Ni Guangnan: Building industry Internet security system from a technology, market, system start

Internet industry to lead the digital world and the physical world of the depth of integration, co-ordination is an important point to promote the manufacture of power and network power. In the power 5G technology , the Internet industry scenarios in various industries in the richer, mature, the development of China’s Internet industry will soon enter the implementation stage floor by the concept of universal stage, which makes Internet security industry needs more urgent. If China’s industrial Internet can not provide adequate protection in terms of security, it will cause great risks in the livelihood of the people, businesses and even national level Control Engineering Copyright , intelligent change industrial sector is non-existent. Our country has been given high priority to the issue of Internet security industry. Ministry of Industry ministries jointly issued “to strengthen Internet security industry guidance” (hereinafter referred to as “security guidance”), presented the overall objectives and major tasks, defined the key responsibilities of corporate body, government department, etc. Internet industry to establish a complete and reliable security system, all parties need to work closely Control Engineering Copyright , from the technical, market, institutional balanced three dimensions, to promote synergy. Internet security is the cornerstone of industrial applications in the construction industry in the Internet architecture, security as one of the basic needs, which itself is a separate set of system functions, while penetration in the network, the whole process of construction and operation of the platform for the Internet industry network architecture and system platform to provide basic protection. With the popularization and application of 5G technology, the boundaries of the rapid expansion of the Internet industry, the security system as a whole will also face greater challenges. Since the Industrial Internet access more objects, not only the type of security objectives more complex, network connections to each target range is also expanding exponentially, so the security issues of both traditional security factors, but also contains some traditional less attention or security need not be emphasized problems. Overall, industrial safety equipment, including Internet security, network security, control, security, application security, and data security the top five priorities. Once the Internet industry in China’s industrial safety fall, may all bets are off. Construction of autonomy, complete industrial Internet security system is an important basis for healthy and sustainable development of China’s Internet industry industry. Internet security industry working to promote the urgent need for systematic co-ordination in all things Internet era, the security risks facing the industry a comprehensive upgrade. workInternet security industry involved in industrial control system security, enterprise security information management systems, enterprise network management and control of network security, broadband Internet network security, industrial safety and industrial large cloud data security and so on. Relying solely on traditional security defense system and technology, which was directly used in industrial transplant Internet security issues, it will be difficult to deal with a series of challenges mentioned above. Currently the construction of security defense system in our traditional areas of industrial control systems has lagged behind the international advanced level in the Internet security industry does not have the capacity base and first-mover advantage. Faced with this pressure, only under the guidance of the national strategy to implement the main responsibility of enterprises, government regulatory responsibility, and actively guide the participants before a joint effort, responsibility clear, sound system, advanced Internet security technology industry in order to accelerate the construction system control Engineering Copyright , to enhance the security capabilities of the Internet industry. “Security Guidance” The introduction is very timely and necessary, industrial enterprises Internet industry, the competent departments at all levels and relevant agencies, will carry out in this document to guide the implementation of their security responsibilities, and improve the safety management system and market mechanisms to improve the core technology research and development capabilities, the scale of the security industry, common industry fully prepared to deal with new challenges in the field of Internet security. Technology, market and support a full range of collaborative development system General Secretary Xi Jinping made the indication “increasing the core technology research and development efforts and market guidance” at the forum on national security. Therefore, to create a sound comprehensive security system, the core technology of independent research and development, a virtuous cycle of market, reasonable security system these three mechanisms are indispensable. China’s current level in the field of information technology is still lagging behind, the core technology controlled by others, relying on foreign technology is not advisable and measure, it must be determined on its own innovation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the key core technology in their own hands, to get rid of the monopoly of foreign IT system, to avoid a passive position. “Security guidance” should be made to support Internet security technology research and development and industrial achievements, promote safety and technological innovation, strengthening the core technical support for the security system. The heart of any technology needs into a virtuous cycle in which, after a large number of applications identify problems in order to continue to improve optimization eventually develop intoCooked. “Security Guidance” proposed to the security needs of the industrial Internet companies as a focal point, a market demand for traction, government support to promote the development of the situation, to help secure core technology to break the monopoly at the time had just developed, get in the enterprise application opportunities, provide strong support for the market booming security industry. In order to maintain the security market order healthy industry Internet security industry, ecology and norms, help enterprises to improve security awareness, timely detection of short board, should be in accordance with “safe guidance,” establish the necessary security management system and classification and grading management mechanism, to develop industry Internet security standards to form a complete system support. Thus, business and security technology solutions for manufacturers, industrial users of Internet vertical industries, government departments and other relevant agencies and units at all levels, need to conscientiously fulfill the tasks “security guidance” the clear responsibility and deployment, respectively, from R & D , application and management of the three dimensions set out to provide security industry technical support, marketing support and institutional support, all-round co-promote the construction industry Internet security system. In short, the “security guidance” for the efficient and orderly work of China’s Internet security industry carried out to establish milestones to indicate the direction of efforts. Implement the “safety guidance”, adhere to safety and to proceed with development, technology and market linkage development, and strive to build a comprehensive, reliable industrial Internet security system for China’s Internet industry industrial building made a solid barrier.

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