5G modem. Meanwhile, the gateway manufacturer D-Link *, Arcadyan *, Gemtek * and VVDN * announced Gateway solution will use Intel XMM 7560 LTE modem, Gigabit, and plan to upgrade to the Intel XMM 8160 5G modem in early 2020.

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