O3M application of the roller, you are my eyes

Conplant company is Australia’s largest road compaction expert , provide a rich and comprehensive compaction solutions, including leasing, sales, parts and service. In its intelligent integrated collision avoidance system (IICAS-Intelligent Integrated Collision Avoidance System) will be found in the figure of ifm O3M smart sensors.
Conplant originally had the idea to start using ifm O3M smart sensors in November 2016. Subsequently, in March 2017 it purchased its first O3M suite CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and is now integrated into the roller 7 tons in , and show on their website and YouTube.
ifm solutions to the biggest challenge before the drum roller and positive O3M installed. Since the front wheels is articulated, positive O3M must follow the road. Solution: Conplant very ingenious solutions, Hyundai Motor headlamps with turning lights up the “adaptive light” is very similar. They created an ingenious mechanism CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , so that the 3D sensor can “follow the road” in the steering. Now, 3D area in front of the sensor for detecting only the roller , and therefore does not issue a false alarm.

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