NORD drive will bring new debut 2019 South China Industrial Automation & Robotics Exhibition (IARS)

May 22, 2019 to 24, the first China (South China) International Robotics and Automation Exhibition (IARS Show) will be held in Dongguan, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center.
The show is another dedication to the China International Industry Fair, the original cast, will showcase nearly a thousand innovative products and technologies, and customers around the world to discuss a comprehensive solution for factory automation, electrical, IT, manufacturing information of the essence of robotics and technology in the field of microsystems. By then, the Nord drive will also bring new debut exhibition control engineering Copyright , help the South China market. Transmission industry benchmark Talk about a new future for the industry in Dongguan IARS three-day event, the Nordisk will bring its products and industry solutions in Hall 3 Booth 82 C Zone Talk about drive and mechanical drive system is the new future. NORDBLOC.1 series
NRODBLOC.1 reducer with a series of high strength aluminum alloy Nordisk designed, high-precision manufacture and high quality of the material ensures that the apparatus is lighter, more stable operation and higher efficiency. Because of their smooth surface, the series of geared motors which can effectively prevent the accumulation of particulate matter, durable, corrosion-resistant characteristics. If long-term use in harsh environments, Nord optional nsd tupH highly corrosion resistant sealing surface in accordance with customer demand conversion system CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to achieve additional protective coating. In addition Control Engineering Copyright , NORDBLOC.1 reducer with a flushable design, is the best conveyor applications and choose the food industry. Drive electronics

Over the years, Nordisk is committed to developing innovative drive technology, continue to provide customers with installation applied to the control cabinet inverters and distributed drive technology. Scalability – support public bus system, and the controller can communicate with each other Intelligent Internet – With integrated PLC, independent response, regardless of the system controller to implement changes and fault repair work ยท fast and powerful – freely configurable, easy to install [ 123] control Engineering Copyright , can be electronic, non-destructive started fast commissioning short, whether they are mounted in a control cabinet or an important component of a distributed drive system, NordDrive solutions are able to provide good performance and security for customers. “Industrial 4.0!” Smart energy and drive The drive Nordisk perfect fusion technology and distributed intelligence to the load detached from the superordinate control unit, to ensure good service. However, user-friendliness and drive higher energy efficiency is increasingly becoming the focus of attention. To this end, Arnold has developed compatible “Industry 4.0!” Intelligent and energy-saving drive. It uses a decentralized drive unit is integrated into the PLC can directly control either simple or complex applications, reducing the load level system control unit
Control Engineering Copyright , the modular system design and become independent production unit may. The inverter PLC application data may be evaluated, and according to the demand to transfer data directly to the sequential control unit. In addition Control Engineering Copyright , this drive also control other network-level and module assembly to provide relevant data in real time. NORD drive awaits you in 82 booths Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center Hall 3 Area C!

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