OmniVision and Fullhan jointly issued car cockpit monitoring systems, provide RGB-IR solutions for mainstream models.

Industry-leading digital imaging solutions developer OmniVision Technologies Inc. (OmniVision Technologies, Inc.) and video surveillance products and solutions for chip suppliers Fullhan Microelectronics today announced the launch for capturing and processing high-quality color (RGB) automotive interior and imaging solutions infrared (IR) images. Both during the day or night, with only one camera CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , a high quality image can be obtained vehicle. The program combines the OmniVision OV2778 2MP RGB-IR image sensor and the FH8310 Fullhan image signal processor (ISP). FH8310 carrying specialized hardware processing sensor RGB-IR, with the OV2778 be able to offer the highest value and high sensitivity in all lighting conditions, while providing high quality video surveillance system for the cabin (IMS), and depending on the application. Depending on the application comprising: a traffic monitoring facial recognition, object detection, and unattended children, as well as remote monitoring network and unmanned vehicles about taxi. “We partnered with OmniVision, because it provides sophisticated RGB-IR image sensor IMS , can be well adapted to our processors,” Fu Han, vice president of sales Ma Shen said: “our FH8310 is a high performance, cost-effective 2MP ISP, for automotive image sensor, has a good low-light performance and internal analog HD transceiver.” “Fu Han Chinese and provide for the rest of the world a full range of ISP services, “OmniVision China’s regional marketing director Meng tree, said:” after recently introduced OV2778 image sensor, we have developed a more comprehensive joint solution that allows designers to easily create high value for mainstream vehicles cabin monitoring system. “OV2778 OmniVision image sensor based on the 2.8 micron OmniBSI? -2 Deep Well? pixel technology, 16-bit linear output can be provided by a single exposure, with best low-light sensitivity. FH8310 ISP denoising unit has a high-performance 3D, can achieve excellent low light performance. Both setTotal power consumption is very low standby run together, the camera may monitor the heat generated by reducing the cockpit in a confined space in order to ensure continuous operation of the optimal image quality. FH8310 ISP also supports lens distortion correction. It also accepts RGB-IR from Bayer and 2MP OV2778 4×4 sensor input mode. OV2778 sensor integrated RGB-IR , 4×4 color filter pattern and the outer frame synchronization, delivers the ultimate color imaging performance under different lighting conditions. This joint program to solve a small footprint Control Engineering Copyright , allows designers to create a camera module as small as possible in order to be spread throughout the interior of the vehicle. OV2778 image sensor uses the smallest packages automobile car market (6.5 x 5.7mm car CSP), and provides advanced security features ASIL. FH8310 ISP using 7 x 7mm QFN56 package. Both devices are available now , both automotive applications to provide AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certification. For more information, please visit contact Fullhan sales representative by OmniVision contact your sales representative, or.

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