Our robot 6 consecutive annual production, installed capacity ranks first in the world

How our robotics industry after years of development level? December 9, sponsored by the China Industry Alliance of China’s industrial robot Robot Development Conference 2019 held in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, the reporter learned from the meeting, China has become the global robotics important production base and consumer market, ranking first in the world for six consecutive years while R & D capability steadily, a number of landmark achievements made new progress.
China Industry Alliance chairman Qu Road Kui robot live presentation. Yong Li / Chart
robot research and development of domestic production capacity by leaps and bounds “of the robot industry over the years has made rapid development, especially in the thirteenth five times our results are very significant.” Deputy Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Luo Junjie introduced control Engineering Copyright , from the point of view of industrial scale, the 2018 installation of industrial robots in our country about 15.4 million units, surpassing the number of robots installed in Europe and the Americas integrated cONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , volume production and installation of more than a third of the world for six consecutive years ranked first in the world, it has become a global robotics important production base and consumer market. Meanwhile, China’s rapid industrial robot density increase, last year reached 140 units / million, nearly triple 2015. Steadily enhance the innovation capability of China’s robot industry, some of the key components of technology has also made a breakthrough. Luo Junjie introduced Control Engineering Copyright , in the industrial field, dual-arm robot binocular vision positioning technology, flexible gripper design technology, arms control, and so on coordinated key common technology made a breakthrough progress. Collaboration robot achieved reducer, the motor, and a drive control integrated encoder integrated, some of the products can be achieved repeatability of plus or minus 0.05 mm. In the area of ​​services, public service robots to the face, voice recognition tracing, environmental monitoring and other functions, face recognition accuracy up to 90%. Explosion-proof fire investigation machinery, machine fire and rescue, rescue robots and some other products have achieved industrial applications, such as number of orthopedic surgical robot has been in clinical use. “China-made robot R & D and production capacity is gradually increasing.” China Industry Alliance executive director robot Song Xiaogang said that in 2013 to 2018, domestic industrial robot sales and average annual growth rate of 35.3%, sales growth in 2018To 43,600 units. Especially in 2018, the first decline in Chinese robot market, but foreign brands fell 7.6%, independent brands still maintained a 16.2% growth. And the product mix of domestic robots in the optimization and upgrading, in 2018, the multi-joint robot sales reached 18,800 units, accounting for the robot market continued to improve for four consecutive years, it has now reached 43.2%, ranking first in sales accounting. Need to focus on the future development and integration of emerging technologies, global industrial robot sales growth fell sharply According to statistics in 2018, when global sales of 42.2 million units, up 6%, the growth rate dropped 25 percentage points. However, Song Xiaogang said, from the development trend, the market can be expected in the future. International Federation of robots is expected to 2019 global growth of industrial robots to be flat, after 2020 will return to double-digit growth. China Industry Alliance robot forecast, 2020-2029 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the average annual growth will be higher than 29%. For this view, the experts are agreed. Luo Junjie said the development of the robotics industry trend change for the better prospect. From the international point of view , robots and big data, artificial intelligence, 5G emerging technologies such as continuous integration, promote the industry into the fast track. Domestically, applications and scenarios continue to expand. 2018 domestic industrial robot applications has been extended to 47 industry categories, 129 industries in the class, and the application surface is still expanding, such as services already, health care, escort, distribution and other multi-dimensional extended to education. “Emerging segments of the market demand for innovative Forced robot industry.” Song Xiaogang said that China is developing a robot to move from the industrial to the formation of industrial development, the robotics industry need to focus on marketing sub-sectors and different application scenarios, each enterprises to find their own good industry where, and carry out the appropriate technology research and development. Pay attention to coordinated development, with emphasis on information technology, communication technology, artificial intelligence and other new technology integration and development. Focus on developing a new generation of robots, intelligent robots, in order to meet the needs of continuous restructuring and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, to seize the commanding heights of the development of the robotics industry.
Award site. Yong Li / Chart
At the conference also released the “China Industry Alliance standard robot” and the “China Industry Development White Paper Robot 2019”, a comprehensive evaluation system of the robot industry cluster (Park) level of development of the evaluation system and the robot business , and strong industrial base project focused on products, processes “one-stop” application program has been awarding companies.

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