Over 200,000 people in northern Kenya face threat of famine

Xinhuanet, Nairobi, February 16 (Reporter Lu Natural) Officials from northern Kenya said in a meeting in the Isiolo area on the evening of the 15th that more than 200,000 people living in the north were threatened by famine due to drought.

Isiolo local governor Godana & middot; Toyo said on the same day, according to the Kenya National Aquatic Administration report, if no emergency measures are taken, more than 200,000 live in Marsabit, Isiolo and People in the Wajir area will face the threat of famine.

Toyo said that due to the drought, herders in northern Kenya have traveled to neighboring countries to find food and water and the forage resources needed for livestock. Due to the forced eviction of livestock such as cows, the milk source in the area is insufficient. According to the report, more than 17% of children in these affected areas face malnutrition.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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