On the development trend of industrial motion control

remember the early years started going to row, information, integration for industrial motion control, it is definitely very stylish technical terms, the industry had never been seen only a handful of brands in the automation of industrial bus and Ethernet-based advocacy such as ACOPOS integrated motion control network technology solutions. And now we can see Control Engineering Copyright , bus transport control system has almost become the majority of equipment manufacturers and manufacturers of standard of universal default.
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However, with the industrial manufacturing production line automation systems increasingly demanding, the operation control system of axes of various types of equipment must be increased, while with other types of motion control interoperability between devices will become more in-depth, frequently, prompting an integrated motion control system must itself down, horizontal, upward several dimensions such further iterations.
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The so-called self-dimension, that is, responding to the new motion control needs to further improve product performance, for example: control loop response characteristics, the power density, space optimization, ease of use, adaptive algorithm integrated security … and so on.
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down CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , refers to the integration of mechanical transmission, in order to help improve overall system efficiency and flexibility Copyright Control Engineering All , primarily the need to introduce additional mechatronics, such as: linear motors, direct drive technology, electromagnetic driving embedding technique is a good example of the transmission system.
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transverse, is that the robot motion control and need to be able, visually … automation applications and other types of systems, in more depth, frequent interaction.
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upward, it is necessary to run the device operation control data corresponding to the depth of excavation, storage and analysis, to help improve efficiency of the integrated device operation managementrate. Transport control techniques in an iterative above three dimensions , in the manufacturing system to control both the platform and network architectures have put forward new requirements.
Control platform, it is possible not only to cope with a greater number of axes, more complex functional device application;
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must also be strong enough to have data processing capability.
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At the same time we also need to be aware Control Engineering Copyright , to achieve interoperability between different types and levels of applications, does not mean that they must take all integrated into a single platform to control, with real-time data communications networks open up the channel between the system may be a more realistic and sustainable practices. In this sense, the motion control system will make it possible to gradually evolved into a decentralized, distributed architecture.
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These trends mentioned above, is fused motion control and other systems with different directions in the same space, but in fact, in addition to these, the next operation control system needs in the time dimension the realization of the full range of integration. This is what we often say that the digital twin, upcoming motion control system data in the design, integration, commissioning, operation, maintenance … all stages of integration on a single software platform, its processes from the system, stand-alone equipment, products, components … and many other aspects of the comprehensive management of the entire life cycle.
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It can be said, with industrial Ethernet technology, the current industrial motion control automation system has been with GM organic integration together, forming a pyramid architecture as we know it; Next, Automation and Motion the control system will be gradually deep integration at all levels through new Internet technology and IT industry and the entire manufacturing system.

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