New Zhuo Ru: Industrial current sensor from Infineon ultra-accurate and stable

Infineon XENSIV TLI4971 product is a coreless open loop current sensor for industrial applications stably measure the current accurately. Measuring range of the sensor is ± 25A to ± 120A, and provides significant flexibility of design can be programmed by a single parameter (such as current range, and outputs the overcurrent threshold mode). This product launch in October , there are available on the Ru Li Zhuo e-commerce platform You can now order samples.
XENSIV TLI4971 sensor uses a differential measuring principle to suppress interference field from the surrounding environment. Also , Infineon market-proven technology can compensate for temperature fluctuations and mechanical stresses. Thus, the sensitivity of the measurement error as low as 2% at room temperature, through a single-point calibration system can be reduced to lower. Measurements may be provided as an analog output voltage. To quickly detect an overcurrent with low delay, the sensor comprises two digital outputs (bits OCD1 and OCD2). When the value exceeds individually programmable over-current threshold, a warning signal can be turned off or system. Also , this sensor can reliably recognize and report a power supply voltage is too high or the case of undervoltage. With special current sensor TLI4971 track layout, a current of up to 120A provides excellent thermal performance , and integrated galvanic isolation for the highest voltage of 1.1kV. And high-performance data bandwidth of 120kHz, this use of 8x8x1mm leadless TISON-8 package, compact sensor for various applications CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , comprising a 50kW power driver, an inverter, a robot, the charging , battery management systems, smart metering, power tools and white goods. Customers can find more information on Infineon’s XENSIV TLI4971 current sensor and direct ordering options on Ru Li Zhuo e-commerce platform Control Engineering Copyright , you can also direct Order:HTTPS: // oh ohh such as hot days you can see / search-result / no is: 1337 / fact: TL i4971 / reset: 0

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