Not only is “low spoiler” road differentiation breaking the domestic robot

2018 is an industrial robot industry a relatively “low tide” of the year. GGII data show that in 2018 China’s industrial robot sales reached 156,400 units, up 14.97 percent, compared to 2017 growth rate dropped substantially. Based on the previous year is expected to continue industrial development boom of the robot, from the beginning of 2018, most companies focus on robotics to improve productivity, open up the industry chain, new product launches and so on. However, by flexible production technologies yet to break through the bottleneck, a significant drop in new incremental market, the impact of Sino-US trade war and other factors, the second half of the robot industry market conditions worsened, showing a year-round Gaokaidizou trend. Robot Engineering Xiaofei, chairman of the view that the domestic robot next “battle” will be very painful, it is necessary to resist price competition, is facing a serious Yahuo channels, product homogeneity, cash flow pressure for low-priced dumped goods, etc. problem. “Excess capacity, the homogenization of competition will drive prices downward acceleration, the financial pressure throughout the industry chain, domestic and foreign enterprises are not spared robot.” Xiao-Fei Zhang pointed out that large enterprises should be in battle, but also the internal operations Control Engineering Copyright , and ultimately differentiate.
In this industry environment, always test the internal strength of robot manufacturers already coming, combines many elements of technology, products, strategy, channels, cost control, services, industry, “low tide” of robotic exploration is actually made in China differentiated way of breaking period. + High-performance low-cost price under long , “Forced foreign domestic robot similar price reduction” is regarded as a major competitiveness of domestic robots. Almost become a “price competition” synonymous with Bo Langte, just one year in 2018 to 5129 units of robot shipments jumped domestic robot sales in the first position. Bo Langte chairman Yin Rong made, said: “Most companies are either rise to a stroke, to expand their own, to avoid competition out; or will simply cutting off the hands and feet, to be humble, down to low enough cost, low to the others can not see on, and see how the point could live themselves. “obviously, Bo Langte the latter part of his mouth. In order to quickly open up the market Control Engineering Copyright , to achieve market share, new entrants tend to use low-cost strategy. The industry agreed that the 2019 price of industrial chain robotContinue to decline, but do not agree to break the bottom line of ultra-low prices, the blind pursuit of low prices not only can not achieve the purpose of rapid expansion, but the industry is brutal destruction of the ecology. “Thirteen Five” national “smart robot a special focus on” demonstration team leader Professor Zhao Jie stressed that enterprises should take priority domestic robot performance on the road, rather than low prices. Only when the performance is almost the same price you can really talk, and only with core competencies in performance no difference when the price. Identify subdivision applications customized products in the market demand for the outbreak of the situation, the robot market has become more rational, more and more customers are no longer the pursuit of foreign brands robot, but through rigorous comparison testing technology, combined with their own We need to choose the most suitable products. Ai Fute Vice President Zeng Hui said:. “After years of development, Ai Fute have groped a suitable Ai Fute, may also suitable development path of China-made robot brands, namely resolutely into the market segments,” he We believe that the domestic robot only to survive more local market segments, have a chance to play all-out war. In order to achieve success in the market segments, the most important thing is to understand the real needs of China’s manufacturing industry to address customer pain points form a local advantage. According to customer demand, Ai Fute customized for the sanitary industry plus the long arm of a robot exhibition of spray enamel, in the long arm of the Canadian container industry custom exhibition dedicated container painting robot, in addition, there are special steel painting robot, PCB non-standard heterogeneous robot industry, 3C industry 3kg robots, four stamping special robots. Similarly, Chinese large number of four-axis robot robot sheet metal stamping, machining can be 1.8 m × 1.2 m workpiece has been large-scale application, have advantages in efficiency, beat, costs; ambidextrous first robot, the high-speed operation at the same time, a very small space; Joint structure developed based palletizing robot axis, length 2.4 m, 360 ° rotation can be realized , to achieve a cost-effective. In terms of differentiation parallel robot, Bo Kente vice president and chief marketing officer Wang Xiaojun, the current Bo Kente products in general can reach 260 beats / min standard beats, while the industry average was 180 beats / min Copyright Control Engineering All , in July this year, Bo Kente also introduced a 400 times / minute of products launched in 2019 will be 500 times /Minutes of new products to achieve than on product performance. In addition, its parallel robot maximum load of up to 50kg, making the logistics industry uses parallel robot becomes a possibility. In collaboration robots, robots, general manager Li Ming Yang’s Day card has a quite classic:. ​​”Audible front of the guns, cast promising team,” therefore, continue to upgrade product robot’s Day cards collaboration iterations depends on front-line users We need to further enhance product and market matching. Aiming to import large amount of robot areas such as dairy gift boxes, chemical fiber, spandex, lithium and other application scenarios, Day cards choose to do the first sets of projects. Robot intelligence in software-defined industry chain from the point of view of the robot system technology, system integration technology and application technology from basic theory to the bottom of the core components technologies, to the robot, to the final production line of intelligent manufacturing technology, involves field of the various segments. Can be found in every layer of technology are inseparable from the software and algorithms. Deputy General Manager Yang robot with days Soli think, the importance of industrial robots software development mainly in software architecture, function realization, three core algorithms, software and algorithms to further promote the kinematics and dynamics control, power-aware, industry applications, human-computer interaction, 3D offline simulation, machine vision, and achieve other supporting software functions. Lin Chi Chi Yong Chang Group Chief Technology Officer pointed out that compared to domestic brands and foreign brands, there is a performance, application, the gap between the cost of three major bottlenecks facing applications to enhance cost control, technical innovation of the three opportunities and challenges. Path to solve the bottleneck problem for performance optimization, the pursuit of faster, more accurate, more stable, intelligent solutions to development problems will have to be upgraded, the robot reaches the “soft, association, wisdom.” He believes in the traditional field of robotics, everyone is someone’s robot competition run fast, accurate, stable, reliable, domestic brands in this field is the follower. In the field of cooperation and to adapt to the needs of intelligent manufacturing, flexible robots, and collaborative people and the environment, intelligent manufacturing processes at different levels of assistance to make the decision-making capacity, domestic and foreign brands of robot very similar starting point, which is the domestic robots important development opportunities. As late Wing Lam said, the road to international competition of China’s industrial robots in three steps, the first step is to survive, make a profit through the application; the second step is the development, access to low-cost mass production; The third step is to go beyond, leading by intelligent embedded achieved. It is worth mentioning that the future is bound to foreign-made robots and allRobot to compete with Taiwan, so in addition to competitive differentiation can not exist short board, and thus to keep the overall R & D and innovation in technology. By then, competitive differentiation will become increasingly weak, just front of similar products will be more direct. At this time the competition will be full competition, but also can be called a true competition.

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