Opening publicity should be done well, and the integrated wall opening must earn a lot.

As the saying goes, “The wine is not afraid of the alley. As long as the thing or product is very good, even if it is in a very remote location, it will always be able to know the customer through its excellent quality or packaging, promotion and advertising. . It can be seen from this that even the best products (good wine) do not have good propaganda methods and marketing methods (wine fragrance). First of all, his popularity will be impaired, sales will also be affected, as is the integration of walls.

The same is true for the newly-decorated building materials integrated wall, even if the integrated wall has become popular in modern, if you If you don’t advertise, how can you know that you have opened the business?

Recently, Guizhou has followed the obligation of the two franchisees to open banners during the opening activities of the franchisees, and promoted the opening activities at important intersections. Zunyi is a famous old revolutionary area. Many of the local old houses are older ones. For integrated walls, renovation is expected to become a local dominant advantage. Seven days to decorate a suite, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, ready to live and other features can attract customers, and it is very effective to personally go to the village to advertise and sweep the street before opening.

As of October last year, Shangyi Youjia has 289 franchise stores nationwide, and each time they enter one A new key market, it will use some localization methods to greet local consumers. Although the integrated wall has already had a great influence and popularity, this approach undoubtedly brings some brand goodwill, no most useful publicity, only the most appropriate publicity. I believe that if all franchisees can actively promote and promote, it is not a problem to earn several times.

Shangyi Youjia Integrated Wall Headquarters is equipped with various promotional templates and materials. All major wall franchisees can apply for related materials!

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