Our integration of the two official assessment of core results rose to international standards

August 5, 2019 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) released assess the integration of the two international standard ITU-T Y.4906 “Assessment framework for digital transformation of sectors in smart cities “(” industrial digital transition assessment framework “). The international standard is the integration of the two country another important breakthrough in international standardization work achieved CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , indicates that China’s integration of the two evaluation system has taken a solid step towards international, for the upgrade of industry digital transformation practical results of international influence is of great significance. Since September 2017 the international standard project in ITU, under the Ministry of Industry letter soft Secretary, Science and Technology Division, International Department of the guidance and support of the National Industrial Security Development Research Center of the system as president of information technology director Zhou Jian [ 123] CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Li Jun, deputy director of information technology, engineer into rain has participated in the meeting of Study group 20 ITU telecommunication standardization Bureau to promote the international standard knot in April this year in Geneva. The international standard is based on our integration of the two evaluation criteria GB / T 23020-2013 “industrial enterprises in information technology and industrialization assessment specification,” the core results of research , given including infrastructure, industrial digital transformation framework to evaluate index system and evaluation methods of the six individual applications, comprehensive integration, collaboration and innovation, competitiveness, economic and social benefits, is the status of industrial digital transition government, industry and other organizations to find out, identify digital transformation focused, data-driven precision effective measures and policies of the starting point. China has more than 14 companies based on the standard depth in the critical integration of the two self-assessment, self-diagnosis, self-standard, according to estimates, the current national integration of the two overall development level of 53.9, industrial R & D enterprise digital design tool penetration, step NC rate of 68.9% and 49.2%, respectively. The next step CONTROLENGINEERING China Copyright , the National Information Security Industry Development Research Center of the country will rely on information technology and industrialization Management Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / TC573), brought together all forces to further accelerate the pace of integration of the two international standardization for the international community promote industrial digital transformation of China contribute more wisdom.

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